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GMod Tower: Player Model Pack
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Jun 3, 2013 @ 11:34pm
Jul 15, 2014 @ 5:09am
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GMod Tower: Player Model Pack

This is a pack of all the player models used in GMod Tower. These are required to play GMod Tower.

Yes, they are compatible with Sandbox.

Most player models have coloring support unique to their original models. Credits for coloring: Vipes, MacDGuy, Digi

This pack will continue to be updated so be sure to subscribe!

About the Creators
There are 9 player models that were created by the GMT developers. The rest were created by other authors, most of which have allowed us to use them. For example, Jason278 allowed us to use his player models.

If any author of the following models do not wish for us to use their models, please contact me and I will take them off ASAP. I have tried to find the authors for each player model, but some of them are impossible for me. Some of the authors link to their Workshop upload. Please subscribe to them as well!

I am currently adding all the original authors as contributors to this pack. It is a slow process, though.

Player Model List
Agent Smith - By Captain Charles
Alice - By S-low and ThisDude
Altair - By Cerebrate []
Aperture Haztech - By Captain Charles[]
Big Boss - By Voikanaa
Boba Fett - By Captain Charles
Carley - By NikouT
Chewbacca - By Captain Charles
Chris Redfield - By Jason278
Classy Gentleman - By Captain Charles
Crimson Lance - By Vipes
Danboard - By .V
Deadpool - By vad36 and natko
Deathstroke - By Norpo, NikouT, and Granty
Dinosaur - By Sam
Dishonored Assassin - By NikouT
Doomguy (Quake 3) - By EonDynamo
Faith - By Voikanaa
Freddy Kruger - By PYROTEKNIK
G Men - By Sam
Gordon Freeman - By Unknown (please let us know!)
Harold Lott - By IgnisCitrinus
Harry Potter - By Voikanaa
HEV Suit Helmet - By LukeG
Iron Man - By Dusty
Isaac Clark - By Unknown (please let us know!)
Jack Skellington - By Vinrax
Jack Sparrow - By Voikanaa[]
Jailbreak Source Robot - By Vipes
Jawa - By Captain Charles
Joker - By Jason278 and S-low[]
Kilik - Original author currently unknown[]
Knight - By Mr. Sunabouzu
L4D Hunter - By Jason278
Leon - By Jason278[]
Liberty Prime - By Sam
Luigi - By Unknown (please let us know!)
Mario - By Unknown (please let us know!)
Marty - By Unknown (please let us know!)
Masked Breen - By Mr. Sunabouzu
Mass Effect 2 Inferno Armor - By Silver Spirit UK
Mega Man Volnutt - By Vinrax
Midna - By MacDGuy/Nican
Minecraft Steve - By Sam and Foohy
Niko - By Jason278[]
Postal Dude - By Jason278[]
Rayman - By Max
Raz - By Noodleneck's Friend/Nican
Red - By Masterlegodude
Robber - By Captain Charles
Rorschach - By Captain Charles and S-low[]
RP Cop - By DPotatoman
Scarecrow - By SilverSpiritUK and S-low[]
Scorpion - By Jason278 and S-low[]
Shaun of the Dead - By RustyZombie and Jason278[]
Skeleton - By Sam
Spacesuit - By Sam
Spartan (Halo 1) - By Vipes
Stormtrooper - By Captain Charles
Subzero - By Jason278 and S-low[]
Tesla Power Armor - By Captain Charles and S-low[]
TF2 Spy - By Dr. PySpy
Tron Anon - By Rokay
Undead Combine - By Jason278
Walter White - By The Scientist and Saintbrutal
Wind Ranger - By BlueFlytrap
Yoshi - By MacDGuy
Zelda - By FluxMage[]
Zero Suit Samus - By FluxMage[]
Zero - By Vipes
Zoey - By Captain Charles

Please use and credit the original author's addons whenever possible! Names may change due to the nature of Steam, the links are more important!
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