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Grass Beta v1.0.0 (KalaaveR & Ozhara)
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May 14, 2013 @ 11:37am
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This mod's goal is to add grass (actual blades and models) of grass to the terrian.
It has been realeased in beta so you can test it and give us feedback.
Tell us what you think!
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Ozhara  [author] May 18, 2013 @ 12:36pm 
Don' worry.^^ As KalaaveR V said it's just a Beta, but constructive criticism does help improving it. That's the reason for releasing such a Beta.
Kalaaver  [author] May 16, 2013 @ 8:58pm 
@borutb11 Thanks for you're feedback, reliaze that it is in beta and none of this is final.
1MyTh May 16, 2013 @ 3:16am 
Yep, it works now :) I've unsubscribed this mod and anything that changes grass textures, restarted steam, checked integrity of local files and after it updated i subscribed back to this mod. If you want i can delete my previous posts to clear this thread up :)
That being solved i have to say i dont like the textures. The puffy grass is (in my oppinion) too blurry and grass blade model too out of place. A problem might be that it has too much of white (bright) color. I would like to see how it looks if you make that model smaller and more common.
I hope i'm not asking or criticizing too much but i would love a 3d looking grass model :)
Ozhara  [author] May 15, 2013 @ 10:34pm 
I recongnized myself that sometimes a subscribed mod isn't downloaded until you deleted unsubcribed mods changing the same data from your GameFolder\mods directory manually.

After that all worked as expected.
Kalaaver  [author] May 15, 2013 @ 6:09pm 
@borutb11 I have found that sometimes the one your subscribed to overwites it, give it a shot if it does not work i'll upload a link.
1MyTh May 15, 2013 @ 3:43pm 
yes, i have many, but shouldnt a new subscribe just rewrite an old one? i'll check it out
Kalaaver  [author] May 15, 2013 @ 3:38pm 
@borutb11 Yes i could do that, but i think the problem is that you have a texture pack installed, unsubscribe from that and then try.
1MyTh May 15, 2013 @ 1:27pm 
Unsubscribed, restarted steam, subscribed.... nothing. Can you make a packade that i could download and override my files with?
Kalaaver  [author] May 15, 2013 @ 11:43am 
@borutb11 try re subscribing.
1MyTh May 15, 2013 @ 4:16am 
I subscribed and checked the grass in map creator but it doesnt show up. I restarted the game 4 times, let all the splashes and movies play and it still doesnt show up. This mod is the most recent one i subscribed. any ideas?