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Lost Sector Online
May 27, 2013 @ 3:19am
Apr 14 @ 7:12am
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Update 92
The Trade chat has grown up into the civilized automated environment. In this update we present the long-awaited auction house! You can view auctions by speaking with James at the Factory or Alan in the Police Department.

We have added a new heavy sniper rifle (minimum lvl 9) DSR50, the younger brother of Barrett M99. The new rifle is available to craft, rent or can be obtained via NPC drops. We have removed all of the VG weapons, these will be added back in to the game as high-tech weapons for high level players in a later update. Below is a list of all the new weapons that have replaced the VG weapons. Please note these weapons will have the same damage and stats as the old VG weapons but new models.
VG shotgun -> Remington 870
VG Assault Rifle -> Galil
VG Sniper Rifle -> Steyr Scout
VG Pistol -> Norinco 77b
VG Grenade Launcher -> Milkor
We also replaced the PSG1 automatic sniper rifle with the M40A5 bolt action sniper rifle.

• For all sniper rifles, except the Barrett M99, the damage has been increased by 5-10%.
• The Snap shot minimum range has been increased; even for the Barret-M99.
• Barrett M82 has had its mobility increased from 60 to 62.
• Dragunov SVD's minimum range for an Aimed was decreased from 29 to 25.
• SR25's maximum range for an Aimed shot was increased from 40 to 44.
• Barrett M99's minimum range for an Aimed shots was increased from 27 to 32.
• M40A5's (ex-PSG1) minimum range for an Aimed shot was increased from 27 to 30.
• For All assault rifles, except the AK47, the minimum range for an Aimed shot and/or Snap shot was increased by 1-2 meters.
• The Scar, AK47, Steyr AUG A1, Steyr AUG A3 have had their Clip Size increased by 30, Ammo Included increased by 60 and Reload AP usage to 25.
• TMP damage was decreased by 4.

Events and quests
• Event "Dance on a minefield": the mines have had their damage increased and 2 mines will now appear at once after 5 rounds.
• Quest "Detoxication": the "neutralizer" has had their mobility increased.

Interface changes
• Added a new universal inventory window, or "Bags" that only items are displayed instead of showing your character as well, by pressing the hot key B.
• All items can now be moved freely between available (empty) cells of the inventory and your new arrangement will remain when the inventory is closed.
• All windows which use the player inventory in any way, such as Trading or the Merchant or the Warehouse, were changed and now use a separate window. The Warehouse window (personal and clan) is now bigger. The trading windows transaction sides have now changed places (your inventory will show on the right side).
• The skills window is now expanded, and it's icons have become smaller.
• Character information window now automatically adjusts the battle participants list size.
• Manual aiming (using the shift key) has had its crosshair changed to a better one.
• The battle chat now switches automatically to the location chat after a battle finishes.

Other changes
• Players getting stuck on ladders, only certain issues fixed for now.
• The Help and Trade chats have been fixed, they were having an issue not appearing for some.
• Some skill effects, that were not properly showing the effects, have been fixed.
• The issue of attempting to drag items to the warehouse after withdrawing the item, has been fixed.
• Stackable items not stacking/counting (ex: for collector quests) is corrected.
• Path finding errors have been fixed on some maps.

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Update 89
New map
· A new map “The Pier” is available in PvP and PvE modes from level 5 and up.

New Items
· AA-12 - A new rapid-fire shotgun with burst fire mode. Available through crafting, drops or by renting on the level 10.
· XM26 LSS - A new light shotgun available at level 8. Available to find via crafting, drops, or by renting.
· The “Defender” Helm - Available at level 7.
· New game booster-service “The Collector” - You collect all trophies, when you and your team manage to stay alive and won. You can buy it at John Smith’s for gold.
· New game booster-service “Medical Insurance” - Helps to cure all soldiers automatically after finishing the battle. You can buy it at John Smith’s for gold.

Feel the atmosphere of Broxton city! A special music album was recorded so you can listen to the music playing in background during battles.

