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Accolade Guide - Colonized New Romulus
By Tannekr
This guide is meant to help players complete the accolade Colonized New Romulus in Star Trek: Online. This accolade itself is made up of ten (listed as eight) other accolades, which all must be completed to earn Colonized New Romulus. These accolades are earned by exploring unusual locations on New Romulus (available to level 50 players only), which is located in the Tau Dewa Sector Block.

I have listed the accolades in an order that should minimize the amount of running around the map you'll do.

Note: Most of these accolades require the use of lots of jumping, while some will require precision movement. Don't be frustrated if you can't complete some of these on the first try.
Map of New Romulus
Location of Accolades

Here I've shown each accolade's location in order. Some locations shown are approximate.
Staging Area
#1 - Building the Gates
Walk up to the gates of New Romulus.

After transporting to Staging Area on New Romulus, you should notice some stairs and a giant door directly ahead, past Foreman Kyle, and to the left. Walking up these stairs to the door should unlock this first and easiest accolade.

#2 - Staging Area Quartermaster
Climb up one of the rocks to jump onto a roof for a view of the Staging Area.

This accolade is located at the south end of Staging Area, near the entrance to the large bridge. You'll notice some large rocks that lead up to the back of a building. You'll need to scale these rocks until you come to the largest one overlooking the roof of the aforementioned building.

To reach the roof, you'll need to sprint and jump. If you fall short and land on the lower roof, you will not be able to jump up to the upper part and receive the accolade.

Atlai - Part 1
#3 - To Boldy Jump
Jump off the smaller, ruined bridge in New Romulus.

This next accolade is located on the path down to Atlai, the river. Make sure you take the path that initially heads toward Vastam Peaks and then turns right, and not the one that takes you across the large bridge.

After following this path for a bit, it will branch off into two directions that lead to the river. If you instead walk forward between the paths, there is the beginning of an old, ruined bridge. You must simply jump (or fall, possibly) off this bridge to receive your accolade.

Epohh Fields
#4 - Why Are You Climbing a Rock Formation?
Because it's there! Climb a rock formation in the Epohh Fields.

After ending up in the river, you'll need to find the path that leads to Epohh Fields. Continue following the path that leads to west entrance of Hwael Ruins. Right before you enter Hwael Ruins, there will be a small piece of land off the path that leads to a dead end of rocks. You'll need to climb these rocks and follow them toward the center of Epohh Fields.

These rocks are placed at the very edge of the map, so there will be an invisible wall. It shouldn't be a problem, but be aware of it. Once you get a good view of the sea and the back end of Staging Area, you should get the accolade.

Hwael Ruins
#5 - New Romulus Historian
Explore the ruins in New Romulus.

Follow the path you were taking into Hwael Ruins from Epohh Fields and you should eventually come across some ruins to your right. The goal of this accolade is to get on the top level of the ruins.

To do this, you'll need to find some rocks on the south side of the ruins that join up with the cliff face. Scale these rocks until you're overlooking the ruins and jump down onto them.

#6 - A Hwael of a Good Time
Have a Hwael of a good time climbing up a dead tree.

This next accolade, also located along the same path you were on (if you take a left), involves climbing a fallen tree. There is a rock that lets you onto the tree on the tree's north-east side.

Climb the tree until you see a rock face jutting out on the right that would appear to let you jump up all the way to the top of the rocks. Jump onto this rock face, but do not continue to attempt to jump higher. The way to get up is by jumping along the side of the rock's cliff face to the other side. The target of your jump may seem too steep, but it's not. You should need to sprint to make it.

Atlai - Part 2
#7 - Bridge Troll
Explore the small area beneath the large bridge in New Romulus.

After dropping off the rock in Hwael Ruins, you'll need to follow the path through Paehos Crater and toward the river. Eventually, the path will turn into a stone bridge.

Instead of crossing it, you'll need to head down the rocks on the left side of the bridge until you can start walking on the bridge support underneath. You'll then need to "shimmy" along the side of the support so you can reach farther inside the bridge support.

Be careful not to rapidly double press your movement keys, as this is the default key bind for rolling. There's a good chance you may fall off if you do. Be also to make sure not to jump off once you have the accolade, as you'll need to shimmy back down to get to the next accolade.

#8 - Brave New Waterfalls
Reach the mid level area of the waterfall in New Romulus.

Once you "shimmy" back down the side of the bridge support, you'll need to make your way to the rocks on the opposite side of the bridge that were taken to get down. You'll have to climb the rocks along the side of the cliff toward the waterfall.

Make sure to sprint and jump between all rock gaps, as some gaps are farther than expected. Eventually, you'll come to a rock with a bush on it. At this point, it should be easy work to jump into the waterfall pool directly above the giant, pink octopus and get your accolade.

Note: There used to be a bug at the rock with the bush that made reaching the waterfall impossible. This appears to have been fixed, but just to be safe, try and stay close to the cliff and the bush.

#9 - The Easy Hard Way
Find an alternate way to and from the river.

You can now fall down into the river and run to the north of the giant, pink octopus. The river should dead end into a big slide of rocks. You'll need to climb these rocks to the top. You may get the accolade before you reach the path into Vastam Peaks, but you'll want to continue until you get to the path.

Vastam Peaks
#10 - Master of Vastam
Climb to the top of the natural arch in Vastam Peaks.

The easiest way to get here is to take the transporter if you've already unlocked the location Mountain Pass. There should be a transporter just after you exit the path from the previous accolade.

If you don't have transporter access, it's just a matter of following the path from the previous accolade all the way up into the heart of Vastam Peaks.

Once there, your goal is to reach the top of the giant, natural arch. Like most of these accolades, you'll want to find the rocks to climb up. These are located behind the transporter tent. Climb them toward the arch and you'll get your accolade when you get on top.

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[R@] Waddles Jul 13 @ 8:48am 
The Octopus is called a Nanov
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Splendid guide! The only way this could have been better is if opening the guide did all the trekking for you! Thanks for doing such a great job!
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Superb guide!
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Good guide. Well presented and screenshots helped. Was trying to finish off these accolades,and searched online for help with the ones that i was stuck on. Google placed this guide as first.
Tannekr  [author] Jul 12, 2013 @ 2:40am 
A guide for the accolade Nimbus Survivor is up!
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Well done and putt together
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i wish i would have known about this when i did this instead of going back and forth to the wiki :D
Tannekr  [author] Jun 7, 2013 @ 8:39pm 
You're very much welcome!
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I don't think i ever would have gotten this accolade done without this, thanks for taking the time