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MvM Scout: The Lethal Pick Pocket
By Upsilon
Following the success of my first guide - MvM Spy: The Angel of Expert Mode - I thought I would write on about another class I know very well. I'll cover all you need to know about Scout. Not sure about Scout? After this guide, you will step into your running shoes with an evil smirk on your face.
Important Notice
I think it's just about official that I am discontinuing updating/writing guides for MvM. MvM Solly most likely won't see the light of day. Thanks again to everyone who viewed and I hope the guides helped you. They were great practice for me and I had a lot of fun, but now, I'm moving on. I hope the information will still be relevant at the time you are reading, and good luck on those Aussies or whatever is the next big thing on TF2 at the moment.

- Knight (formerly "Upsilon Force")
Scout is a core member of any serious MvM team. You can't debate his presence in harder difficulties. You need his speed, his durability, his money-magnet aura, and his de-buffs (harmful status effects). Your team's upgrades are fueled by YOUR performance. If you fail to collect money, your team won't have the damage, durability, canteens, or extra cash for insta-spawns later in the level. If this happens, your team will either have a near-impossible struggle, or you will be forced to restart THE WHOLE MISSION! As you can see, the team relies on an effective Scout. Many are intimidated from the idea of playing Scout for various reasons. After you and I go on a little journey, you will face that day when your team says, "We need a Scout!" to which you will respond, "No problem. I use Upsilon's guide." (By the way, I will not accept random friend requests.) (5,000 views, 98 ratings. I don't get it. Just click the green thumbs up button, please.)

This picture is to give you an idea on what kind of computer I have to deal with (in fact my famous statement refers to "30fps and 200 ping". Yeah, I live pretty humble.) This glitch happens often. Many say it's because my card is over heating. Whatever the reason, if I can Scout under these circumstances, then Scouting for any of you will be a down-hill coast. You can't call yourself "good" unless you win with a handicap lol. (Remember to read the comments! Your question might already be answered!)
The author of who now...?
MvM Spy: The Angel of Expert Mode

I am the author of the most popular MvM Spy guide in all of TF2; a feat that I'm still stunned by. Sure, it was my goal to make Spy less hated and point out how powerful he really was, but it actually happened! I nearly reversed the hatred for Spy entirely! I'm flattered to see Spies popping up everywhere in easier modes with the gear and tactics that I recommended! Since the guide did so well, I thought "I play a bunch of MvM Scout too. Why not?" I'm not expecting this guide to be nearly as popular as the Spy one as there is many MvM Scout guides out there as is, but what the heck, right? Ironically, I rarely get to play Spy in ranked modes. I'm always a Scout >_> but here's why: there are no other good Scouts out there when I join games. So, this guide's goal: to eliminate the menace of poor Scouts. I changed the community with one guide, but again, I only did it with YOUR help. If you think this guide matches my dreams, please rate, favorite, comment, and direct people to it. Let's change the community again! I'LL MAKE A MANN OUT OF YOU!

+ me =


We can assume what the Scout's main job is. Get the money. His second job is developing a tolerance for teammates always saying "Moneh, Moneh, Moneh, Mooonneeeeeh" in that same musical tune. Trust me, you'll hear it about six times per game. Ok, ok, enough jokin'.
Scout can cause a notable amount of damage as well as his two, infamous debuffs: Mark of Death and Milk. When he's close to money, there is an invisible aura around him that, if the money pile touches it, will automatically draw the pile to him like a magnet. If you collect all the money in one wave, you will recieve a bonus $100 on top of whatever you collected. Most of all, everytime he gathers money, he gets a HUGE health bonus. Scout can heal himself and build massive amounts of over-heal health (My personal record is 750! That is a lot of health!) combine this with resistances and careful play, Scout is extremely hard to kill. Contrary to blunt thought, Scout is actually the toughest class in the game in MvM! That's....really it. He is very uncomplicated in this mode. He's very simple to learn, and easy to master once you get the idea....all except for that ever elusive $5.....