· The creation of the second campaign is initiated; it implicates performing PvP mode introductory missions and police contracts.
· Starting missions of the first campaign are redesigned. From now on players do not have to think over what to do next since one or several quests will always be active.
· New missions are added: to buy the second mercenary, to perform contracts, to find lieutenant Gatts.
· 6 new quests were designed to show new players PvP mode. After you pass the Police Department and reach level 4, you’ll get simple missions to participate in PvP and instructions. These quests will be available for all players.

· New players are provided with the PvP section, closed from other players:
· One mercenary duel is available until level 7 since 1-on-1 duel is relevant for Recruit class only; class duels are intended for 2 or 3 mercenaries.
· Some arena modes have been removed but (e.g. the Survival mode), but they will be played in the form of Events, other modes do not open immediately:
- 2 mercenary duels and team battles with a partner - level 6.
- 3 mercenary duels and team battles of 6-8 players - level 8.
Player’s levels are stated, not mercenary’s. Open the mode with a player who has reached level 8, then you can take mercenaries with level 4 and higher.
· Survival mode is removed from regular PvP.
We know that a small duel is popular, but LS is based on group tactics. Balance is calculated upon team cooperation and a certain number of enemies. At this point battles with one character cannot be group battles. We believe that all players who love this mode will go for bigger duels (if they want to control their side completely) or TB (if they want to control just one character). Removal and successive opening of new modes is designed to concentrate players in less number of modes with faster and well-balanced connection.

· A new location has been added to the territory capture mode: Industrial Zone.
· New version of the Event “Checkpoints”, now it’s 4-on-4 mode.

· “Berserker” needs more damage for activation (105 ->115)
· “Martyr” needs more damage for activation (150->200)
· “Martyr” gives no bonus to its carrier (only to other members of the team)
· 3rd level of “Perceptivity to recovery” 70% ->60%
· “Nanny” gives a huge protection bonus (5% -> 10%)
· Weighted armor 10% -> 15%
· “Support” increases accuracy 5->7
· “Drop off the ballast” is activated when the armor is below 40%
· “Team spirit” gives a bonus both to you and your teammates
· “Vendetta”: damage bonus 10% -> 15%
· 2nd level of “Grenadier” (grenade slot) isn’t available for Storm-trooper (for support only).
· Support can research “Pouch” and one of bonuses from using active items at the same time
· Support has a redesigned skill tree with the skill “Nanny” added
· “Shoot till the end” has been changed. Now this skill can be activated by pressing a button. Activation costs 1 action point (AP). The attack after activation will expend all AP left and have higher chances for a critical hit.
· “Blind defense” allows now to see 1 meter farther.

Weapons and Items
· The “Defender” and other similar helms are available from the level 7.
· VG Shotgun: damage 60-92 ->54 - 81, range 12->9, shells 2 ->1, clip size 12->3, ammo included 24 ->12
· Shark Shotgun: damage 69-102 ->60 - 90, range 12->9, shells 2 ->1, clip size 12->3, ammo included 24 ->12, reload 20->30
· Pancor Jackhammer: damage 57 - 75 ->55 - 74, range 9->12, reload 20 ->40
· Benelli M4: level 10->9
· Now “Antishock” has the side effect - the immunity to adrenal preparations, i.e. they are not efficient if antishock is activated.
· VG gun and M79 grenade launcher have been added to the basic shop.
· UAV requires “Professional Technologist” skill opened (support)
· Punk “Fury” and “Jig” has a reduced mobility fine.
· Punk “Mint” has an increased bonus of AP 45->50 and a fine of MP 15->20
· Light Rebis pills: AP 30 ->20

Battle rewards
· A new bonus for using active items has been added
· Reward window has been slightly changed
· Bonus for the battle length must be given out correctly
· BP rate has been slightly increased for 3 mercenaries duel against 2 mercenaries duel
· Multiplier of BP and experience for the number of players has been increased
· Team bonus has been reduced
· Tension bonus in PvP mode increases at the evenly balanced battle, not the crushing defeat
· Some reward rates have been slightly reduced.
· Bugs with displaying players who left the battle before it started have been retrieved.

