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Dragon Wayfinder - Bether Dragon controlls
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May 29, 2013 @ 4:25pm
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Dragon Wayfinder - Bether Dragon controlls

Dawnguard and Dragonborn Required
Check out my other dragon mod

This mod is Simple:

On ThelMitris mushrooms Feet...there is it...


it can do stuff....

now for real this book gives you a spell when you cast it on a dragons back it will set the dragons basic fly around point there where your spell hits the ground (not only when it tells you that a new point is set) so you can fly around without breaking the lore since the dragon has still his free mind

i also made the radius he flyes around a bit biger

by the way in the link i pastet above i made a fusion of this mod and my hidden village mod it gives you a dragon with even more control abilitys

little tipp:

shooting magic is easyer if you follow the dragons head since mostly you fire from the sight of the dragon but you will see what i mean(or you know it allready)

this mod is for all people like me that want to explore and fly aroudn with the dragon without using 3th party programms like skse also for ppl that dont like to break the lore

second tipp: in my hidden village mod i have a call dragon spell that calls oda for unlimited time and other oda controlle spells works good in combination with this mod
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mstarckey Jun 11 @ 1:32pm 
Cant you just use the shout
ZeroDevil Mar 8 @ 11:53am 
@DooM, thank you for the information. but unfortunately I do not really understand how AI packages are used in the Creation Kit. I have tried to learn how to use them properly, but I have had no success merely by trying to learn it on my own. I have not been able to successfully self-educate myself on the use of AI packages.
DooM  [author] Mar 8 @ 12:34am 
or look into my trial mod
DooM  [author] Mar 8 @ 12:34am 
the script is only making the display "marker set" i believe i cant look into it dont have ck installed ^^ if you want to make a controllable dragon just look into my shiriru mod but there are alot of script i dont think you can open them except i includet the source codes but i dont remember that .. i still have them on my pc somewhere. All you need to do to make a dragon controllable is give him a package that lets him do certain stuff on package beginn with the x marker you can give the package an condition that only fires if player castet this spell or etc.. your imagination is the limit
ZeroDevil Mar 7 @ 11:24pm 
@DooM, once again, my appologies. I misunderstood what you meant to say. I found out how the marker is placed. The marker is placed by an explosion that explodes where the projectile hits. There is a script attached to the marker. I assume the script makes the dragon move to it, although since I am unable to open the script, I am unsure of this.
ZeroDevil Mar 7 @ 11:04pm 
I am unsure as to how that is done. I know how spells can have scripts attached to them, but as far as I am aware, projectiles are just art files that have a mesh, texture, and light emission source attached to them.
DooM  [author] Mar 7 @ 10:56pm 
its on the projektile the effect uses
ZeroDevil Mar 7 @ 10:48pm 
@DooM, if the name of the effect is, "FireDamageFFAimedAreaDUPLICATE002", I don't see it in the creation kit's magic effect window. It says that the effect architype is a value modifier, not a script, and the associated item is health, not a marker.
DooM  [author] Mar 7 @ 10:33pm 
its on the effect the fireball calls
ZeroDevil Mar 7 @ 10:28pm 
@DooM, viele dank, herr DooM (also, es tut mir leid, fur meine Deutsch ist nicht so gut. It has been a very long time since I participated in 3 German language classes in high school). What I would like to know is this; where is the script for the fireball contained? I opened the mod in the creation kit to try to understand this. I failed at this, as the spell has no script directly attached to it. Also, I do not know where, or how, the AI packages of this game work. If, in the future, you would be willing to tell me, I would much appreciate it.