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Sovngarde: Operation Comeback
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Jun 2, 2013 @ 6:06pm
Mar 12 @ 12:59pm
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Sovngarde: Operation Comeback

Version 0.99 - PATCH A
**Download ONLY If you finished the main quest on your save
Otherwise you will have the essential bug

I've spent the last days fixing a lot of bugs, some of them game breaking! Please read everything from this post, to avoid complaining because you didn't read the instructions. The updating process is right below the change log. Below is the change log:

1) The old death system (from version 0.98) has been returned - that actually prevents A LOT of glitches and errors, such as:
-Active effects being removed from the player
-Lost of player's eye color
-unequipped weapons and armor
-crash upon teleporting to sovngarde
-Other magic based effects (such as perks) removed
That also means that you have to die in battle to be teleported - it makes sense to the game lore - only honored heroes should go to sonvgarde.

2) While visiting tamriel as ghost, you start off with a semi-invisible state - that allows you to talk to people or interact with the envyronment, it wasn't supposed to happen. Plus, you character is still barely visible. Now you start invisible, the way you should be.

3) The variables from the menu "Total Lifetime Bounty" and "Largest Bounty" just kept getting higher values each time you used the toggle state. I figured it would cause trouble if the numbers got too high over time. Now those values are reset (they're set to zero, not the original values before the mod) each time you become invisible.

4) If as a ghost you used the spell to return to sovngarde, the wanted status wasn't reset: if you return to tamriel guards would still look for you. Now, that's fixed.

5) To prevent a bug from the old version - the "essential bug" - your character remains essential after uninstalling the mod, I've included an uninstall feature. Press "Scroll Lock" after you've completed the sovngarde quest and the mod will remove the essential flag. After that you will:
-Make a new save, exit skyrim, remove the mod files (manually or via mod manager), Create a new, clean save without the mod. If you do that, you can die normally after removing the mod. Optionally (and I would recommend that) you may want to use a save editor tool to remove any scripts or references that might still be in your save. Make sure the scripts are removed for the mod to uninstall.

6) Even after resurrecting or visiting tamriel as ghost (for the second time) people still attack you. I believe that's been fixed.

7) Small feature: The game now loads your autosave (specifically: the file named "autosave1"). If there is no file you will have to manually load your saves.

And... That's it! There's the first patch since the last version. One thing I forgot to mention: I've
edited some text in the messages and the quest. If you find ANY bugs or errors post, I'll try to fix
it and make this mod bug-free (or really close to that.) I'll be adding new content as the updates go. This update was only to correct bugs. Below, Read the UPDATING PROCESS.

-Note: To use this mod you need to have your skyrim up to date and the latest version of SKSE avaiable on : {}
otherwise the mod will not work properly.

Note: About load order - keep the .esp in a low order (at the bottom of the list).
* This mod is for characters who finished the main quest, otherwise when you die you'll experience the "essential bug" - your char will bend on your knees and soon after that he's going to get up again. This is a detail I didn't pay attention to and it'll be corrected in the next version.

This process is valid to every update from now on. Please, read carefully:
1. First complete the sovngarde quest. After that save (not an autosave, a NEW save).
2. Exit skyrim, remove the mod files manually or via mod manager. Really,
remove EVERYTHING if you want to uninstall, just deactivating the .esp won't work
3. Optional but recommended, run a save editor tool to clean your save of previous
scripts or references that are still there.
4. Create a new, clean save now that all files have been removed.
5. Download and install the update file and check the .esp in the laucher
That will prevent things such as the mod not starting in the right time, script delay and
many others. If you followed this 5 easy steps it should be ok.


Finished the Main Quest? Saw the Realm of Sovngarde? Returned to
Tamriel and couldn't see that wonderful world again?
Then it's time to return to sovngarde.

I, tesprogrammer, present:

The Mod

Note: The mod will only run if you already finished the main quest.
The Heroes of Sovngarde have told you that if you die, you'd go there, and they'd greet you. But that actually never happens, since when you die the game loads your last save. Install the mod, and the next time you die... The mod have various features that you'll discover while following the quest.


*Remember that is always better to install this mod automatically using your mod manager

Copy the "Scripts" folder and "SovngardeQuest.esp" to your Skyrim Data folder (steammaps/common/Skyrim/Data) Open your Skyrim laucher and go to "Data Files" and enable the .esp file "sovngardequest.esp". Remember that the mod will only activate if you have ended Skyrim main quest.

To prevent a bug from the old version - the "essential bug" - your character remains essential after
uninstalling the mod, I've included an uninstall feature. Press "Scroll Lock" after you've completed
the sovngarde quest and the mod will remove the essential flag. After that you will:
-Make a new save, exit skyrim, remove the mod files. Make sure the script files (.pex) are removed. Create a new, clean save without the mod. Optionally, edit your save with a program to clean any scripts that are still there. If you do that, you can die normally after removing the mod.

Contact me if you have any suggestions at nexus/steam.

Special thanks and credits
Theo - for helping with suggestions and debugging
rickyrickylo - Video showing version 0.98
Thank you for using this mod
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Sandvich Lv.100 May 7 @ 10:45am 
It won't let me die. Why?
Now i have a new bug. It teleports me to Sovngarde before I finish the main quest, (I've finished it before but i deleted all the saves and restarted) and when I get there, I can't move, when using the epc command (enableplayercontrols) Tsun still talks to me and the Stone of Choices isn't there.
tesprogrammer  [author] Mar 12 @ 1:35pm 
Update v.0.99 A now on steam. It fixes a LOT of bugs
greig_harper Feb 20 @ 7:22am 
menu won't show up in the cm
Telluric Jan 24 @ 5:28pm 
The Player.Kill command just makes it slightly longer to get to sovngarde with me. You should add some random events, too. Just to add a little bit more fun.
[Charged Myth] Twilight Sparkle Dec 17, 2014 @ 4:19pm 
@TheAmazeman Also it doesn't fix the no dialogue if you download from Steam, there's not supposed to be any dialogue
[Charged Myth] Twilight Sparkle Dec 17, 2014 @ 4:11pm 
@Telluric Yes it does make you glow (Well it did last time I checked) also, you can commit suicide to get there, but using the "player.kill" command seems to glitch it out.
[Charged Myth] Twilight Sparkle Dec 17, 2014 @ 4:08pm 
@s.horwitz2015 Learn to spell, your spelling in that comments was so bad I had to read it 5 times to figure out what you were trying to say!
The 11th Doctor Aug 13, 2014 @ 2:05pm 
s.horrwitz2015 NO DUH.
g.horwitz Jul 29, 2014 @ 8:03am 
i downloaed the nexis version the only problem was the npcs diddnt have any dialoge they had pelnty wehen i did the main quest line but when i whent back it was too quiet if i downloa this verson will their be no problem