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How to activate the Metro 2033 PDF Novel preorder bonus
By nx
I originally posted this in the Metro: Last Light Steam Discussions section, but I figured this might be more useful as a guide.

In this guide, I will detail how customers who preordered Metro: Last Light can activate the Metro 2033 PDF novel.

Because of the nature of this preorder bonus, this guide only applies to US customers.
1. In your Steam Browser, go to Library and select Metro: Last Light.
2. On the right, beneath Links, click on DLC.
3. On the DLC page, there should be a section called "Metro: Last Light - Novel." Click on the Install button the right.
4. Navigate to SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Metro Last Light\novel. There should be a file in that folder called "Metro 2033 - English text.pdf."
5. Read and enjoy!
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nx  [author] May 21, 2013 @ 12:14pm 
Oso May 21, 2013 @ 11:26am 
can any of you tell me how to get the comic as it seems that it just does not exist but i aperently got it in the pre order
Oso May 21, 2013 @ 11:25am 
if the novel is only aveleble in the US then why does steam think i have it? when it knows i live in the UK and why did it never say anything about the offer only being for the US
vanillaTHUNDAR May 20, 2013 @ 8:47pm 
I wanna share my story. I pre-ordered the game (Actually my very first pre-order!) through US citizen, and I was promised the ranger mode package, and the comic book. As far as I am aware, the book was not a pre-order bonus. It was just standard for anyone who owns the game. I don't think there is any restrictions for country either. But damn, these feels for being ahead of the game. (The comic was an Amazon exclusive pre-order) But, if you want, I could possibly share it with anyone who wants it.
Made in Canada May 20, 2013 @ 1:16pm 
why do canadians not get it?
mirkoj.animator May 20, 2013 @ 8:45am 
Soooo from all things that were promissed in preorder I actualy got only ranger mode?
RPK gun is for retail only as I hear, novel is for US only.... not good.... was it even mentioned anywhere taht is not like 10 times smaller foot print?
SHOUBISHOCK May 20, 2013 @ 7:13am 
it s frustating because a few week ago steam doesn t mention about us only publish rights
Conker May 19, 2013 @ 10:22pm 
Thanks, Mate
luisro84 May 18, 2013 @ 4:07pm 
nx  [author] May 17, 2013 @ 9:51am 
This is not for the comic. This is for the novel. They are two seperate preorder items. As far as I know, everyone who preordered gets the comic, but not the novel.