Gear/Load Out: Primary Weapons
I don't know about anyone else, but I think Soda Popper[] is immensely over-powered in PvP, and MvM is no different. It's tied for 1st place with the next gun on our list. Both are the best, but each has it's own situation, and should be switched accordingly. If you are facing a tank, the Soda Popper is the one for the job because it causes great damage with no upgrades at all. It has high firing speed, built-in mini-crits, and very fast reload speed. (UPDATE: Soda Popper's "hype" no longer gives mini-crits, but now adds additional air jumps. Hooray for brokeness getting fixed! All hail Valve: glorious master-race of PC gaming!)

The Force-A-Nature[] (FaN, not to be confused with Fan O' War) Has a very powerful knock-back utility. If a bot is scoring the bomb, you can get up close and shove the bot away. This knowledge saved my butt just a few hours ago when I played an Expert round as Scout. It can also juggle Giant Heavy Bots in the air, severly affecting their accuracy, making them miss you or your team. However, with a slower reload speed, 10% damage penalty, and lack of built-in minicrits makes the Force-A-Nature lag behind the Soda Popper. Also, you can shoot straight down as you double-jump for a triple-jump. This mobility is pretty handy when you have no upgrades.

Baby Face Blaster[] is often regarded as the worst weapon the Scout has in his arsenal, and one of the worst weapons in the game. Accuracy? You should only be shooting GIANTS. HIT THE TWO-STORY TALL GIANT. The running speed is cancelled when you jump and you will be jumping A LOT. (UPDATE: This gun got some huge buffing, but I'm still unimpressed. 2 less shots slightly limits damage and the jump penalty - while alleviated - is still annoying. It's also good to note that you only lose speed ON THE AIR JUMP; the second one. I guess it's ok for the first few waves for free movement speed.)

Short Stop[] is viable in PvP, mediocre here. Short Stop has a utility to increase healing. Not sure if that affects money grabs, but you are pushed further from knock-back forces. I'd rather have less healing than be juggled against the skybox until I die.

Scatter Gun[]) is nice late game if you have a lot of cash to dump. It's damage is 2nd in bang-for-your-buck without being too expensive. Take it late game, max reload speed, firing speed, and a point or 2 in mag size/ammo cap.

UPDATE: A friend has informed me of potential in the short stop. I will test it further and update with my results.

Short Stop's verdict: In the long run - and I emphasize - the LONG run, the SS does the highest DPS of all Scout primaries. HOWEVER, the issue is that the SS requires an absurd price tag of $3,000 to see its full potential. Soda Popper can do nearly the same damage at less than half the cost (roughly $1,400). If you have a crap-ton of cash at the last 2 waves, maybe, ok? MAYBE.

Gear/Load Out: Secondary Weapons
Bonk! Atomic Punch[] is my personal favorite secondary here. This drink is so underrated! How is running around in third-person view for better vision and invincibility, as you zoom through the beaches of Normand- er the robots' barrage of rockets and tidal wave of bullets, collecting money safely right in their faces not more popular?! It's also a nice trick to get you out if you're cornered. It also has a longer duration in MvM, but only by a few more seconds.

Mad Milk[] would be the weapon you switch to later if/when you need it. Like the Force-a-Nature, you should switch between them based on your needs. It can be upgraded to slow its victims by 35%. On hitting someone who has been milked, the teammate will heal a % of the damage done. Use this on a giant to help your team out-sustain him!

No other weapon should be considered. Pistols bring no utility and very, very low damage. Crit-a-cola[] is replaced by the Soda Popper's passive minicrit buff without the minicrit DEbuff. (Edit: The Crit-a-Cola has received a big buff: You only take 10% more damage, still fire mini crits, AND move 25% faster! On tank rounds this might be deadly! [untested]). Finally, the Flying Guillotine[] was meant to be a silly, goof-off weapon anyway.

Gear/Load Out: Melee Weapons
Fan O' War[] (FOW) Is my most recommended melee for MvM Scout. It's damage itself is laughably weak, but if you strike a target, you will give it a debuff that makes all incoming damage do minicrits (approx. 30% more damage). This debuff will not effect tanks or "uber'd" bots.

Sand Man[] is 2nd recommended. You can purchase the death mark debuff on the ball, but at a whopping $500! Also, the ball has a cooldown (unless you can find the one you just used in the chaos of battle at the same time of getting money). You can purchase several baseballs, but it's only getting even MORE expensive! The Fan O' War does it all for free! Avoid if you can. (Update: The bat's melee can also cause the mark; however, I recommend the FOW to save money. In others' opinion, Sandman is more useful. Try out both to see what you think.)

