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The Thirsty Ranger
Class: Soldier
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Jun 2, 2013 @ 10:56pm
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--- UPDATE ---

I have uploaded a modified and a bit simplified version of this right here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=151902890 It still is kinda crazy with some gimmicks, but it also more or less fits into the game restrictions, unlike this one... :)


Ever wanted a rocket launcher that instead of boring missles shoot cans full of radioactive bonk? Or how about a weapon that would use the amazing propeties of that delicous energy drink to create a powerfull energy blast? Or how about both?!
Well, now your dreams might just come true...

So yeah, I was trying to come up with some weapon ideas and after 2 failed attempts, this is the result. A soldier weapon with 2 firing modes:
-A single projectile in form of "armed" bonk can - highly explosive and dealing lots of damage, but you must reload the weapon after each shot
-A stream of bonk pumped out at super high pressure in some form of energy/laser thingy. After 3 - 4 seconds of spraying the enemies, the emptied can is ejected, also dealing some very minor damage (no explosions though)

You can probably tell that this might seam too crazy, and that's becouse the orginal intend for this model was (and is) to be used in something I'm making in SFM. Becouse of this, the polycount is kinda high - (like way too high - 12k triangels) and I have yet to finish the first person animations (some are already there, but they still need work).
So why do I bother showing this here? Well, those things still take time for me (I'm just getting the hand of it all - this is only my second submition to the tf2 workshop... as you can probably tell...) so I gotta to menage my time. At this point I'm not even sure such weapon is compatible with tf2 in this current form (as you can actually see the amunition stored inside it, there are 2 diffrent idle animations depending on the firing mode etc.) However, if the community will like it, I will make proper updates and optimizations.
I hope I'm not breaking any rules here - if so, then please be free to ban this filth and banish me to the wastlands.
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Jul 6 @ 6:39pm
Stats ?
Cw ♣ Marijuana |SΘD|
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[C*G*C] Salty Rootbeer Jul 6 @ 6:33pm 
It looks awesome. I don't know about anyone else here, but I'd love to, sometime in the future, run around shooting bonk cans at people. It's a great idea that seems to go well with the overall game design, and I think with a few tweaks and changes, this weapon could be an amazing new choice for soldiers to use, even in the MLG circuit.
jorgen.kardel May 5 @ 6:56pm 
but wat dose it dowe
Hatsune Miku Mar 24 @ 6:09am 
Anyway to download this?
x32G Feb 28 @ 3:55pm 
i love it talk to steam and wwwewewewewwe bonk lancher is complete annnnnnnnd Hmmmmmmmmmmm???? oooo yes but be carefull ZzzZzz whhhhha o and give!! im happpy!!
i like this i would buy it
Gooftwit Feb 27 @ 5:57am 
i think the reload handle is a bit too long
Xx=SWAG MLG PRO=xX Feb 23 @ 2:19am 
I am so sad bicouse valve didn't add it...
Cpt. Magikarp - Buy Keys 8ref Feb 22 @ 12:23pm 
I like it!
Skulldar the Bone mangler Feb 16 @ 4:24pm 
i wonder what if you made it so if some one shoots the tank on the back would it cause a devistating explosion?
[ThisLD]spencer pootiss Feb 16 @ 3:54pm 
is there a reskin of this so we can see it ourselves in the game