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Purple Heart - Voice Pack [Rochelle]
Survivors: Survivors, Rochelle
Game Content: Sounds, Miscellaneous
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May 26, 2013 @ 6:22am
Aug 15, 2013 @ 2:11am
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Purple Heart voice pack for Rochelle

Purple Heart as Rochelle mod can be found here:

Video tutorial on YouTube

If you've forgotten to make a backup of Rochelle's voice files and you want them back, just open up your Steam games library, right click on Left 4 Dead 2, choose properties, click on the LOCAL FILES tab and hit the VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE... button.

NOTE: This will fix all of the files you have manually replaced for Left 4 Dead 2! Make sure to make a backup of those files. (Installed addons will not be affected)
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MuGeTsU Aug 9 @ 7:54pm 
how do i change the model? i have the purpleheart.vpk
Aelyc  [author] Jul 6 @ 12:29pm 
What exactly is the issue?
Have you followed the video tutorial on how to install the mod?

The only thing that matters is if Rochelle's voice has been replaced with that of Purple Heart's. (Without any lines being cut off)

You don't have to check the L4D2 add-on list to see if the mod is working.
NoirShing Jul 6 @ 11:21am 
I try to change the file name to .JPG number will be used, but when re-opened the game add on files will be restored to voice pack, are there solutions?
NoirShing Jul 6 @ 8:17am 
I installed the Purple Heart for Rochelle mod shows success, but add on in the game does not show is already installed, I was able to use the Purple Heart voice pack, ask whether there are steps mistakes?
JakeTheDog Jul 3 @ 2:40pm 
dos this come in english i would love to know
AnimeHunter[кภเﻮђt.] Jun 29 @ 12:39am 
who knew that anime would be killing zombies [not the anime that are based on zombies]
Fireheart Jun 26 @ 11:00am 
@ [RB] Nictis
Johnny from Johnny Bravo. I know because I was a kid once.
Gizehx Jun 6 @ 10:43pm 
Ok thx for the fast answer (' :
Aelyc  [author] Jun 6 @ 2:53pm 
Place the .vpk file you downloaded from the website in your
"steamapps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons" folder.

Make sure the new PH addon is enabled in your add-ons list in L4D2 and Rochelle should be gone c:

My voice pack isn't supposed to be on the list, so don't worry about that. (Even if it is, if the sounds work, you did a good job )
Gizehx Jun 6 @ 9:53am 
i has activated the Sounds of PH but i doenst know how to activate the Model/Skin i has download the file i activate it and has the filey extract but i dont know how to activate it i gonna need a specific console code or whatever ?