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Sanctum 2

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Environmental Damage & Mine Locations
By SilvertaildFox
This guide will cover the following items:
In depth details of damaging sources on maps
In depth details of supporting characters that can be summoned or found on maps
Locations of the map native mines
Last Update: April 14th 2014
  • May-June 2013
    Guide creation | Added missing mines Trainstation/Canopy | Basic environment information | Added placeholder for DLC
  • July-August 2013
    Added Images to Environment section | Added missing mines on The Depths
  • October 2013
    Creation of DLC related content | Fixed broken image in Swamp section | Added Damage values to environmental sources, according to the Devs | Updated with DLC 2 & 3
  • November 2013
    Minor tweaking | Added Sniping Screamers
  • December 2013
    Updated with DLC 4 | Added Field Units
  • January 2014
    Implemented all videos, credits go to | Added more data to Field Units
  • April 2014
    Spoiler warning put infront of the part about the mine locations for those that would like to do on their own.
  • December 2014
    Did some more testing on Jellyfish Cove, trap info updated

The full playlist of all mine videos can be found at
Environmental Hazards
This section will go over static damage sources (having a fixed spot on certain maps). Most of these will harm you and lumes within range.

  • Explosive Cuboids
    Maps: Park - The Gate - Construction Site - Laser Bridge - The Last Stand
    A regular pack of explosives. They will trigger upon impact, whether it being you, an explorer conscript, or an explosive tower (rockets & AR mines). If a lume manages to survive the explosion, it will be stunned for a short duration.

  • Explosive Cylinders
    These function exactly the same as the cuboids and can be regarded as their initial colonization of Loek III counterparts due to the maps they are found in, with Dam being somewhat an exception.
    Maps: Train Station - Canopy - Jellyfish Cove - Shortcut - Dam

  • Timed Explosives - Com Tower (2)
    These explosive require manual detonation by interacting with them (F-key by default). They explode after a few seconds dealing a solid 7500 damage in a very small area, so plan accordingly if you intend on using these.
    These will reset themselves after each wave so don't worry about saving them for later waves.

  • Fire pit - Construction Site
    The agro on lumes brings out the true potential of the fire pit. However, the only lumes this will be somewhat successful on are Walkers, Screamers & Snorkers and their alternate forms.
    DPS: 1200 (lumes) / 40 (players)

  • Exhaust Vent - Canopy
    This one is really only useful as an additional damage dealer as the space to guide lumes is really small.
    DPS: varies by distance to source: 800-2800 (lumes) / 20-52 (players)

  • Healing Tiles
    Maps: Roadworks - The Labyrinth
    These heal lumes passing over them, avoid them as much as possible (Roadworks is pretty much an exception to this rule)
    Healing Per Second: Roadworks - 4000 | The Labyrinth - 3000

  • Clusters - Cluster
    Spread across the higher points in the map are pulsing spores. Shoot them and deliver an explosive surpise to any unfortune lume passing by the landing spot.
    Damage: 6000, reaches 2 grid squares, recharges after 15 seconds

  • The Smasher - The Smasher
    Shoot the button and deliver devastating damage to any lume that happens to be on the special tiles below this giant wrecking machine. Almost nothing will survive it, save for those who managedd to aquire a high enough health pool, but that really isn't gonna happen anytime soon.
    Damage: about 100 000 (developer quote), about 25 sec recharge

  • The Jellyfish - Jellyfish Cove
    In this map, you'll see three sets of "flowers" sticking out of the ground, connected to a central dome we will call "The Jellyfish". Each set is triggered by jumping on the big spots with the same color on it. Each color will affect lumes in a different way.
    Purlple/Blue: applies stun to lumes in range, lasts 7 seconds, 30 second recharge
    Red/Orange: sets targets on fire, dealing 37500 damage over 10 seconds, 45 sec recharge
    This trap will deal it's damage spread over all targets, one target takes the full amount, 10 targets will each take about 3750 each and thus the DoT effect will only last one second
    Green: deals direct poison damage valued at 9000, 20 second recharge
    <image WIP>

  • Lasers - Laser Bridge
    The map features 4 lasers, 2 firing in straight line and 2 firing diagonally. When activated, they will kill or deal massive damage to any lume in it's path. Flying lumes are mostly immune because they stay above the affected area of the lasers.
    Damage: 15 000 spread over 3 seconds

  • The Flood - The Slums
    As soon as wave 3 starts, you will hear an alarm sound. The level of the sewage will rise & partially submerge the map. This will restrict you to mostly standing on your tower bases.

