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Dragon Royale
Jun 6, 2013 @ 4:19pm
Feb 13, 2015 @ 3:42pm
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Release date: The alpha is out for public testing!
Thanks for checking out Dragon Royale. Feel free to read the description, alternatively you can try the alpha version yourself - it is free, multiplayer, and can be downloaded here:

-Multiplayer (without player caps)
-Intuitive, fun, and addicting gameplay
-Learning curve and skill progression for lasting appeal
-Snake + Mario Kart Battle Mode + 3D Platformers + More
-Chinese dancing dragons
-Regular updates and open development
-Your feedback guides future development and updates
-Customization of settings (including ability to turn of cel/toon shading)
-Level creator
-Graphics, art, and levels are placeholders and will be receiving full rework before full release
-Get it today!

Our goal in development, was to create a game that you could pick up and almost instantly understand how to play, but provide enough variation and learning curve so you would still see progression in your skill each time you play. Dragon Royale's core gameplay is a mixture of genres combining features from the classic game snake, 3D platformers, Mario Kart Battle Mode, and others all set to the theme of Chinese Dancing Dragons. This synthesis of game styles has been placed into a fast paced multiplayer environment, allowing players to play to their strengths. While someone skilled in shooters may have an advantage in that aspect of the game, another player strong in platforming can easily even the playing field. Our hope is to attract a diverse array players creating great variation in play styles. The game is currently in public Alpha and updates with new features, sound fx enhancements, graphical enhancements, and bug fixes are being published regularly and will be documented on our website and youtube page.

You begin the game as the leader (or head) of a Chinese dancing dragon. When you run into citizens in each level, they join your dancing dragon, and you grow longer. All the people in your dragon follow the exact same path as the leader, much like the tail in the classic game snake. If you can get your opponent to run into your tail (or you run into it yourself) it causes an instant death. Alternatively, there are lanterns in each level which you can collect and these become your projectile weapons. Each time someone is hit by a lantern, they lose one body segment in their chain, so the length of your chain is essentially your health bar. If a dragon leader without anyone in his chain is hit, he dies. Then there is DragonMode.

One of the aspects of the gameplay that was a favorite among pre-alpha testers was DragonMode. As you collect lanterns and citizens, you steadily charge your DragonMode meter. Once you have charged DragonMode, you can enable it giving you temporary invincibility, but more importantly allowing you to fly. If you run into someone using DragonMode it works the same way as hitting them with a lantern, though with the speed boost and maneuverability it is much easier to get someone to run into your tail for an instant death. When DragonMode is on, the DragonMode theme music blairs from the dragon leader while he is engulfed in flames, making it almost impossible to sneak up on someone with it, but also striking fear into anyone that recognizes the sound.

Shooting is also physics based, adding another level of skill to the game. You must hold down your fire button to charge your shot and shoot further. Alternatively, at close range you can rapidly fire to send a barrage of lanterns to finish off an opponent. Also, as you grow longer, you become more dangerous, but also more slow. For this reason, some players may opt to keep their chain shorter for the speed advantage (light style) while others may prefer the juggernaut (heavy style) of the long chain. Being a one man dragon provides the most mobility and allows you to walk/run backwards, but you are also the most fragile. There are many more ways to create your own unique style, especially when integrating the platforming aspect of the game, and we are confident that new styles will emerge as players come up with new ways to manipulate gameplay to their advantage that we did not foresee in development. As development continues, we will be adding new characters and other additions creating even more variation.

Modes of Play
Multiplayer gameplay currently includes deathmatch and cooperative play, though more modes (soccer, CTF, racing) will be coming out in the near future, but are currently still in the pre-alpha stage of development.

Deathmatch currently includes two subsets of play (DM Maps):
1. Stock Match - Players choose a set number of lives, and the winner is the last man standing.
2. Kill Limit - Players battle to accumulate kills until the winner reaches the selected kill limit.

Cooperative Mode (CO Maps) is still in the early stages of development. Cooperative mode is a speed challenge where there are a set number of citizens in the level and the user must get them all and return them to the flag to complete the level. Levels are designed so it is obviously challenging to get the citizens and there are hazards which can kill you causing you to start over. We envision numerous ways to add puzzle elements to these cooperative levels, such as maze type levels where you might not want to go down a certain path if your chain is to long because you might not be able to turn around. We will certainly be looking to our alpha testers for any input on how to expand and make cooperative mode great.

Hardcore Mode
Hardcore mode is a subset option of play to make the game more challenging for experienced users, but also create more variation and increase the learning curve. Enabling this mode gives users FPS-style free look aiming, which adds a whole new element to gameplay. Hardcore mode is difficult to control for beginners and it is advised to first learn the game without it, though mastering it does provide complex and satisfying gameplay.

Since Dragon Royale is in Alpha edition, we want to give users the ability to adjust settings to find out what makes the game the most fun while we figure out proper default settings. Even cel/toon shading is a feature that the user can disable - players can turn off toon shading for a rougher looking yet more realistic looking game, or keep it on for a smoother looking but more cartoon like game. Users preference on these graphical settings will determine the default for future releases. In addition respawn times, powerup and citizen regeneration times, and game speed are completely adjustable. We may find that people prefer 2x game speed, and if that is the case it will become the default. Players can also choose whether they prefer first person camera angle or third person, or alternate between them depending on their situation. We will also continue to provide more opportunities for client-side customization in upcoming releases.

Level Creator
Dragon Royale comes with an easy to understand level creator/editor so users can quickly create great looking levels. Since Dragon Royale caters to a wide and diverse audience, we anticipate a broad range of different kinds of levels, reflecting the different players and play styles of the game. Levels can be uploaded and voted on at to share with other Dragon Royale players. Alternatively, level files are also saved in a format that is small enough where you can even email them to a friend (though we would love to see your levels too).

Thank you for taking the time to look at our game and we hope you enjoy it. Please let us know any feedback you have.
Our website is: - Share levels, get news, and grow the the Dragon Royale community!
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I appreciate your work and Greenlit. :) You need better graphics though.
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