Other updates
· Now items can be upgraded automatically (Upgrade Tool). The button “More” has been added, it opens new interface of automatic item upgrades.
· Lifetime of temporary matters (Molotov cocktail, rebis cloud, etc) is displayed now.
· Rank of the clan is displayed when entering the game (if a player is in the clan).
· Health bonus can be given again to the members of groups, but it is 30% to the usual one.
· While connecting a battle, a chat automatically switches into “Battle” instead of “Location”
· After you’ve got a prestige level, the experience you gained after the 15th level is taken into consideration again.
· Classes with the skill necessary for the use of an item are displayed in item descriptions.
· Item requirements (level\skill\class) are white if the mercenary’s characteristics are appropriate, red - if not. In other places (shop, storehouse) they are still just red.
· Animation and sounds of misses in the close combat have been. The notice “Hit” doesn’t appear when you miss.
· Reload animation of some weapons is returned.
· Lower information bar doesn’t blink when you use active skills
· Shell cases have been returned.
· Active skills cannot be activated by right mouse button anymore.
· Subtitles and dialogs have been slightly redesigned.
· The message “Your Turn” has been redesigned to make it better visible.
· The value in the line “No more than” in the description of cells of active items cannot be greater than total number of cells
· A receptivity\immunity icon has been added to the effects above the health.
· The name of service, activating booster abilities, has been added.
· Quest objects are not indicated when you press SHIFT or take a simple aim.
· You need to confirm that you sell upgraded items of green and blue color.
· Experience boosters are put in one cell
· Short-range weapon becomes less effective when it’s damaged
· You have to collect only for cans in the quest “Product Supplies”.
· “Product supplies” have been added to diggers.
· Completely healed up characters can participate in the battles.
· Some mobs have been slightly changed (masks and leaders’ hats).
· Some band icons have been changed.

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Release date: Alpha Released - Play Now! Beta in Q1 2014
Free-to-play online turn-based strategy game, exclusively for PC, with single, cooperative and PvP game modes. With tactical Squad-Based Combat and MMORPG elements in real time.

This game is still in development, and the current version is alpha, but 82% of beta-version is ready!
You can download and play this game online right now!
Project is also looking for partners in the game development industry.

Download the client and create your game account: » Play Game «[]

The gameplay takes place in 2035 on the streets of Broxton - a partially abandoned metropolis which suffers a bloody civil war, caused by mankind’s technological progress.

Unite together with your friends and play the co-op story campaign in PvE or take part in PvP battles against other players!

Capture city territories in massive clan battles! Compete in individual and clan ranking and global events!

There is a wide range of real and futuristic weapons as well as various military equipment.

Excellent quality of graphics combined with low system requirements. Lots of tactical possibilities! Completely free movement in combat, with multiple floors, roofs and stairs. Also there is the most accurate simulation of the bullets trajectory and their interaction with environment. Use the environment obstacles as cover.
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Amerika Jun 21 @ 9:25am 
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The game is broken for a lot of people I'm pretty sure, I know it is for me. I want to play the game really bad with friends but when almost all of us can't even get the game to run, even following tips from the devs, it's impossible.

If you want people to play your game, fix it. I've been waiting months to play this and all I've seen is content rather than fixes to game-breaking bugs.
Dozer May 1 @ 1:44am 
Наблюдаю за развитием проэкта. Теперь со стороны (для непосредственного участия возможности теперь нет). В сути игра стоющая. Общая концепция пока сыровата. Балансировку еще править и править. Поидее онлайн 24 в сутки противовес донату, а сегодня некаждый способен это оценить правильно. Баги и лаги, фиксы перефиксы. Для зеленого света вообщем пока рановато. Графика, отмосферность, иветы это плюс. Жду с НЕТЕРПЕНИЕМ готовый продукт.
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this game is pretty legit just need more english speaking players...... thats ur queqe
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играю с тридцатой обновы, честно признаться - раньше было лучше.
но тем не менее, не могу отметить что это одна из самых лучших пошаговых стратегий на нынешний день
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Try tehnopank
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good game
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