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Operator's Earpiece[OLD]
Class: Spy
Item Slot: Misc
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May 19, 2013 @ 12:59pm
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"Information is key to any victory. It turns difficult offensives into walks in the park. It turns complicated ploys into child's play. It renders any surprise or uncertainty into no more than a fanciful bullet point on a checklist.

Lucky for you, as you command the awesome power of communication in the form of a convenient hands-free microphone and earpiece. You can inform your teammates of enemy entrenchments. Give running battle-plans to comrades in the heat of a gun fight. Receive updated information about the opposition's movements, or transmit coordinates of future threats about to assail your territory...

At least, you could, if you could get anyone else to wear their communicators."

The original set was only supposed to have one misc item, at least, until I threw the Wetworker into the set. The idea was inspired by various espionage communicators from spy movies, and the hands-free earpieces worn by Secret Service and various government agents. As I was making it, I actually began to wonder why this wasn't already a thing, as it seems quite fitting for the Spy. There is no video for this item, mostly because there is very few angles to view it form.

The design is based more on the older 60's-70's hearing aids, with an attachment similar to the plastic corded phones from the same era.

The icon for this item is what would be seen when you look at it from your backpack. Similar to how some items are represented differently on the inventory screen(clothing, hair, some miscs). There is no actual tapedeck on the Spy(though I could add this later). The tapedeck originates from idea that you could also use the microphone as a wire to record conversations.
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