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The V3Ryan Test - Pt. 3
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May 18, 2013 @ 12:17am
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The V3Ryan Test - Pt. 3

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The V3Ryan Test
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A map made for V3Ryan. Check out his channel at youtube.com/V3Ryan.
UNOFFICIAL TITLE: Time skips and Testing

STORY: Gotta make your way back to the modern facility one way or another. Also, where did P-Body go?

NOTE: Can you find the secret, hidden room? It is not visible to the naked eye, so you have to be crafty to find it.
I give one hint for those in search of it: bump. That is all.

- ending had to be spliced to an epilogue part
- as a result it ends really awkwardly
- but it's still pretty good regardless

- When you attempt to use the elevator, the power blows out.
- Head backwards into the generator room and turn on the secondary generator.
- When the power turns back on, try using the lift again.
- In the next hall, press the button to open the access door and crawl through. (Crouching and walking)
- Turn on the far left lever at the end of the hall to open the test chamber.
- Head into the open area behind the marked panel and meet the cores.
- After they leave, head back out and wait for the panel to replace itself in the wall.
- This test needs to explanation.
- In the next chamber, the goo has mostly drained out of the chamber, so it's safe to walk in.
- Use the cube as a stepping stool to get around.
- In the next chamberlock, take the test exemption lift to the upper story.
- Hit the button to open Chamber 16.
- Again, self-explanatory chamber.
- When the wall blows open, head through and climb to the top of the hanging stairs.
- When the stairs reach the rest of the catwalk, follow P-Body into the next room.
- Oh,boy. Lots of stairs. NEXT TIME!

- It is possible to get stuck in Chamber 16.

Think of writer's block, but with Hammer.

===== ALLOS Map Rating =====
1/5; my favorite part was when Cave's recording in the lift transferred to his lemon rant.
===== ALLOS Map Rating =====
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Wolffman109 Sep 10 @ 9:47am 
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Sep 9 @ 6:38pm 
Don't worry. That's not the worst brainfart I've seen occur within one of my maps.

If you want to know what the worst one was, just know that it involved a disc, a disc player, and a very oblivious player. Who incidentally is one of those so-and-so Gaming channels, which is always good. *Sarcasm self-check complete.*
Wolffman109 Sep 9 @ 9:47am 
Before I tried the test, I hadn't noticed the portalable wall on the ceiling, which is why I couldn't redirect the laser with the Discouragement Redirection Cube. I'm sorry that I'm so stupid.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Jun 29 @ 4:25pm 
I've now added that screenshot to the workshop post's images section as well, so if you can't see it there either, you've got some sort of big problem on your hands. That, or you're trolling me.
Anachronistic ALLOS  [author] Jun 29 @ 4:23pm 

You put the laser redirection cube in the dip in the floor and that allows you to point it at the laser receptacle. Whatever problem you're having with viewing the screenshot must either be your account or your computer, because I've tested it out with several other people and they could view it fine.
Wolffman109 Jun 29 @ 3:25pm 
Nope, it's still a black screen. Can you please describe it to me verbally?
Wolffman109 Jun 10 @ 4:06pm 
The link you sent me is just showing up as a black, blank screen. I don't see what you're trying to do.
Wolffman109 Jun 6 @ 8:22pm 
Ok, I found the dent, but I don't understand. How is a dent in the floor going to be beneficial to the test? It just lowers the Discouragement Redirection Cube even MORE.