None of the other melee's are even worth mentioning (much less the effort to link and paste the pictures of all of them). Scout melee is exceedingly weak, so if he wants to use one, he needs utility. Either you can find a melee that does the best damage, or you can increase the damage of each member of your team by 30%! Nothing else you equip will even compare.

If you have a bunch of spare cash against Captain Punch in the Mecha Engie campaign, you might wana try Sun on a Stick[] if you have a Pyro on your team. In the long run, your primary will still do more damage even with Sun Stick maxed out, but hey, it's still fun! (Update: I've been getting some confusing comments about this paragraph, so let me be clear: I only mean for the sun stick to be used VS CAPTAIN PUNCH IN THE MECHA ENGI CAMPAIGN. I don't mean it marks for death and I don't mean to use it throughout the mission. It was just a random bit of something silly I tried vs that boss fight.)

People have also been using the Candy Cane[] lately. I don't know why. Money is worth about 4x as much as the Candy Cane's little health bottle, the health bottle won't over-heal, and you can't mark for death, causing your whole team's dps to go down by 30%. You do the math.

Pick Pocket Basics: Enemy Recon
Ever noticed these little things on the map and wondered "What the....?" What you are looking at is a hologram pod (not its official name). Before we move on, notice the bar with the pictures and numbers all over it. This is warning the players of what to expect on the next wave. From left to right: 4 giant Scouts, 2 giant Demo-Knights, a tank, 35 normal Demo-Knights, 15 normal Scouts, 12 Scouts with Sandman, 6 Huntsman Snipers, 8 Quick-Fix Medics, an endless-but-steady supply of engi bots, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Ah, so that's what they are! These holo-flags indicate the path the next bot wave will take. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST LOOK FOR THESE AT THE BEGINNING OF EVERY WAVE! Your Engineer needs to set up somewhere in this path, which means all the bots will die in the path too and you know what THAT means: cash. If you are at a loss as to where the cash is, first check the path. As you do, tell your team that you are missing "$ -" and you don't know where it is. They might say "I killed a Sniper high right/left or low right/left and he dropped money" ect. Be careful, some bots might NOT take this route! It only shows where the BOMB will be taken. That means a long range class can kill a bot on the other side of the map and you might never find it. Watch the holo-flags, watch the enemy warnings, and watch your fire to prevent money loss.
Pick Pocket Basics: Watch Your Cash Indicator!
(Please note that in any screenshots invovling other players, their names will be witheld out of courtesy) At the bottom left of your screen is an indicator that measures how much cash is laying around and if you have gotten it all so far or not. It is absolutely VITAL that you keep a very sharp eye on this indicator! If there is cash on the ground, uncollected, this number will indicate how much. See how the cash number is green? That means, so far, you have all the cash in the wave and none has disappeared. The thing you want to see, the main goal, is a green $0, because that means you and your team are doing a perfect job of scoring the cash! In this ^ picture, there is $43 laying on the ground. Before you ask, yes, I was taunt-killed by a Demoknight bot when I took the photo.

In this shot, you'll see that the indicator is grey/black. This means that some money has disappeared; you missed your chance to get your bonus this wave. DON'T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU! The number might be grey/black now, but it's still a number and there is still cash to be gotten!

You need to keep a constant eye on this indicator! It should get so much of your attention that your girlfriend should be complaining about it.

