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Daedric Artifacts Improved: Vanilla Version
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May 24, 2013 @ 11:25am
Dec 15, 2013 @ 3:09am
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Daedric Artifacts Improved: Vanilla Version


Mod Details:

This mod adds three Wells of Urd to Skyrim. These are crafting benches where you can improve the Daedric Artifacts into one of the three listed below. You can return to the Well at any time to restore Artifacts to their original nature or select a new improvement. The Wells are located in Seer's Retreat, Witchmist Grove and Orphan's Rock.

For more information, see the pictures above.

Many thanks to Ecks and Titan's Bane for letting me use their scripts, and to LeSingePensant for his kind review.


All versions: Hold both black and white souls
V1: Azura’s/Black Guile fortifies your enchanting by 50%
V2: Azura’s/Black Grasp lets you rip the soul from a foe below 15% health
V3: Azura’s/Black Guidance allows you to detect nearby souls

All versions: Shadow (muffle) when sneaking
Heavy armor (rating: 45)
Weight: 28
V1: 25% magic resistance, 50 points of magical armor when in combat
V2: 85% fire resistance, 15% magic resistance
V3: Can cast Boethiah’s Embrace, a poison cloak that weakens nearby foes to all forms of damage by 25%.

All versions: Fortify barter 50 points.
Heavy Armor (rating: 27)
Weight: 7
V1: Fortify persuasion 35, fortify magicka and stamina 45 points
V2: 35% shout time recharge reduction
V3: Grants you the lesser power, Vile Charm, which can calm any target (except a dragon) for 20 seconds, after which they are immune to the Charm for a minute.

All version: 50% more damage to monsters
Two-handed (damage: 30, now swings as fast as a normal battleaxe)
V1: Ignores 35% of armor
V2: Damages 50 points of stamina and magicka.
V3: Inflicts monsters with 8 points of bleeding damage for 6 seconds.

OGHMA INFINIUM (has 5 versions)
V1: All skills in a chosen specialty are increased by 75 levels (V4: 10 levels)
V2: Grants you the Duaan Onikaan spell, which converts Dragon Souls into perks
V3: All skills in a chosen specialty are increased by 75 levels (V5:10 levels) .Grants you the spell, Duaan Onikaan, allowing you to convert Dragon Souls into perks.

To change the number of dragon souls required to unlock a perk (default: 1), type console command: set dragonglobal to 'value'. To check the current number of DSs required, type: getglobalvalue dragonglobal

All version: Double damage to animals
Light Armor (rating: 32)
Weight: 6
V1: Resist magic 45%; immune to poison; immune to disease
V2: Resist magic 35%; you have the ability to summon Freki, a Wolf
V3: 25% resistance to all forms of damage

All version: Double damage to animals
V1: Ability to become a werewolf at any time
V2: Ability to summon Geri, a Werewolf
V3: Fortify sneak, archery and one handed 40 points.

All versions: Absorb 50 points of stamina
Two-handed (damage: 28)
Weight: 30
V1: Fortifies your stamina and stamina regeneration by 70 points, and your two-handed by 35 points
V2: Backwards power attacks paralyze the target for 3 seconds
V3: Sideways power attacks send the foe hurtling; backwards power attacks paralyze the target for 1 second

All versions: Do 50% more damage to the undead.
One-handed (damage: 16)
Weight: 10
V1: 35 fire damage; Grants you Meridia’s Noble Flame (doubles the power of your restoration spells)
V2: 25 fire damage. Absorbs 35 points of health from the undead
V3: 15 fire damage; Grants you Meridia’s Soothing Flame (fire damage immunity, health restoration when on fire)

All versions: Absorbs 50 points of health, stamina and magicka from targets below 20% health
One-handed (damage: 18)
Weight: 18
V1: Absorb 45 points of stamina and magicka; soul traps the target for 10 seconds
V2: Absorbs 35 points of health and 45 points of stamina; soul traps the target for 10 seconds
V3: Absorbs 35 points of health and 45 points of magicka; soul traps the target for 10 seconds

All versions: Has a small chance of killing the target instantly
One-handed (damage: 12)
Weight: 3
V1: Ignores 75% of the target’s armor
V2: Sneak attacks do 5 times their normal damage to NPC characters
V3: Inflicts a poison that does 8 points of damage for 8 seconds

All versions: Absorb 35 points of health
Two-handed (damage: 26, extended reach)
Weight: 10
V1: Power attacks silence the foe for 12 seconds
V2: Backwards power attacks calm nearby foes but the target for 15 seconds
V3: Power attacks silence the foe for 3 seconds; sneak attacks do twice their normal damage

All version: Magicka and Stamina are fortified 70 points.
V1: Cannibalism grants you Namira’s Blessing for 10 minutes.
V2: Cannibalism grants you Namira’s Blessing for 5 minutes. You reflect 10% of all physical attacks.
V3: You reflect 20% of all physical attacks.

