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Sanctum 2 Tweaks
By NeoQuixotic
A list of tweaks, adjustments, and functions to enhance a user's experience.

This guide is intended to go beyond what a player has access in the normal game menus. Many tweaks rely on modifying .ini configuration files. Most tweaks are for customizing game settings that I think should be adjustable by the user. This may change as the game is patched. I don't plan on doing overall image quality tweaks, since many adjustments are minor or do nothing visually. I'll expand as I find settings that actually make a difference. I'm looking to post what is most useful to most players, not maxing out the image quality for now.

Sanctum 2 is an Unreal Engine 3 game, so most info is refrenced from Other information is derived from other searching and my own testing. Credit or links will be added as needed or requested.

As with most tweaks, you do so at your own discretion. It is highly recommended to backup any files that will be modified, even when the game or Steam will potentially replace or redownload them if required. I am not responible for tweaks causing your game to corrupt, PC to burst into flames, or Lumes to invade your closet.
INI Configuration Tweaks
Many settings are stored within .ini configuration files. These are basically text files that contain lines of text that you can edit. The files that you will modify can be found here:

UserName\My Documents\My Games\Sanctum2\SanctumGame\Config

This section will be layed ot by the .ini file named along with the location in brackets [StuffGoesHere] that the tweaks go under. I have added dashes after sections to help visually seperate the important sections.

SanctumEngine.ini --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[URL] ----------------------------------------


Delete LegalLevel.sanctum to skip the startup logos.


Set these all to =0 to no longer see texture streaming. Other commands to disable texture steaming just result in no/black textures.


Set bSmoothFrameRate=FALSE will disable the framerate cap. Or set MaxSmoothedFrameRate= to what you want your max framerate to be, preferably your monitor refresh rate.

SanctumSettings.ini --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[SanctumGame.SGSystemSettings] ----------------------------------------


Changes your FOV. You can set this higher or lower than what the menu allows. Very high or low values will result is render errors.


Set to =True to turn on big head mode. Characters have gigantic heads! This also unlocks in the Graphics menu when you reach Level 20.

[SanctumGame.SGGib] ----------------------------------------


Changes the fade time of gibs.

[SanctumGame.SGLocalPlayer] ----------------------------------------
(Note: This section will not appear unless you have altered a keybinding for some reason)


Change XFOV to YFOV to change the game's FOV from Vertical Minus to Horizontal Plus.

Examples of Vertical Minus and Horizontal Plus on a FOV of 120:

XFOV - Vertical Minus (default setting)

YFOV - Horizontal Plus

SanctumSystemSettings.ini --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[SystemSettings] ----------------------------------------


Affects the when certain objects switch to a higher LOD model. If you see parts of the map pop in and out of high/low detail raise the value to 4 or 6. For distant off map objects higher values may be needed.
Console Commands
The console (not an Xbox360 or PS3 mind you) is a command line tool that is used by the game devs and/or admins of game servers generally. It allows to you to make changes, execute commands, or display debug information while in-game. This section will list what commands you can use and what they do.

Normally the ~ tilde key is used to enable the console, but frequently it is disabled. In the case of Sanctum 2 it is disabled and methods to get it to be enabled don't seem to be working. However, commands can be set to a custom keybind and still work. The method for modifying keybinds wll be in the next section.

The listed commands are ones I found to be most useful. I haven't tested all the commands the game engine accepts. Many commands don't work either due to being disabled in a file, hardcoded, or not implemented. Any commands I do list I have tested and ones that don't work or cause crashing/oddities I won't list.

See and for details and more potential commands.

Any commands that allow you break/troll other people's games please do not use. Any commands found that allow such abuse should be reported to Coffee Stain Studios so they can be fixed.


Kills yourself. Same as hitting suicide in the escape menu.

stat fps

Toggles your FPS on/off. Displays in the top right corner in small green text.


Instantly quits the game. Both commands do the same thing.


Toggles the HUD off/on. Useful for screenshots and videos.


Takes a screenshot in .bmp format. Saved to your "UserName\My Documents\My Games\Sanctum2\SanctumGame\Screenshots\Win32" folder.


