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Light Swords Dagger, One handed sword, Two handed sword 1.3
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May 16, 2013 @ 5:42pm
May 27, 2013 @ 10:58am
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----Can be Crafted under Elven at the skyforge, Upgraded, and is enchantable.-----

I have been working on the right hand dagger not showing up. However, everything looks as it should work and i am at a lose on how to fix this help needed.

----1.3--- I have updated meshes but still can't drop swords for the time being I am going to make them unable to drop until I can resolve the issue. Uploading new version with daggers and rescaled one handed. Let me know if you would like them smaller or larger. Also, How balanced do you feel they are.

--- 1.2 --- Updated with new meshes from cuteunit and can be crafted from any forge now under elven. Hopefully that fixes the forge issue.

This Is a Standalone mod of-

Credit goes to - Light Sword - Burning Eye of Meridia by Cuteunit

Quote --- From Cuteunit post--"Fantasy light saber style holy sword in the vein of Shining Force's Chaos Breaker and the like.
Extremely fancy weapon with unique effects, including lightsaber style glow trail. I wanted to make something that nobody else has done.

Just to get it in the game, I have modified "Two Handed Dawnbreaker" by Mars. Really, this could be nothing else other than exactly that. See his mod here http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11691//?

Now that the model is (finally) done, I'm hoping someone will be interested in including it in a proper modification. You have my full permission to take the model/textures and do with them as you wish. It would make me happy. Write me or post a comment expressing your intentions!"

Thank you for open permission to make this Standalone mod.

All Credit goes to Cuteunit and Mars.

Known Issue sword disappears when Dropped. I am not a mesh person so hopefully Cuteunit can fix the missing world model.

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