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May 18, 2013 @ 12:58pm
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The "Observer" Spy Set
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[This item is currently being revised, check back for updated assets and pictures.]

Greetings Customer 31123,

You have ordered the following Mantis E&I Devices:

1x [ITEM:BACKFIRE] "Backfire" Remote Sabotage Ensemble:
1x [ITEM:BFHAIaSD:113] Handheld Armament Interference and Sabotage Device(HAIaSD)
1x [ITEM:BFHAIaSDPT:114] HAIaSD Portable Terminal + Medium Battery Pack Attachment*

*We regret to inform you that your purchase of the "Backfire" Remote Sabotage Ensemble was only partially completed. This is due to:


As such, your order has been delayed until another batch of product may be [shipped/dropped/smuggled/submarined/tunnel-bored] [to/on/at/near/inside of] your current location.

Thank you for your purchase. We pride ourselves in delivering the most esoteric and subversive intelligence and saboteur devices on the espionage market, of which is also quite esoteric and subversive.


"Backfire" Remote Sabotage Ensemble User's Manual:

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of your own "Backfire" Remote Sabotage Ensemble. The Remote Sabotage Ensemble comes it two parts. The "Handheld Armament Interference and Sabotage Device" or "HAIaSD", and the Portable Terminal.

The Backfire is used to incapacitate enemy devices, disrupt automated targeting via radar and sonar, and jam enemy firing mechanisms. These devices must be applied directly to the enemy device, and should be armed once contact with the enemy device is made. Caution should be taken, to ensure the enemy does not notice that you have sabotaged his weapon. See chapter 5: "Effective Sabotage Tactics with the HAIaSD" in the manual for advice on approaching enemy targets unnoticed. For attaching to weaponry or devices that are non-metal or non-magnetic, see Chapter 9: "Jury-rigging against Wood, Rubber, Plastic, and Other Surfaces".

The Backfire Portable Terminal is used to coordinate multiple HAIaSD'es for multiple targets. Be sure to u...

(I don't have one, so I'll skim the manual a bit)


(Here we go)

... Should your Portable Terminal become damaged or drained, you may still arm and activate your HAIaSD'es on site at the point of sabotage. Simply hold down the arm the device, and it should dumb-fire the moment the offending device is activated. This is a fail-safe built into the device to ensure that your enemy device will be disrupted, even if you aren't there to trigger it at the appropriate time. Using the dumb-fire method will only afford a ten to fifteen second operating time, as opposed to the aforementioned ten minute life-span when using the Portable Terminal.

Should you activate your device while trapped in a zero-g environme- (nope)


Should you attempt to use the device to disable a high power cutting laser while strapped to a- (unlikely...)


(Here is something interesting)

This device may transmit its disruptive nature to various devices by latching to the output of the target device. Radio-wave transmitters, sonars, certain microwave guns, and particle-based healing apparati may cause other devices to receive the disabling effect of your initial sabotage. Please take care to not attach your sabotage device to any device that might disable more than your intended target. If you have attached your sabotage device to your portab...

(That might come in handy, but that's enough reading for today...)"

-World Model
-2 LODs
-World Model Animations(x63)
-View Model
-View Model Animations(x2)
-Sapper Building Blueprint Models(Sentry/Dispenser/Teleporter Chalk Outlines).
-Sapper Building Placement Models(Sentry/Dispenser/Teleporter Mount Points).
-Sapper Building Placement Model Animations(x2)

The plans for this guy were laid ages ago. I started on him when I was just starting out, and he looked a lot different back then. Think a scrappy box with knobs, panels, and stickers about circuit diagrams. Needless to say, it was pretty bad. With this set, I picked him back up in hopes of reviving the idea. He started out as a two part machine, one being the launcher, and the other being the controller. The launcher would shoot little miniaturized sappers at targets in a sort of crab-like firing mechanism(No idea how to describe it), with similar characteristics to a modern day wire-based tazer. The controller was pulled up after the sapper was fired, and would be held in the right hand, awaiting the command to detonate. This idea proved to be way too complicated. I dropped the launcher in favor of the smaller handheld device you see above. The controller, also pictured in one of the manual pages, was dropped after I realized the Spy can't pull it up after he throws the smaller sapper, and he can't hold it in his off-hand because of the cloak watch.

The stat ideas come more from a desire to have a completely subversive Spy who works better against teams that have few, ineffective, or no engineers to go up against. I also believe it rewards the Spy for meshing well with enemy groups, and playing his part right up until he lays his trap. After all, some of the most interesting Spy encounters are when you "protected" the enemy point as a Demoman, or when you sat for 3 minutes nervously pretending to watch an enemy Engineer's gear for him.

I also included the sapper placement models, so Valve can use this as a building sapper. This is just for completeness sake. While sapping, the transmitter on the bottom spins.

Excuse the video a tad, it's using an older prop model of the sapper. I noticed it at the last moment. The portable terminal in the manual page was abandoned a while back, so it never got fully polished.
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