Pick Pocket Basics: First Death
The most crucial thing that EVERY new Scout screws up is his very first death! How many times has this happend to you or you have seen this: Wave 1 starts in...5...4...3...2...1 SCOUT IS DEAD! (you too, Pyros). WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! You have 125hp vs the first bunch of bots, which is about 5-8; you can die in TWO HITS! If they're crit charged, it's ONE hit! Back off of it all! Even with maxed defenses and health regen, you won't last forever. Scout CAN die eventually and in the early waves, you die instantly. After this first death, there is a great chance that you will lose all the money dropped by the first few groups, leaving you to jump in with 125hp and die again and again. This first death throws off your entire rhythm. Yeah, Scout works off of a rhythm in MvM. You won't last long without the health buff from money, so you get a rhythm of getting money, and getting out. First, you hide somewhere safe and away from the combat (maintain LOS if you can). You WAIT for the first two bot groups to die, followed by drinking the Bonk: Atomic Punch, THEN you run in! The money you will collect should keep you alive long enough to escape, then repeat the tactic (don't wait for the drink! Your new health should sustain you. The drink has a huge cooldown! Jump in, grab cash, jump out). WAIT FOR STUFF TO DIE! No dead bots=no money. No money=no health. No health=no you. No you=no money for the team. No team money=GAME OVER. Yes, there is A LOT of pressure on the Scout, but this first death is the difference between a good Scout and a bad one. As you build resistances, you can linger in combat much longer, but never forever. Even late-game, this rhythm is foundation of your gameplay. Avoid the first death and learn the Pick Pocket's rhythm!
Pick Pocket Basics: Priorities
< This. However, things get tricky when prioritizing. Hypothetical: you have 2 giant Scouts running the bomb, but $100 is laying way behind them. Do you fight the Scouts or go for the money? Tough question, right? If they get past your team's Engineer nest, they have a straight shot to their goal, but a lot of money will disappear soon too! If you have Milk upgraded with slow, throw it at the giant Scouts then make a break for the cash, because here, the cash takes priority. Why? If there is $100 bucks laying around, that means its been there a while. If you don't get the cash fast enough, it will disappear. Let's say the money JUST hit the ground. That means you have some time. Mark the Scouts, but don't spend more than about 8 seconds fighting them. It all mostly relies on how long the cash has been sitting there. If it just dropped, you can fight off a giant or two. If it's been there for more than 10 seconds, go for the cash QUICK! Everyone can bring dps to the battle, but there's only one person who can race for the cash the fastest and the safest: you. So almost always, cash is your main priority because you are the class built to get it.

Scout generally ignores tanks unless they're the last thing alive, or if a tank is the first enemy that spawns and no bots are dying to drop cash yet. If you watch your team's set up, you can tell if they are killing bots at all or if they are focusing the tank. Run around the map as the tank passes to see where your team is and if they are killing bots or not. If yes, stay in the area that the cash is dropping. If not, fall back with your team and attack the tank until cash drops. Don't forget to watch your bomb and cash indicators!
Advanced Tactics: Cash Indicator
Now here is another tricky part that even I am yet to master. Each bot type drops their own amount of cash within a range. For example: (estimations) little bots=$4-$10. Giant bots= $30-$50. Tanks' money drops are random and have a very wide range; maybe $100-$350. You have to apply this knowledge to predict where the money is and what the piles will look like. Example: $43 is down, so I will assume they're are two piles: one is 30-40, and the other is 5-10. If your team just dropped a giant, it will go up to about $73. That means there is a pile in front of you, and 2 other piles somewhere. As you're about to step on cash, watch the indicator to see how much each pile is worth. With some advanced judgment, you can tell: 1) Where the cash is. 2) What the piles look like so you know what you're looking for. 3) If a teammate is about to get it; not requiring your presence. The more situational awareness you have, the better. With this in mind, you can also tell when the cash dropped, giving you a window of how long you have to get it which, in turn, will let you prioritize what to do. If you are NOT the Scout but a bot's money flew to some hard-to-notice place, inform your Scout! Tell him to look at you and shoot at it. Describe where it is! HELP THE SCOUT DO HIS JOB! YOU DEPEND ON IT! As the Scout, don't be afraid to talk to your team to discuss money location based on the indicator. "$6 and idk where it is" for example. It's critical to your success!

....or your team can just focus all the kills in one spot and not wander around the map, killing a bot here and there, leaving bits of cash ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' MAP. Get your Engineer to set up and tell the whole team to bunch up on the nest to avoid this from happening! Which brings me to one, very crucial quote. Quote this to your teammates and cite me as the source. If money was missed, but you did everything you could to get it, but your teammates spread the kills out too far, and they blame you, tell them this:

"Money is the whole team's responsibility: If all money is collected, Scout does not get all credit. If money was missed, it is not entirely the Scout's fault." -Upsilon

(Update: With a recent patch, money dropped by bots killed by Sniper will be "red" and will collect itself.)
Advanced Tactics: Mark for Death
"You've mentioned this quite a lot, so it must be important; but what is it? How do I do it?" Mark and Milk are invaluable assets to any team. It can be scary to run into melee range of these behemoths that pack the firepower of an AC-130[], but once you master this technique, you will drop giants like flies! Your attitude will change from "O_O OMG GIANT!!" to "Next". Don't just listen for the PING of your FOW. Look at the giants head. If you see a floating symbol of Skull n' Cross-bones, you know you have marked him successfully. Lag does happen, and if you trust the PING sound, it will betray you, but the "mark" symbol will not.

