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Dead Squared
Genre: RPG, Shooter, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jun 1, 2013 @ 1:36pm
Apr 29 @ 11:18am
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Still getting Multiplayer worked out
We did it!
Release date: End of 2014...ok maybe mid 2015
Dead Squared
The game combines dungeon crawling elements of random rooms, monsters, and loot drops with classic FPS controls and combat. The player's goal is to escape a military weapon research facility. Use a range of weapons from modern to sci-fi. Blow away zombies, and monsters of all types. Craft weapons, mod weapons, find powerful and unique items to equip. Can you make it out alive?

Current Progress
We keep a dev log on TIG Source

You can now download the public alpha build at Indie DB


Congratulations, today is your first day of work at a top secret government agency that runs the even more top secret, Facility 15. Facility 15 stores and researches paranormal creatures and monsters to further the development of weapons of mass destruction. Unfortunately for you, things are not going to go well today as a major malfunction in the facility has released all the test subjects. Good luck getting out alive.


Dungeon crawling old school FPS.

  • Random rooms
  • Random loot drops
  • Toon art style
  • Old school shooter action
  • Weapon crafting and modding
  • Serum mixing
  • Environment traps
  • Deadly monsters
  • RPG action
  • Created using Unity3D

About Us
We are a small indie team of 2, and awesome outsource artists!

Core System

Random Room Generation
  • The rooms are premade
  • The game will randomly select the rooms to generate a 'floor'

Random Encounters
  • Each room will have multiple encounters
  • The game will grab an encounter based on player level and current play session
  • The more floors you clear, the harder the encounter

  • Enemies will drop weapons and items
  • Drops can be completed weapons or weapon parts
  • Weapon parts are used to craft better more powerful weapons
  • Some unique drops from enemies will allow you to create rare weapons
  • For example: Eyeball monster drops an eyeball item. Eyeball is a crafting item needed to make a sniper rifle with increased range
  • You will also find unique item drops that boost player stats - Like a Brain on a stick

  • There are currently over 40 weapon parts
  • To craft, the player has to find a schematic
  • You take the schematic to a crafting station to craft. Clicking on the schematic will tell you the required parts
  • Killing monsters will have the chance of dropping unique parts associated with the monster
  • By using these monster parts in crafting you can create more interesting guns

  • The player can level up
  • Leveling up allows the player to find better loot
  • Leveling up also allows the player to increase base stats
  • Player base stats are used in a number of things in the game
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Babo  [author] May 31 @ 11:22pm 
@Schiggy Schiggy! - It will! we are doing our best :)
EvilSatan666 May 23 @ 1:03pm 
This game is fucking awesome!! I hope it will come on Steam!
Babo  [author] Apr 29 @ 4:10pm 
@BachBreaker Yea! Thanks. Finally. Thanks to everyone here, and the Greenlight process.
BachBreaker Apr 29 @ 1:44pm 
Congratulations for the greenlight!!!
DreWulff Apr 24 @ 6:08pm 
It looks like a fusion between System Shock 2 and Minecraft
∞ ChickenLittle Apr 21 @ 12:39pm 
looks like a lot of fun, and I like that it's co-op play as well.
Insaiter Apr 17 @ 4:53am 
ionutudor2012 Apr 14 @ 4:46pm 
AnchiPL Apr 12 @ 9:32am 
This game is very nice we have a monsters and crafting. Dead square recalls minecraft with a weapons. It s good game.