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Millwater Retreat
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Version 1.4
Nexus Version: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/36033//?


Millwater Retreat is large abandoned Mill which the player can return to its former glory. On arrival you will find two small buildings and a watch tower which will need fixing up and re-furnishing. This mod gives the player the chance to have a nice affordable small player home and the chance to expand it into their own running Mill. You will be able to fully customize your home with anything from rugs to statues outside. Once your home is built and you have a comfortable home to live in, you will be able to expand the Mill and invest in your own business. Over time you will make money off your land and we also plan on adding more features to the mod for allowing the player to make money. A list of the mods main features can be found below.

Requirements & Compatibility

This mod does not require any DLC to run but it will also not include any ability to use any features from DLC. The Hearthfire features will not be implemented into this mod as it would place a requirement on the mod and interfere with other mods related to Hearthfire. This mod will however work along side all of Skyrim's DLCs.

If you experience and conflicts with other mods then please change your load order and try placing Millwater Retreat after any mod it may have a conflict with.

Mods which change the weather system in anyway and mods which edit merchant's inventories may cause some odd behavior with Millwater Retreat. This is to be expected when dealing with so many different mods.The rain block for the boat house, tower and mill house will most likely be affected by any weather mods so please do not leave comments about this issue, it cannot be prevented.

This mod will look better using the Realsitic Lighting Overhall mod by Sydney666 and it is also compatible with a favourite mod of mine, Frostfall. The fireplace will allow the player to heat their hands up when using the Frostfall mod and if you have no mod conflicts with weather mods, the rain should not go through the ceiling of your home, adding to the Frostfall immersion.

Main Features

- Restore the building from rubble
- Fully customizable home
- Full outdoors player home
- Perfect for new characters and existing
- Your own purchasable forge
- Your own travel boat
- Plenty of storage including a mannequin
- Buy new items for your home
- Custom Banners
- Invest in your own Mill
- New Follower
- New merchant


You can find all the latest update information on my website at the link below:


How to find Millwater Retreat...
You can find Millwater Retreat up the river from Riverwood. You will also notice that a tree map marker appears on your map to guide you but you will be unable to fast travel there straight away.

You will find additional items like the forge pieces available for sale in Riverwood. By the entrance there is a small camp where you will find a man called Nesbin, he will be sat on a rock or sleeping at the camp. He will sell a number of items in the misc section of his inventory and items should refresh after few days if you have to sell back items due to their weight.

Since update 1.3 you will be required to use not only firewood and gold to renovate the Mill but you will need stone which can be mined or purchased from Nesbin. You will be able to mine the stone on the small island in the river oposite the boat house.

Areas modified with this mod

- There have been markers and boats placed at each of the available travel locations on the travel boat but I have tried to place them away from any major spots which would be edited by other popular mods.

The few cells the boat house is built on and some of its surroundings are also edited of course.

Anti-Social Websites
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkFox127Productions
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkFox127Pro
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/df127pronews
Website: http://www.darkfox127productions.weebly.com


Evil Mr Pumpkins - Designer of the boat house and surroundings
Xilante - For providing the tutorial on Rain Clipping
SLuckyD - For providing the mannequin script resource
WhackoMacko - For the mod review, great job

Guide to Millwater Retreat

This guide has been provided to answer most questions so I will not be responding to people who obviously have failed to read the description. The guide will help you through each step and it will tell you where everything can be found. Update 1.3 changes the way much of the mod's system works so a re-install and the use of console commands may be needed to get back what you had before. Also be sure to take back any of your items before hand.

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YeOldeWyvern Aug 14 @ 12:44pm 
I can't find the stone deposit anywhere
philstopford Jul 30 @ 12:51pm 
Hi there. My Millwater Retreat seems to be heavily glitched. The water and the land mix into together, the main work bench building has a tree growing through it and the quarried stone doesn't work. Can anyone help me out here please....?
blackcat3978 Jun 27 @ 8:44pm 
So if ledgers reset is that an issue?
DonFarkas Jun 15 @ 12:27pm 
hy very good mod!! just my problem is that I can't buy any MISC items from Nesbin
the mod works I started to build the house but I can't get anything from him only food and ingredients
pls help!!
ufos15630 Jun 6 @ 11:00pm 
how do you put down the the forge,tanner and other stuff like that?
ollie.robson Jun 1 @ 11:07am 
where do you get stone
Wargazym May 5 @ 5:52pm 
very good indeed... adds real life aspect to the game.... well done
Mootew Apr 26 @ 3:52am 
this mod seemed amazing but it doesnt work for me, the workbench is empty and tells me i need tools, but even if i have all these tools it still doesnt let me do anything
Marcel1309 Apr 24 @ 4:40am 
nice mod
robcisco4 Apr 20 @ 12:45pm 
weidodude you have to get the noble furnishing to place the alchemy and enchanter