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Gmod 13 Counter-Strike Sweps
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May 26, 2013 @ 2:42pm
Apr 9 @ 11:10am
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Actual working Css Sweps..

These Sweps were designed for servers that want BASIC Counter-Strike weapons. These don't have Aim down sights. How ever these do have a very basic and nicely done spread system. The spawn icons download for players that join the server that don't have them. The icons and scope textures all together are 1.4mb, with Gmod default 20kbs download rate it would take about 70 seconds to download all the needed things for the pack from the server. Enjoy.

Bases and Credit

My BTW (Base That Works) Base
Worshippers Scoped base and Grenade base

Reskins may end up being flipped left handed.To my knowlegde I can't fix that.
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Feb 25 @ 6:54pm
How badass are these Sweps? No foolin'
Jun 12 @ 9:03pm
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Doge Jul 7 @ 4:16pm 
Gonna rate this 2 stars being that on a cleanly installed gmod the reloads do not work on dedicated servers. Sadly enough you have the only functional CS crosshair but it's being used on sweps which don't even properly work online :L Will this issue be fixed anytime soon? Or is there something I'm missing.
~TNB~ Littleman Jun 16 @ 11:20pm 
well done
Wolfpack40351 Jun 12 @ 10:54am 
Also can you make the Clarion 5.56 have 25 ammo like in CS:S? Sorry for being so needy...
Wolfpack40351 Jun 11 @ 10:36am 
Alright thank you for replying.
Big Black  [author] Jun 11 @ 9:53am 
I dont have much of an idea for the burst fire but I do think I could make a double scope for the snipers.
Wolfpack40351 Jun 11 @ 7:41am 
Is there any way you can make the Glock 18 and the Famas (I forgot waht there called in CSS) have the right click selective fire and have the magnum sniper rifle,the kreig 550 cammando and the steyr scout have 2 scope zooms?
+Amitie hey workshop addons are not perfect
+Kristian0030 yes you do
+Nathan2k3 get Counter strike soucre or get a this! http://kajar9.wix.com/cscheater2 oh yeah i recommend downloading it off of MEGA
Nathan2k3 Jun 7 @ 10:05am 
i got the mod but the weapons are error's anybody know how i can fix that