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GMod Tower: Accessories Pack
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May 26, 2013 @ 11:23pm
Jun 19, 2015 @ 2:54am
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GMod Tower: Accessories Pack

Models/Textures: samm5506, MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, CaptainBigButt, Vipes, and Dustpup

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***Make sure to give credit to the authors if you decide to use this for projects besides personal use.

Thanks for downloading our Accessories pack, below is a list of the models/authors of the downloaded pack.

Accessories List
3D Glasses - By MacDGuy/Sam
Afro - By Sam
Afro (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Andross Mask - By Sam
Assorted Glasses - By CaptainBigButt
Aviators - By Sam
Baseball Cap - By MacDGuy
Baseball Cap (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Batman Mask - By MacDGuy
Bear Beanie - By CaptainBigButt
Billy Hatcher - by Vipes
Black Mage Hat - by Vipes
Bunny Ears - By CaptainBigButt
Bunny Tail - By CaptainBigButt
Cat Beanie - By MacDGuy
Cat Beanie (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Cat Ears - By MacDGuy
Cat Ears (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Cat Tail - By CaptainBigButt
Cowboy Hat - By CaptainBigButt
Cubone's Skull - by Vipes
Daft Punk (Thomas) - by Vipes
Deadmau5 Hat - By CaptainBigButt
Drinkcap - By Sam/Textured by Filipe
Duck Tube - By CaptainBigButt
Fedora - By MacDGuy
Fedora (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Frog Beanie - By CaptainBigButt
General Pepper's Hat - by Vipes
Headcrab Hat - By Sam
Headphones - By MacDGuy
Heart Headband - By CaptainBigButt
Keaton Mask - by Vipes
KFC Bucket - By MacDGuy/Textured by Filipe
King Boo's Crown - By Dustpup
Kliener Glasses - By Sam
Klonoa's Hat - by Vipes
Lego Head - By Sam
Link Hat - By MacDGuy
Luigi Hat - by Vipes
Maid Headband - By CaptainBigButt
Majoras Mask - By Vipes
Makar Mask - by Vipes
Mario Hat - by Vipes
Meta Knight Mask - By MacDGuy
Midna Mask - By MacDGuy
Monocle - By CaptainBigButt
Mustache - By CaptainBigButt
No Face Mask - By Vipes
Party Hat - By MacDGuy
Peach's Crown - by Vipes
Pimp Hat - By Mr. Sunabouzu
Pumpkin Head - By MacDGuy
Pumpkin Head (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Really Tall Top Hat - By CaptainBigButt
Red's Hat - by Vipes
Rubik's Cube - By Lifeless
Samus Helmet - By MacDGuy
Santa Hat - By MacDGuy
Santa Hat (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Servbot Head - by Vipes
Snowboarding Goggles - By Sam
Sombrero - By Sam
Star Glasses - By Sam
Star Headband - By CaptainBigButt
Straw Hat - By CaptainBigButt
Suess Hat - By MacDGuy
Sun Hat - By CaptainBigButt
Team Rocket Hat - By Vipes
Toad Hat - by Vipes
Top Hat - By MacDGuy
Top Hat (alternative) - By CaptainBigButt
Toro Mask - By Mr. Sunabouzu
Viewtiful Joe Helmet - by Vipes
Witch Hat - By MacDGuy
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