  • Sniping Screamers
    Maps: Roadworks - The Smasher - Shortcut
    Screamers are ranged lumes, and the only ranged lume that follows the rules of the maze.
    There are, however, a few maps where they can snipe the core (hence this hazard's name) halfway though the maze. Screamer Matriarchs have a slightly larger range & do this earlier on. The pathfinding however does not use this mechanic, meaning you will be safe if you don't let them pass the tiles from where they can target the core.

    • Roadworks
      The raised pathway between top and bottom is the weakspot here. This is partially done to avoid you to build the easiest setup, being the one where each lume spawn will have to cross 1 bridge.
      If not counting the final wave Partriarch, this is without a doubt the easiest setup

    • The Smasher
      Screamers have a direct vision of the core if you let them pass by the guard rails near the core.

    • Shortcut
      The first two larger ramps counting from inside out. Screamers will not actively walk there, but random pathing may lead them to getting in position. The safest way to handle this is to block these tiles from access entirely.

  • The Rolfinator
    Maps: ARC - Radar - The Last Stand
    These giant player-controlled turrets are here to provide high bursts of damage for when your setup just can't handle the lumes. These will usually be employed during the early wave, since you lack a proper maze and a killzone, as you'll most likely build Anti-Air in the first wave. The bullets are of the explosive type, so feel free to make use of that splash damage.
    These turrets fire 2500 damage explosive projectiles, 2 projectiles in one round, 20 rounds total. As with many weapons, this one also has a weakspot modifier, which I've noted down at 30% extra damage.
    It will reload by itself upon the start of a new build fase, so you can only fire it up to 20 times in a wave. If you fire it in the build fase, it will reload once depleted or when you press the reload key manually.
Field Units
This part will go over every player-like object on various maps. These will serve as an additional distraction for lumes and attack them, except for the shielded explorers who will serve the sole purpose of blocking them.

  • Explorer Conscript
    • HP:
      50 - Does not regenerate - Does not respawn
    • Damage: 225 for uniterupted shots
    • How to obtain:
      Native to maps only. Appear on the following maps, with the amount next to it
      Introduction - 11 | Park - 2 | Bio Lab - 6 | The Gate - 25 | Cliff Lodge - 4 | Outpost - 8
      Train Station - 14 | Laser Bridge - 18 | Power Relay - 6

  • G-2
    • HP:
      350 - Does regenerate - Respawns on death
    • Damage:
      500, melee, attacks about once a second
    • Maximum on the field:
    • How to obtain
      1 will spawn per person equiped with the perk G-2 Companion

  • Shielded Explorer
    • HP:
      225 if the first spawn of BFF, 120 in all other cases - not regenerating
    • Maximum on the field:
      8 + 5 for each player with Reinforcements, so a maximum of 28 should be possible
    • How to obtain:
      These will appear if someone has the perk Reinforcements or Best Friends Forever equiped

      Reinforcements: Spawns one whenever a ground enemy is killed. There is a 2 second delay between subsequent spawns, meaning none spawn for lumes killed within these 2 seconds. Per player equiped with this, only 5 can be present on the field.

