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Class: Spy
Item Slot: Weapon
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May 20, 2013 @ 12:59pm
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"Sometimes life as a Spy can be challenging. Setting up to strike at the right moment, only to have things critically fail due to some unforeseeable turn of events, or perhaps just a bad stroke of luck. You often search your thoughts, trying to draw inspiration in history as to how to avoid these pitfalls. How would some of the great assassins of old have solved this problem? Wait, isn't the infamous Brutus often quoted: "How dost thou bring down this tyrant Caesar with these numerous sentries guarding his sacred throne? Art these teams quite heavily stacked against mine se-"

...Perhaps that was taken out of context. Your memory of it was pretty rusty, and Shakespearacles probably muddied the original tale with gratuitous action. In fact- Wait. Was Brutus the one with the piano wire? or was that Cassius? No, Brutus had the .22. Wasn't that just in the recent live-action reboot?

No! this is a terrible idea! In fact, forget about history! Forget about learning from your mistakes! That was frivolous pretext to begin with anyway. The answer is simply to strike while the iron is hot! and let the chips fall where they may. The time you spend thinking about the outcomes is more time your adversaries have to think about ways to mangle you.

Now, we just need a new plan. We'll stick to the same initial approach, but we'll skip the "Surrender" or "Die in a hail of gunfire" parts should things fall apart.

New Plan:

1. Approach the enemy lines with caution.
2. Appropriate some papers from a nearby guard, pass through any necessary checkpoints.
2a. Sample any fine wines along the way.
3. Get into position to disable any critical defenses.
4. Wait for reinforcements.
4a. Polish hat to blend in and kill time.

Plan B:

1. Apply knife to nearest adversary.
2. Run."

So here we are, the last item in the set. I was fairly torn about the lineup for all of these items. I had to decide whether or not to put the knife or the gun first. I decided to end on the most unconventional. This item actually inspired the whole set. It began around the time I was examining some really old 40's-70's style phone jacks. You know, the 4 prong ones. As such, this item has such a jack mounted on the top.

The Spy, however, does not seem like the kind of person to use a tapping method that would require a lot of time, or leave him exposed. I tried to develop a sort of "portable wiretap" that could be moved and setup in various environments, and applied directly to the tapping source on site. The actual mount on the knife is a custom design, featuring a locking mechanism that twists onto the end of the knife. I had planned to showcase multiple attachments, such as a magnet, or a grapple. I settled on the suction cup and stake, as it was getting a bit overcomplicated.

The "cap" near the knife end is styled after coaxial cable, and their signature hexagonal nut and a single pin sticking out of the middle.

The middle device above the grip with the cable and volume dial is pretty much from scratch. I wanted it to seem like the weapon had some visible means to explain how it tapped without leaving a trace. Simply stabbing into a wall felt a bit unrealistic.

The round device on top is a scrambler, styled after the single straight bar transmitter, with a sort of protective bunker/shield. The device opens up when the knife goes into scramble mode, and sends 3 different frequencies in opposing directions in order to conceal the Spy's presence. This knife actually has a custom set of "extra" animations, that detail the scramble process. I even have a scramble draw animation, so the Spy can continue to see the scrambler working, even after he switches weapons.

The bit on the end is where the earpiece plugs in, so the Spy can listen in on the conversation without making noise.

To those of you who watched my set on the workshop, Thanks for sticking with this till the end.
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