All version: 250 points of ward protection when blocking
Heavy armor (rating: 40)
Weight: 12
V1: Shield bashing silences the target for 12 seconds
V2: Shield bashing silences the target for 6 seconds; immunity to disease
V3: Grants you and 25% chance to absorb a spell as magicka
V4: Can reflect enemy spells back at the caster

All version: Double the effectiveness of destruction magic
V1: The target can neither inflict nor receive damage for 30 seconds.
V2: Summons three Terrors from Vaermina’s Quagmire to torment your foes for 30 seconds (Quagmiren terrors inflict no damage, but receive none either)
V3: Inflicts x points of psychic damage. The value of x begins at 10 and then increases by 10 every 10 levels. So, when you are at level 20, it will do 30 damage. At level 80, it will do 90 damage. There is no need to remake it…the damage will increase on its own.

All version: Double the effectiveness of conjuration spells
V1: Permanently summons a warhammer wielding Dremora Feydnaz
V2: Permanently summons a bow wielding Dremora Feydnaz
V3: Permanently summons a spell-casting Dremora Feydnaz

All version: Double the effectiveness of illusion spells
V1: Has an unpredictable effect
V2: Frenzy any target (except dragons) for 10 seconds
V3: Horrifies any target (except dragons) into fleeing for 20 seconds, following which the target is immune to the fear effect for a minute
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Luftwaffles Apr 20, 2016 @ 9:34am 
man, volendrung really needed the base damage improvement! thanks!
Nedya24 Jan 16, 2016 @ 1:46pm 
If it's not too much to ask... could you put a link to other mods?

Your profile's private so I can'tuse it to see your list.

I can do work arounds... but it'd be much easier.
Astrill Aug 20, 2015 @ 1:45pm 
Was curious if it was possible to add a version to the Staff of Corruption to where it was like the Oblivion Staff of Corruption. If this was requested previously or if there is another mod that I am not aware of which does this I apologise for the post then. Also I enjoy the mods you have made so far so thanks for the work.
Hunter, dear hunter Aug 19, 2015 @ 3:49pm 
good ole meridia, she despises ALL forms of necromancy! AND you have to use the souls of the deceased to recharge her artifact! GG bethesda!
Zim  [author] Aug 11, 2015 @ 1:06pm 
concretemonk...not for inclusion with this mod...just don't have the time anymore
concretemonk Aug 10, 2015 @ 8:22pm 
i am a huge fan of all your improved mods, especially this one. but i was curious, do you have any plans on making an all in one, that puts them into one file?
A Llama Aug 4, 2015 @ 5:37am 
Do these have Infinite CHarge?
Duke ☢ Nukem Jun 13, 2015 @ 12:15am 
It seems that the mace of Molag Bal blinds you when you hit sucessfuly for a second or two, making the fight a black void if you hit someone multiple times. I saw that the absorb soul enchantmet makes this thing. Any suggestions? It's not broken, it's just that the absorb soul spell change the ilumination around the player and it goes really dark for a pair of seconds.


Thank you, also, awesome mod.
X Myth Jun 3, 2015 @ 11:22pm 
I just collected all of the daedric artifacts and they truely feel legendary. I don't think I could ever play vanilla artifacts after using these beauties. The only artifact Id suggest altering would be OGHMA INFINIUM - It's almost like you wernt sure what to do with this bad boy.. So a suggestion if you don't mind me saying so.
I saw a mod that allowed you to put books on your back like a scroll, well maybe if you could do that with the OGHMA INFINIUM and give it a double power for alteration since we have all the spell fields covered except for that one with the artifacts.
Other additions could be % to cast spells, magicka boost, magic absorb, summon some kind of twisted tenticle slug thing lol.

I don't mind the dragon soul idea, but there is other mods out there that implement this idea further more. Great mods I'm really enjoying them.
Zim  [author] May 10, 2015 @ 8:32am 
russeljones33...not really given it a thought to be honest, but it's a good idea, I'll see what I can do...but don't hold you're breath, very busy these days, not much modding time available!