Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter

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Serious HD Mod
Content: Weapons, Enemies
Game Mode: Single Player
Other: Sounds
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May 31, 2013 @ 5:08am
Oct 26 @ 7:54am
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Serious HD Mod

A simple mod that makes crazy game the more crazy!


Knife - Fast knife (2x speed)
Saw - Fast saw (3x speed)
Colts - Pistols with physical bullets (+5 dmg, 2x speed, physical, when you have 2 pistols - x2 more fire speed)
Shotgun - Fast shotgun (+2 dmg, 2x speed)
Double shotgun - Electric double shotgun (+6 bullets, +10 dmg, electric)
Tommygun - Danger Tommygun (+40 dmg, +25% speed, physical)
Minigun - Global damage minigun (+60 dmg, 8x speed, big scatter, physical)
Rocket launcher - Plasma launcher (+500 dmg, falling, plasma)
Grenade launcher - Mega Rocket Launcher (+100 dmg, rocket, speed control)
Flamer - Fireball Machinegun (+40 dmg, x20 velocity)
Sniper - Electric RailGun (One shot - one kill)
Laser weapon - Laser zorg (+30 dmg, explosive)
Cannon - Meteor Gun (10000 dmg, Meteorite!)

Arachnoid General - Arachnoid with mini rocket gun (5 - 10 dmg, high speed mini rockets)
Arachnoid Soldier - Arachnoid with plasma gun (+5 dmg, high speed plasma)
Bomberman - LavaBomberman (15 - 35 dmg, lava bombs)
Cucurbito - Fast Cucurbito (3x speed, 20 - 30 dmg)
Demon - Crazy Ball Thrower (Cannon balls, 25 - 1000 dmg)
Electro Fish - Speedy Electro Fish (3x speed)
Firecracker - RocketMan (15 dmg, 5 mini rockets)
Gizmo - Crazy Frog (1.5x faster, no rest)
Gnaar Female - Danger Gnaar Female (2x speed, 3x dmg)
Gnaar Male - Fast Gnaar Male (3x speed, 2x dmg)
Harpy - Flying mammy (8 dmg, throwing small beetles)
Kamikaze - Fast Kamikaze (x2.5 speed)
Kleer - Evil Kleer (throw bombs, long jump)
Lava Elemental Small - Younger Lava (20 dmg, plasma arrow)
Lava Elemental Big - Lava (20 dmg, homing fireballs)
Lava Elemental Large - Senior Lava (90 dmg, plasma balls)
Reptiloid - LittleBombSpawner (25 dmg, homing bombs)
Reptiloid Big - BombSpawner (35 dmg, homing bombs, if angry - fast homing bombs 30 dmg)
Reptiloid Huge - LargeBombSpawner (45 dmg, homing bombs, if angry - fast homing bombs 40 dmg)
Rocketman - Gangster (+5 dmg, realistic pistol bullet)
Walker Blue - Gunner Walker (5 dmg on easy, 15 dmg on normal, bullets, death minirocket)
Walker Red - Deadly Walker (50% dmg, 2x rocket speed, death plasma ball)
Werebull - Fast Werebull (2x speed, +10 dmg)
Zorg Commander - Zorg FireBaller (5 fireballs x 5 dmg, homing)
Zorg Soldier - Zorg Sniper (10 dmg, electricity)
Zumbul - RedGrenade Zumbul (35 dmg, grenades)
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Aug 17 @ 5:03am
как его надеть
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bakokan Oct 6 @ 7:12am 
bakokan Oct 6 @ 7:12am 
Neo_minigan  [author] Aug 18 @ 9:24pm 
This is a "side effect" of th emod, all u can do is dodge from enemy projectiles.
Duke Feariarch Aug 18 @ 6:39pm 
also is it possible to tone down the explosive nature of certain things? i cant really enjoy this awesome mod if im being thrown of the map at random times by soldier and the kamikazis
Neo_minigan  [author] Aug 16 @ 7:13am 
Yeah, of course u can use it with other mods that change OLNY view model of the weapons or enemies.
Duke Feariarch Aug 16 @ 6:26am 
is this mod compatible with other weapon mods? like just ones that change the model/style of the gun
SquireCat May 16 @ 11:27am 
im trying to make a mod that gives you infinite ammo so you dont have to type cht_bInfiniteAmmo=1 every time you start the game
SquireCat May 16 @ 11:25am 
how do you edit weapons behaviours?