      Best Friends Forever: Spawns 8 of them around the core to provide some distraction. After a wave has been defeated, they spawn back up to 8, damaged units heal back up to max

  • SiMo Units
    • HP:
      120 - Regenerates
    • Damage:
      800 damage shots
    • Maximum on field:
      #Map native ones# + 1 per player with Roboticist equiped
    • Can be repositioned by interacting (default F) followed by left clicking on it's destination. Will not move if it can not reach it's destination. Roboticist SiMo currently has some issues regarding repositioning.
    • How to obtain:
      These are native to the ARC Islands maps and an additional units can be provided through the use of the perk Roboticist.
    • Maps & Amount:
      Below ARC - 2 | ARC - 4 | Radar - 4 | The Last Stand - 5
Spoiler Warning
Beyond this point, the guide will contain details about the maps. If you wish to find mines and explore the maps on your own, then I advice to stop reading here.
  • Park - 2 Mines

    These are easy to find. As you spawn, look to the left of the core


  • Bio Lab - 7 Mines

    These are also easy to find. 5 mines can be found around the core

    The other 2 can be found in the cantina


  • The Gate - 7 mines

    These require a bit more exploration. The first one can be found in the wreckage near the garage

    Another 2 can be found behind the core, just to the left of your spawn

    The final 4 are found past the Gate 3 sign

Rocky Fields
  • Construction Site - 3 mines

    The first one can be found in the area you spawn in

    On the other side of the core is a landing platform, the second mine can be found there

    The third one is a bit tricky to get. Stand on the landing platform facing the core, you should see a small platform above the core. That's where the mine can be found along with a Game-In-A-Game. See green marked area on previous picture for further information.
    Easiest way to reach is Rex Jumping from the tower near the landing platform, Rymdskor perk recommended (double jump), Plumber Shoes optional. Can also be done by sprint jumping off said tower as Skye with aforementioned perks, or Sweet with Rymdskor as demonstrated in the video.


  • Com Tower - 5 mines

    From your spawn, move across the bridge towards the other building, the first mine can be found there

    Near the core there is a path towards a jump pad that brings you up on the second level. The mine is found near the jump pad

    The final mines are located in the Lab, which can be accessed with a button hidden in the map (location has been marked on the minimap)


  • Cliff Lodge - (5) 4 mines

    As you spawn, turn around, the first mine will be waiting there

    Still in the spawn area, look for a hologram of Loek III and interact with it. A door on that side of the level should open giving you access to 2 more mines and a Game-In-A-Game

    Head out towards the other core. In a corner near some chairs, a fourth mine will be waiting

    This one has misteriously disappeared
    The final mine is your first encounter with a Bio-mine. It's found within the plants on the right side of the map


  • Outpost - 7 mines

    This map will throw you right into battle against a Walker Patriarch. If you want the most use of the mines, it's of great importance to get his attention before he gets close to the focus tower as there is a mine located there

    On the right side of the battlefield, you'll see a cantina. Go to the top level, 2 mines can be found near the white doors

    Near the core, there is a way to an upper and a lower level. The upper level can be accessed via the walkway between spawn & battlefield, the access point to the lower level is behind the core. The upper level contains 1 mine, the lower has 3

Giant Trees
  • Train Station - 7 mines

    As you spawn, go straight forward, you'll come across a table with 2 mines

    Turn left, across the tracks 2 more can be found near some machines

    There is a train on the tracks. In between this train and the ramp up to the spawnpoint is a platform with a mine.

    For the last 2 mines, go along the path until you see stacks of containers, the mines are situated amongst them


  • Canopy - 11 mines

    As you enter the map, move to the right. A mine will be near a mobile tool box

    The next one is somewhat above you, go to the right and climb up the beam, the mine will be at the end of it

    To your left there will be a walkway to a lower level, 2 mines will be there

    Head back up and go towards the lume spawn to your left. 2 mines will be sitting ontop of a container

    The final mines sit ontop of the tall building in the middle of the map. Another time to pull out Skye or Sweet for some parcouring.


  • Roadworks - 5 mines

    The mines are in 2 seperate places, 3 in the upper part (2 spawns), 2 in the lower part (1 spawn).
    For the lower part, head past the spawn onto a road, follow it and eventually you'll reach the mines

    For the upper part, inbetween the spawns, there is a walkway leading into a ship. Mines will be to the right & left of the entrance


  • Abandoned Lab - 6 mines

    Look around your spawn area, the first mine is there

    Move forward. To the right there should be a grill, 3 mines can be found near it

    Now head to the top right spawn on the map. To the right of the spawn (when facing it) is a way to the upper level, next to it is a mine

    Follow the enemy path from said spawn. The first wall you are facing has a hole in it that gives access to the upper level and contains a mine

  • The Depths - (8) 5 mines

    The first set of mines can be accessed from the upper level. From where you spawn, look slightly to the right, there is a walkway that stretches all the way along the building. It splits at the start, the way straight forward leads to 3 mines, the one to the right leads to a button that opens the area of the other 2. The room they are in is right behind you when you spawn.

