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Effing Dead
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 25, 2013 @ 5:21pm
Dec 18, 2013 @ 8:18am

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EFFING DEAD v.0.8.9 released - the RAGDOLL version.
Release date: First quarter 2014
EFFING DEAD is an indie-game by TheShortAndTheTall: a small indie-team made of two guys.
Our game is a survival action-game that was just inspired by RE4 but more sci-fi and with some new game mechanics.


When water becomes the most important and rare resource on Earth, the company NO-END decide to try a completely new solution: space research for new resurgences.
Big spaceships filled of completely reliable research clones were sent into the galaxy, for the most ambitious travel ever.

Star System GLeESI, planet GLeESi-d, satellite S/GLeESi-d-HOPE-12: one of the most important celestial bodies found. Not so distant, very similar to our Planet and, most of all, full of clean water.
There is only a problem: by weeks no signal from the station reached us.
It's not clear what happened: no alerts, no malfunction, no emergency alarms. Only silence.

When all the contacts with the satellite S/GLeESi-d-HOPE-12 are lost, is up to you to take control from remote of the last defence clone on the station.

Find out what's going on, fix any problem and reactivate the main signal with Earth.

But remember to take care of his HEALTH and of the CONNECTION with him: damage disturb and alter the camera signal, plus you need to worry about connections shields which must be removed or deactivated.

Use the special V-Blade to perform SPECIAL MOVES and FINISH THE ENEMIES, do BARREL ROOLS to avoid enemies grabs and take advantage of the clone SPECIAL ABILITY: aims objects to interact with station terminals, activate machines and take control of different type of sensors.


EFFING DEAD will be release primarily for win-PC but we are absolutely interested to bring it to Linux and Mac - and maybe a different version on phone and mobile device, but after the end of the desktop version.

  • Third person point of view with real time lighting and day/night time
  • 3D water with physics
  • In game Map with enemies presence
  • No need of inventory screen: change weapon and use stuff in game without any pause
  • Aim to interact and take control of different type of sensors
  • Exploration will need puzzles solving: we like action but also brain use
  • Different type of weapons, customizable with upgrades
  • Enemies with multiple type of AI and attack-defence behaviour
  • Find the right tactics and the best way to kill the enemies for increasing your ammo and collecting coins for weapons upgrades
  • Do head shots or destroy bodies parts with your arsenal
  • Be fast with the button press when enemies takes you
  • Perform barrel rolls to avoid grabs and use the energy blade for special moves
  • Look out for your energy and prevent damage for the camera signal
  • Find out how to enter areas with camera signal shields

If you are curious you can go to our Site[] for more info about this project.
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