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Sovngarde: Operation Comeback
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Jun 2, 2013 @ 6:06pm
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Finished the Main Quest? Saw the Realm of Sovngarde? Returned to
Tamriel and couldn't see that wonderful world again?
Then it's time to return to sovngarde.

-The Mod
(Skse(Skyrim Script Extender) required.)
Note: The mod will only run if you already finished the main quest.
The Heroes of Sovngarde have told you that if you die, you'd go there, and they'd greet you.
But that actually never happens, since when you die the game loads your last save.
Install the mod, and the next time you die...
The mod have various features that you'll discover while following the quest.
Mod also available on nexus.

*Official videos will soon be released.

Contact me if you have any suggestions at nexus or steam.

Theo - for helping with suggestions and debugging
rickyrickylo - Video showing version 0.98
Thank you for using this mod
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Firestar (ThunderClan) Aug 13 @ 2:05pm 
s.horrwitz2015 NO DUH.
s.horwitz2015 Jul 29 @ 8:03am 
i downloaed the nexis version the only problem was the npcs diddnt have any dialoge they had pelnty wehen i did the main quest line but when i whent back it was too quiet if i downloa this verson will their be no problem
tesprogrammer  [author] Jul 26 @ 9:54am 
I've updated the mod and it fixes a large amount of bugs. will soon be uploading to steam
Telluric Jul 26 @ 9:40am 
Oh, And this is gonna be gret for my LV20* high elf who COMPLETED THE GAME
*around LV20
Telluric Jul 26 @ 9:37am 
Tesprogrammer, Can you commit suicide to get to Sovngard,
(I am a HUGE fan of the glow effect on the heros. I hope it works on the player!)
Telluric Jul 26 @ 9:36am 
Guys, 66000 bounty, NO PROB!
In commands: player.additem 00000f 999999999
Now you can pay them back!
Silent blade Jun 18 @ 9:55am 
and i cant get bag
greig_harper May 17 @ 3:16am 
and also I can't see my ghost
greig_harper May 17 @ 3:15am 
every time I die I go to sovngarde but I can't move and the quest won't start
engelskath May 11 @ 4:28am 
I used this Mod without Problems, but after visiting Nirn, and ressurect i now got 66000 Boutny in every City. I cant even remove the bounty by Consloe Commands, so the Guards try to kill me.