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Skyforge Weapons
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Jun 2, 2013 @ 8:40pm
Jun 15, 2013 @ 3:40pm
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Skyforge Weapons

Skyforge Weapons is a collection of completely new art assets, created with the intention of imbuing both the Skyforge and the craftsmanship of Eorlund Gray-Mane (and, later, the player) with the distinctive quality they deserve.

  • The steel versions of the weapons are replacers for the vanilla Skyforge Steel weapons available from Eorlund Graymane when one first joins the Companions.
  • Later, weapons of the same general forms but utilizing a variety of materials (steel included) can be crafted by the player at the Skyforge, but only once full Skyforge crafting privileges have been granted. (This occurs upon completion of the Companion quest “Glory of the Dead”, when the player subsequently speaks with Eorlund).
  • Once obtained, all weapons can be upgraded at any grindstone.
  • All five types of weapons can be made from the following materials: Steel, Orichalcum, Dwemer metal, Moonstone, and Ebony.
  • The unique nature of the Skyforge imbues the weapons with roughly the resilience of one grade higher material than that from which they were made (or its equivalent). Dwemer Metal Greatswords are as strong as regular Moonstone Greatswords. Moonstone Waraxes are as strong as Malachite. The most powerful forms of weapons available is Ebony, which rival their Daedric counterparts.
  • This mod is intended to cover only those Skyforge weapons offered to the Companions by Eorlund, a swordsmith, in the original incarnation of the game. These are bladed weapons only. As such, there are currently no plans to expand the inventory to include maces, hammers, bows, nails, horseshoes, pointed sticks, or other crude and/or generally smithing-non-intensive items.

I've done my best to test and tweak as much as possible, but in the end I'm a QA department of one. Should others discover additional problems, I'll do what I can to address them as I learn of them. Some general notes:

Compatibility and Conflicts:
  • These are all-new assets (even down to their cubemaps). As such, no downloadable content/expansions are required.
  • As most pieces are standalone with no dependencies whatsoever on Bethesda content, there should be few conflicts with other mods. The only exception would be with those that also replace the vanilla Skyforge Steel weapons. As such, one should place whichever steel replacer one prefers after the other in one's load order. (The non-steel variations contained here, being completely standalone, will not be effected and will still be available no matter what load order is used.)

Known Issues:
  • None as of release. But it's the ones you don't know that get you...

-- Dreogan, June 2013
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jhoekstra99 Apr 11 @ 5:55pm 
You're not going to let us make ourselves some skyforge forged pointed sticks? BOO!!!
PotatoCannibalism (PC) Apr 6 @ 8:36pm 
Does anyone know any mods that lets you sheath swords on your back?>
#HOP# Loetikk Apr 3 @ 6:33am 
FireflyNov Mar 21 @ 10:55am 
I did the quest but it's not working... What am I oding wrong?
Zell Mar 18 @ 2:42pm 
Hi. Thanks for the excellent mod. The design of these weapons is spot-on in my opinion. They're Nordic-looking while still having that "ahead of the curve" appearance that a master swordsmith like Eorlund would probably use. They look great! I was always a bit bummed that the "best steel in Skyrim" just looked like standard steel gear.

I have noticed one problem though. Both the war axe and one-handed sword have the same attack power, shouldn't the war axe have slightly higher attack power than the sword?
Peter Parrot Mar 12 @ 10:13am 
For your Nordic needs!
ZZ Joy2015 Mar 10 @ 10:45am 
Well I like the mod.
Naz au Arcos Mar 10 @ 12:15am 
Just out of curiosity, do you think you may ever create a companion armor similar to these? or blade armor similar to your dovahfass mod?
Blacklake  [author] Mar 9 @ 5:13pm 
Joy: Probably not. I still check on comments now and again, but it''s been a while since I worked on the mod.
ZZ Joy2015 Mar 8 @ 1:52am 
Will there be more updates?