    The following 3 have mysteriously disappeared
    For the ones on the ground level, face away from the core along the enemy path. To the left are some rocks and some land that separates the water. There will be 3 mines roughly where they meet.


  • The Labyrinth - 10 mines

    From spawn turn around and head down, there you will encounter the first 2 mines

    Make your way to the second core, follow the rightmost path while doing so. You'll pass a submerged section, look to the left and up, 2 mines are sitting there

    Move further to the second core. When facing it, explore the part to the right of it, 2 more mines will be hiding behind a raised floor tile

    Now head up the ramp near this core, a mine will appear in front of you ontop of some mushroom like plant

    Finally, head towards the center of the map, 3 mines are hiding amongst the plantlife


  • The Wilderness - 10 mines

    From spawn, look down and to the right. You'll see 3 mines

    On the other side of the core the 7 other mines are found


  • The End - 6 mines

    Note: first one unobtainable due to terain shenanigans (submerging issue)
    As you jump down the hole, you should be able to see the first 3 mines, Skye or Rymdskor perk (double jump) recommended to reach the second platform

    Keep the wall to your left, the next platform shouldn't be hard to spot

    While still keeping the wall to the left, look over the edge, the last platform with mines should be seen now

Coastline [Road to Elysion]
  • Cluster / The Smasher - 0 Mines
    The first maps to contain no default mines so use your resources wisely.

  • Jellyfish Cove - 9 Mines
    In each of the 4 directions is a path away from the tower grid. There are 3 mines behind the core, 1 on the beach across the map, and 5 devided between the left & right beach

  • Laser Bridge - 7 Mines
    Behind the left lasers lie 2 mines, the other 5 can be found scattered around in the area behind the core. 1 behind the plants directly behind the core, 2 to the right of the gate to Destrict 31 and 2 more behind the fence near that gate.
Brightholme [Ruins Of Brightholme]
  • Power Relay - 5 Mines

    The mines are split amongst the platforms with the Explorer Conscripts.

  • Shortcut / The Slums / Sokol - 0 Mines

    More DLC maps that do not feature premade mines.
Outskirts [The Pursuit]
As with most DLC maps, there is a general lack of premade mines. This time however, all maps lack them. Looks like you will need to fight of the hordes on your own.
ARC Islands [The Last Stand]
Once again, all maps lack mines. This time however, you have SiMo units at your disposal & the mighty Rolfinator. Now go hunt some lumes.
Final words
I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. I will try to keep this updated as soon as possible if they release new content.
I am open to sugestions, so feel free to leave a comment, and leave a like in the process.

Special thanks to Larfin_Man, thanks to who this guide could be completed, and for providing video footage of the mines (links present in the changelog)
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Dr. Rob May 17, 2015 @ 1:33am 
is there a damage difference between the normal mines, the black mines and the bio mines?
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This guide is pretty much done for now. I will add some more data values & images when I get around and get them
SilvertaildFox  [author] Sep 20, 2013 @ 2:50am 
unfortunately, it still is the case where i dont own dlc. I'd like to have the ability to provide visual information, so that might take a while to appear
Samut VoD Sep 19, 2013 @ 11:20pm 
There is also another environmental damage dealer on the laser bridge map in the Road To Elysion map. Hitting the green lights above the turrets fires a laser, and when the light turns green again you can reuse it.
Angel Aug 13, 2013 @ 10:03am 
Very nice work - I hope you get the season pass soon. It is worth the price. ;-)
LordArcoz Aug 8, 2013 @ 5:06am 
There are three additional mines on "The Depths". They can be found behind the rocks at the right side when you stand at the core.
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On the map "Train Station" there is one more mine under the platform behind the core, next to the train.
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Nice tips about the mines. I found the swamp guide particularly helpful.