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Barrett M98 Bravo
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May 23, 2013 @ 6:53pm
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Barrett M98 Bravo

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Mr. Brightside's Barrett M98B replaces the CS:S AWP on his ported CS:S animations. It's rigged on the CS:S arms and includes particle muzzle flash/sparks, a HUD icon and sounds. I won't compile this on another weapon slot, but I won't stop someone else as long as they credit the authors. I was disappointed at the lack of AWP replacements, so I decided to port one of the best from CS:S. The last time a Barrett was in L4D2 was Mr. Lanky's old hunting rifle replacement. These animations were made from the left-hand perspective, so I had to mirror them with a weapon script. Most servers and weapon script mods will break this, which isn't my fault so deal with it.

Feel free to make an idiot of yourself and ignore this description.

IMPORTANT: Getting the weapon in game
1. From the main menu, enter map MapNameGoesHere in the console.
For example: map c2m1_highway
2. Once you spawn, enter "sv_cheats 1" in the console, then "give sniper_awp".
3. Then enter changelevel MapNameGoesHere.
Once the map loads, enter "give_sniper_awp" in your console again and it's ready for use. Or simply play on a server with the CSS weapons plugin.

Mr. Brightside - model, UV edits, AO bake, animations
SentryGunMan - textures, normal/specular maps
Red Rogue XIII - UV maps
General TSO - scope/bipod model, UV maps
Doktor haus - compile, model hacking, icon, idle/run/look pose/melee anims
Kimono - flashlight model/texture
Rootbeerz - arms textures/camouflage
Noiseless - arms textures/normals
Doktor haus, Engineer, iFlip, Strelok, Vunsunta - sounds
Music: Die Krupps - Reconstruction

Like my mods enough to throw some dosh at me? I'll love you forever.
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Val Aug 31 @ 8:10am 
Who made the gloves? I love the viewmodel and would like to have it for all weapons, is it avaiable somewhere?
Dirty Dan Aug 24 @ 4:08pm 
I kill anything. Wth?
Can Opener Aug 16 @ 5:21am 
When I used it, the AWP switched hands and then had a glitchy hand inside the awp. Fix?
!!BaD!!_!!BoY!! Aug 13 @ 1:13am 
hey dude whenl take this gun
my caracter's changing hands
and bug other guns... but look like good
Ren Jun 22 @ 2:08pm 
oh yeah btw, its awp
|F|W |Trade.tf May 16 @ 1:17am 
@Withered bonnie Replace the Cs:S Awp in the game
Baby Foxy May 2 @ 7:00am 
what does it replace?
ZaMuL Mar 17 @ 12:16pm 
when i hold it my guys arms are all over the screen