Allows for taking screenshots beyond your monitor's resolution. Your game will freeze for a bit while it generates the screenshot. These files will be very large since they are high resolution .bmp files. They are also located in the screenshot folder listed above for the shot command.

See for more details.

Comparison example:
500% crop of the images:

As you can see tiledshot creates much sharper/cleaner looking screenshots.

NOTE: I have not tried using tiledshot while in a multiplayer game yet. Since it will freeze your game up for bit or a lot depending on the settings, it could cause issues.
Custom Keybinds
While you can modify your keybinds in the game options, you are limited to what keys you can use. Modifying the keybinds manually will allow you to use modifier keys like Control, Shift, and Alt and use console commands. You modify your keybinds in the SanctumInput.ini file located in the same location as the previous stated .ini files.

SanctumInput.ini --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[SanctumGame.SGPlayerInput] ----------------------------------------


The lines above will be the only things visible in this section of the .ini if you are using the default keybindings. Change a keybind in the game menu to have this populate with all the keybindings. Either all or no keybinds need to be here. If you manually add only one keybind below this, that will be the only key that will work. This specific location is where I got keybindings to work since this where the game puts your game menu modfied keybinds. If someone knows a better way, feel free to post.

Here is the list of all the default keybindings Copy and paste below LookUpScale to fill out the default keybinds if you don't want to first change a key in the game menu.

Keybinding --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

To specify a custom keybind place/edit it below [SanctumGame.SGPlayerInput] as said above.

Example of a custom keybind:

Bindings=(Name="F1",Command="stat fps",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False,bIgnoreCtrl=False,bIgnoreShift=False,bIgnoreAlt=False)

this also works


Use Control, Shift, and Alt to =True to get a keybind like Ctrl+F9. Extra paramaters not needed if not used, as shown in the second example. The game just populates all potential parameters by default.

See for more details.
As stated in the introduction this guide is mainly designed for making the game more functional. I will expand the guide as myself or others find/suggest things. Again, be sure to keep track of what you are tweaking and backup any files you are going to modify. Good luck fellow Core Guardians!

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sfarog Jul 6, 2016 @ 12:10pm 
Is there anyway to enable Debug Camera? I want to make some nice screenshots. (Single player) only.
supernoValoriux Feb 23, 2016 @ 8:57am 
yeah, can't enable console. why did the devs disabled it... ~~
supernoValoriux Feb 23, 2016 @ 8:12am 
Sorry I'm a noob, how do we use the keybinding command to change FOV ??
Tai Feb 22, 2016 @ 7:52pm 
wow thank you for this. I was looking for an ini to change key bindings (because of the weird cant bind b to any key bug) and found/edited the wrong one. Your guide saved me and even made it so I can bind b in-game now. Thanks! o7
PSYCH0 SYK3S Feb 23, 2015 @ 9:10am 
It maybe already has been asked (but I feel too lazy to read all the 8 pages of comments) and if so please forgive me. I wonder how to lower text size in Sanctum 2 menus & while ingame because it is too big and sometimes there's an entire line missing because of that. I thought here could be a good place to ask. Thank you for (at least) having read this. (And please forgive my mistakes in english if you find some (& then, feel free to tell me since I'm always looking to perfect my english)). Have Fun!!!
Evan Senna Aug 23, 2014 @ 9:09pm 
Very good!!!
K o N - R o N Aug 23, 2014 @ 5:37pm 
there is any way to maximise the player/characters textures? without maximising the lumes?
★ Fireball Aug 19, 2014 @ 2:02pm 
Anyone know how and where to disable gibs?
Luriam Apr 22, 2014 @ 7:50am 
It worked. I finally got rid of the HUD. Thank you !
DiogoSN Apr 7, 2014 @ 3:01am 
This is all great stuff that adds to what I already know to my knowledge of the UE3 configuration. However, I have 3 questions: how do you customize the HUD size, how do you customize vertical FOV, how do you customize horizontal FOV and is it possible to downscale a UE3 game?