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May 23, 2013 @ 4:45pm
Jul 29, 2013 @ 5:15am
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Transform into any creature or npcs. NO DLC REQUIRED and yet it still supports creatures and npcs from mods.

How to use:
When loading your game you will receive the spells.
To set a form you need to cast the set form spell on a target.
To morph equip a morph spell and use shout key.
To revert back just press shout key again.
If you sneak before morphing, the morph retains it's natural allegiance (You can murder innocent villagers as a frost giant or just walk among bandits as a bandit).

-while in morph form you cannot activate objects and some menu interfaces are disabled.
-while in morph form combat is ai-driven. To attack, approach an hostile target and you will attack automatically.

known issues:
-you need to sheath your weapons or spells before morphing so that the camera works correctly.
-If you try to morph into a leveled actor the morph can get a little bit random.
-Sometimes you can't move because your morph plays an idle (giant scratching his back with club :3 )

29.7.2013 V5:
-Morphing and reverting is now a lot faster.

-fixed a bug where npcs or creatures would start attacking morph for no reason.

-fixed many morphs.
-Morphs are now closer to originals (attacks,equipment).
-if you sneak before morphing the morph retains it's natural allegiance (You can murder innocent villagers as a frost giant or just walk among bandits as a bandit).
-little bug fixes

-when using v1, when you reverted from a morph you could not activate a lot of stuff.
If you encounter this issue, update to v2 and morph to fix.
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Yaghjuta 12 hours ago 
no problems
Yaghjuta 12 hours ago 
This is the best mod ive ever downloaded

TeamTricon Aug 21 @ 6:44pm 
This is awesome!
The Animal Lover Aug 12 @ 1:12am 
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I've been looking for a mod like this ever since i began playing Skyrim, and that was a looong time ago! :) Thanks again! And if you get to the sky, try doing it again but sheat your weapon/weapons and scroll into third-person. I hope it'll work! :)
abcsm Jul 28 @ 4:37am 
game immedeatly crashed when i try to morph :[ cool idea though
travis Jul 27 @ 4:28pm 
before you change
travis Jul 27 @ 4:28pm 
the going to the sky is solved by putting away your weapons
travis Jul 27 @ 4:27pm 
cool but it crashes 2 much
natasha130204 Jul 10 @ 4:51am 
This mod looked super cool UNTIL i tried the spells.... This isn't a polymorph mod it's a ''Send to the sky with noclipping mod'' x.x. I just wish JackalHeads master shapeshifting mod was on steam workshop.
CloudDistrictLately? Jun 26 @ 12:41pm 
same here