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Liliths Harbinger - Custom Sword and Greatsword
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May 19, 2013 @ 10:25am
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Liliths Harbinger - Custom Sword and Greatsword

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Lilith's Harbinger - Custom Sword and Greatsword

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Latest version: 1.0

In this weapon mod I tried to make a more conventional sword than my previous creations while still having the same style in textures and model. I think this one is the most complicated model I've made so far (went a bit nuts with the edge loops resulting in 30k vertices).
Like in my other mods the weapons have high stats but also require a lot of materials. The base weapons can be upgraded to their "awakened" versions which have +1 base damage and different textures (see pics).


Lilith's Harbinger: Main design. one handed

Lilith's Harbinger (2h): Two-handed version with Battleaxe animations

Lilith's Harbinger (2hGs): Two-handed version with Greatsword animations

Both of the 2-handers count as greatswords.

Stats (2h): base damage 25 (24 on daedric greatsword), speed 0.8, reach 1.4

Stats (1h): base damage 15 (14 on daedric greatsword), speed 1.1, reach 1.1

Crafting requirements(2hs): Daedric smithing, 5 void salts, 8 ebony ingots, 5 daedra hearts, 10 leather strips

Crafting requirements(1hs): Daedric smithing, 3 void salts, 6 ebony ingots, 4 daedra hearts, 5 leather strips

or use the console

1: type: help harbinger into the console

2: it gives you the IDs. I guess you did this since you found the IDs

3. type player.additem *id* *amount* without the * and "

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Noukheim  [author] Oct 12 @ 8:21am 
It was some animation mod on nexus that I had. It was ages ago though so have no idea what it was.
Solaire Oct 11 @ 7:36pm 
what's the mod for the standing animation?
gunnerklein Aug 27 @ 7:18am 
i got a mod giving me all materials infinitly so i could craft the lilith sicle swords set armord and all lilith things XD
Beat_my_Yeet Aug 21 @ 9:54pm 
menacing (and super fuckin cool) to say the least, amazing work and i will never get tired of it
Noukheim  [author] Jun 30 @ 4:42am 
Quite likely it won't. I don't have SE so I haven't checked personally.
Izanami Jun 29 @ 9:41pm 
this will work with the special edition right (sorry for the dumb question)
L4ndLord of Th3 Sun Jun 18 @ 12:25am 
This sword is one mean big mothafucka
Mad Hatter Feb 19 @ 8:54pm 
also i would just like to say out off all the steam mods that i have played, this is the best armor and swords mods that i have played. thanks for the good work. keep it up :3
Mad Hatter Feb 19 @ 8:47pm 
dose this have a longer range of swing? or dose this only have the base hitbox of a great sword? this i am asking for all your mods that have these overly "big" swords
MackWild55 Nov 14, 2016 @ 11:45pm 
when i type Help Harbringer it dosnt give me ID