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Reconstruction: Part 1
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May 27, 2013 @ 10:27am
Aug 11, 2013 @ 4:44pm
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Medium Difficulty
Continuing where the Dilapidation series ended, after having awoke GLaDOS, escape may not be so easy as she begins rebuilding the facility.

Thanks to Lpfreaky90 and Mevious for testing
Death Fizzler created by Lpfreaky90
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Freeman|TR Sep 7 @ 4:59am 
Awesome ! Confused why it's only getting 1100 ratings .
TS_Mind_Swept Jul 28 @ 9:25pm 
Well i actually had more trouble with the 2nd part than the 1st part, but i have finally gotten it, ur crazy man, just crazy! Like robin_z said "I have no idea how you create such a convoluted puzzle! I don't mean building it in a map editor, I mean the ideas behind the puzzle themselves." And to be honest, i found the solution in the 2nd part kind of by accident, i wasn't really trying at that point when i realized, I CAN DO IT FROM HERE! Kind of like untying a knot, you just work at it and work at it, and when you stop paying attention, you realize that it's almost done! :p 8.5/10

Can i add u as a friend? (I like ur pichure too by the way)
Atlas Jul 9 @ 6:36am 
Hang on, how are you level 0?
Atlas Jul 9 @ 6:35am 
Good to see the old Dilapidation series make a seamless comeback - it really does feel like a perfect continuation, like I'm playing part 7. The puzzles are just as challenging, the art is still incredible to look at, and the effects are still good.
If clicking the "Thumbs up" button multiple times made a difference, I would do just that!
quaternary Jun 19 @ 4:41pm 
Hope Selyp's okay back there :(
robin_z Jun 6 @ 2:47pm 
Great map! I found this to be a bit over medium in difficulty. I have no idea how you create such a convoluted puzzle! I don't mean building it in a map editor, I mean the ideas behind the puzzle themselves. How can you determine that there isn't a sneaky loophole? Anyway, thanks for the fun map!
LoneWolf2056  [author] May 10 @ 10:16am 
@DeathWish808, thanks for the video again, honoured by your comments, working hard on Portal Stories at the moment so put these maps on hold.
DeathWish808 May 6 @ 6:59pm 
I remember your dilapidation series and Prototype sent me a link to these 3, so I played through the 1st one on twitch.tv.

I didn't remember anything about the chamber especially ever playing, but apparently I did since I had already thumbed it up. Regardless, it was like a new map to me, so awesome!

I thought this was a blind run: http://www.twitch.tv/deathwish808/b/526524968 :-P (It really was though. haha)
dues Feb 6 @ 11:49am 
After playing through dilapidation this one seemed easy. Or maybe I just adapted and learned your logic paterns. Once again, nice job. I'm off to the next one. "Please sir, I want some more"...Oliver Twist.
ZAEROS Jan 21 @ 1:24am 
Played part 3 recently and decided to look at 1 and 2. Was stuck for some time once again, forgot the golden rule that cubes are replaceable! Enjoyed greatly, Thank you.