Marking is all about timing and enemy aggro. (I explain aggro in my Spy guide. It's a system with which you can manipulate the A.I.'s attention). In this shot, you will notice a few things. The giant Heavy just killed the Pyro, is currently looking at him, and our Sniper is close by the bot and shooting it; the Sniper has next aggro. This means that the giant Heavy is looking at your teammates, NOT AT YOU (for they have his aggro). This is the perfect timing to "mark" him and remain in zero danger. If you are the only one nearby and/or are shooting at the giant, you will "pull aggro" on yourself. Once you mark something, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!

I have used mark for clutching my way past a difficult wave or one that went terribly wrong. If you have a giant about to score, let your team get his aggro by staying away from him and not shooting him. When he turns away, rush in and mark him. You can drop giants JUST in time to save the day! If you are not the Scout but his marks are saving you, give him a little credit. It goes a long way in this anti-social internet community. "nice marking scout!" will do.
Advanced Tactics: Mad Milk
Scout carries perhaps the most deadly, anti-giant weapon in the game: Mad Milk. As you saw from the TF2 Wikia link, enemies doused in milk will heal whoever hits them for 70% of the damage they cause to the victim.

It's a little tough to tell who you have milked without its slow effect upgraded, but if you look carefully, you can see milk dripping from them. It looks like an invisible rain cloud is raining white raindrops on them. Let me give you an idea of just how powerful this can be. Let's say you have to attack the giant; no way around it. If you mark AND milk him, you will be doing 30% more damage, so that is 30% more healing too! Combine this with weapon upgrades and resistances, and I have SOLO'D giant Heavies by rapidly healing myself. Imagine what a friendly Heavy with Brass Beast can pull off if you milk giants. The only severe drawback of the milk is it has a loooong cooldown. You can purchase upgrades to reduce the cooldown (very recommended!). If you mark and milk a giant with your team focusing it, it will have no choice but to curl into a ball and explode. (Update: I have seen a very advanced tactic used by a team that has Expert Mode on farm, which is to say, they complete it all the time. One guy had almost 200 tours. Their Scout built very little resistances and a lot of milk cooldown. As he milked every giant he saw, the two heavies could out-sustain EVERYTHING that was thrown at them. Definately something to consider and a good example on how lethal milk is).

The main reason why anyone will tell you to take milk is because of the dreaded....horrible....fearsome....ultimate anti-noob robot of them all!...The giant robo Scout. These annoying pests are the noob filter of your team. They look just like normal Scout bots, except they are much taller and have a distinct motor sound as they pass by. If your team is wiped out by them over and over again, you have some noobs; it's the most accurate unit of measurement in the world. Once these guys get the bomb, they'll haul @%* to the bomb point nearly unchallenged for a free win. If you land your milk with its slow, these bots are toasted! (Toast? Milk? So many food references.) They can die quite fast if your team focuses them. They seem scary, but for a team that has any clue of what they're doing, these guys are no threat at all. I know I'm talking about milking giants a lot, but that's because milking small bots isn't worth it. Maybe you can land one on a Heavy bot and shoot him to refill your health if your desparate.
Advanced Tactics: Shooting
You should very rarely be shooting. Shooting causes two major problems: 1) You tend to pull a lot of aggro (which you don't want; you want to collect money safely) and 2) Shooting is too tempting; you want to shoot to kill, and will often forget your job which is money. Your team should have more than enough dps to drop everything around you without your help. If your team depends on you for damage, it's time to dust off your "Vote Kick" button. Your gun choice is also a vital one. Until there is a tank in the wave, you need the Force-a-Nature (acronym is FaN, not to be confused with the FOW) and do NOT upgrade it. Save the upgrades for your Soda Popper.

There are only a few situations where it's a good time to shoot: First and most importantly, if a Tank is around and it's pushing you back. Ignore the Tank unless it's the last thing alive and your money indicator says "$0" (green or black. preferably green). (If the tank is nearly scoring, fire on the tank! You might miss some money, but it's not worth restarting the wave!) Second, you have control of the money but your team is being pushed back by a rush of giant bots. Your FaN will bounce them, nearly halting their movement; but don't get too close or stay for too long! Third, if your team is getting picked-off by Snipers, you might wanna take a sec to blast them away. Fourth, if there is little money to get and it just dropped, shoot a robo Spy or two.
Upgrade Build (Updated)
Building Scout will seem a little odd at first. Since the team doesn't rely on your damage, they rely on you staying alive. In this case, you will build him like a tank (mmo slang for the "tough guy" of your group; all defense, no offense). If you start on a Mecha Engie mission or any mission that gives you like $1,000 bucks, then the first thing you need to max is Crit Resistance. It totals to $450 for the full upgrade. On harder modes, this is vital. You will eat some critical hits and the average crit does over 300hp damage. 125hp - 300hp= -175hp so that means you are more than dead in one crit. Max crit resist will give you a 90% damage reduction from criticals. Don't get too confident; crits will still do a scary amount of damage because it doesn't reduce the entire 300 damage, only the crit part.

Let me explain: a normal rocket will do about 100-120, but a critical will do nearly 300. A crit adds 300% to the damage, (I suck at math) meaning 100 x 3 = 300. If you have 90% crit resist, you take 90% away from the total.. It would look like this: 300 - 90%= 30 then 100 + 30 = 130; the official damage done. Keep in mind these numbers are really rough estimations just to give you an idea of what the heck I'm talking about. The point is: even with crit resist, you are still getting hit really hard! It allows you to limp away from sustaining a few. It doesn't seem like it helps much, but believe me; it helps a BUNCH, especially when combined with...

Blast/Bullet resistance! Have you ever heard this bizarre SHING sound when you are hit in MvM? That sound is indicating that you are reducing damage taken from that source due to resistances! At the top of the screen, you need to see what bots are attacking next. If you see a lot of Soldiers, go for blast resistance. A lot of Heavies, go for bullet resistance. If you see neither, it must be an easy wave, so spend very little (maybe one Uber Canteen).The only one I tend to either ignore or put off until later is Fire Resistance. If you stay out of Pyros' range, there's no need for fire resistance. The afterburn will be countered by my next favorite: Regenerate 2hp per second. Later, you will want about 4-5 points in health regen. Scout only has 125hp and with resistances reducing the damage you take to about 30 per hit, you will regen most of your health DURING combat. This is my secret to soloing a giant Heavy bot: resistances, mad milk, FOW, soda popper, and health regen. Isn't it beautiful?

There will come a time when defenses won't save you. That time is tank time! When the tank shows up on the "next wave" bar during the upgrade session between waves, it's time to switch to soda popper. "Upgrade damage, right?" Not quite. You need damage, yes, but here's a trick I use (math again. ugh...) You have an option between upgrading damage by 25%, or add a bullet to your clip. If you upgrade damage: (estimations) (100+25%) + (100+25%)= 250, BUT if, instead, you add a third shot then: 100 + 100 + 100 = 300! So actually, buying a third shot yields more DPS! Later (by wave 4-5ish) you will want at least one point in Ammo Capacity, so your reserve lasts longer and ammo packs are now worth more because ammo packs refill ammo by %. Higher max=bigger %=more ammo per pack...not that you should be getting ammo packs. You should be rushing the dispenser. If you can't get to a dispenser, share the ammo packs with your team. They do more damage than you, so try to go for out-of-reach, small ammo packs and leave the bigger, easy-to-reach ammo packs for your team.

I've recently tried out Jump Height, and I got to say, it is really nice! Your evasion skyrockets with it, and it only costs $300 to max it out! Also on larger maps, Run Speed upgrades are really nice too. It'll take experience to prioritize your upgrade build as there is no blanket, pre-set way to build any character everytime.
You are "omg noob scoot no get mon3y" no more.
You now are ready to hit the easier modes as the Scout! Practice everything I taught you in this guide, and you will be a vital member of your team. Giants will fall faster, your team can sustain their health with your milk, empower your teammates with cash, and Sniper bots will be burnt down; all because of me...and you. Beware, robots! The Lethal Pick Pocket is out in force! Thank you for reading!

If you enjoy my guides, you can join my fan group! Don't think of it as me looking for worship, but more like "subscribing to my channel".
Remembered later/Community Tips
  • doctorspacebar said: I never found $500 price on the Sandman's mark to be much of an issue. The ranged mark helps a lot! It still marks on melee, and the stun can save lives; like the one uber medic that survived the demo's blast.
  • Tylerlego623 said: Critical hits do triple damage, not double.
  • Poop Medicine said: Don't forget about the FaN's triple jump!
  • Velixnobody said: The speed cap is 175%. Any other speed upgrades are of no use.
  • [NME] VimesCarrot said: If you enable tf_dingaling 1 in the console, the sound will always confirm the FOW's hit. Careful: the sound, volume, and duration might be annoying!
  • I remembered: An alternate build for Scout is what's called "Glass Cannon". It means you go for 0 defenses, and all offense/damage. You might upgrade your milk or move speed/jump height, but you can put all your other cash into your weapon. Scattergun and Short Stop have very similar stats, but are very close in the "best damage dealers" category.
Special Thanks
-Valve for this wonderful game and this super fun gamemode!
-Gabe Newell who patiently puts up with people always getting his name wrong! It's Gabe, not Gaben.
-Steam admins who taught me how to use the spoiler command! (Searching for his name...)
-You for reading and all your support!
-My best friend, FroggerLogger who inspired me to write!
-My ISP! Sure your service sucks, but at least I can play!
-Jaws for his old PC which is still 4x better than my last one!
-All the people in my Works Cited page that uploaded the original images that I used to make the guide look pretty!
-Anyone unmentioned that made it possible!
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The Dragon Memelord Oct 11, 2015 @ 7:31pm 
One thing I completely disagree with is how you don't want aggro. With enough mobility(move speed, jump height, hype), you can basically get an entire group of soldier's attention on yourself and dodge all the rockets, giving your team enough time to kill the whole platoon safely. I honestly believe scout should try to draw as much aggro as possible (well at least from the right enemies and with the right resistances of course).
[GER]MCNick12 Jun 22, 2015 @ 12:18pm 
one thing about the long range clases the sniper genarates a other kind of money pickup (red $ instead of green $9 it's auto collecting , it is not even down there in the bottem left corner
Crafterthecaster Mar 12, 2015 @ 7:50pm 
I always use the fan first. But when I maxed out all my reistances, milk, speed, and jump height I switch to my sandman if I have extra cash. Cus, you know, who the hell upgrades the Fan.
Upsilon  [author] Nov 29, 2014 @ 11:24am 
Please read the first paragraph of every guide that explains why they are outdated.
Ludwig The Spectre Nov 29, 2014 @ 1:13am 
Please update all your MvM classes guides, they are getting outdated
Centurion GambitShield Oct 17, 2014 @ 8:15pm 
my record for health that i got for the scout happend today. my record is 1000 hp, i didn't die that round
indigo12ash Oct 4, 2014 @ 3:15am 
I really enjoy using soda popper in MvM because the hype increases my mobility and aides in escapes and such. It helps with the "get in, milk, mark, money, get out" aspect of being scout. The increased mobility means there are more paths to take without getting noticed and more escape routes if needed. Especially with increased jump height and movement speed, you feel like a fucking god with how mobile you are.
Upsilon  [author] Sep 25, 2014 @ 6:36am 
Yes, buster. Because clicking the WIKI link and reading is hard.
Sneaky Sep 22, 2014 @ 3:52am 
''There is no Good Scout by Himself, There is only a Good Scout if the Team is Good.''~Me On a MvM Server
Upsilon  [author] Sep 19, 2014 @ 6:19pm 
Sniper won't come to you the first or even the 5th time. You just gotta stay with it. When you do, you might not ever want to go Demo again lol and thanks!

Just take Bonk Atomic Punch for the first 2 waves then put money in the defenses you need for the incoming waves, max milk, and if you're new to Scout, DON'T SHOOT. It's distracting and it pulls aggro to you. Good luck!