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Left4Dead2 Silent Hill Music Mod
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May 13, 2013 @ 12:34pm
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Make L4d2 more creepy by installing this music mod!
It replaces the most common songs heard in the game.
I recommend installing it direct in the sounds folder.
If you have any modding experience you know how to do that.
Still. Installing it with the workshop works fine too but the music can be cut off sometimes. Have fun!
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Appelflap64  [author] Jun 10 @ 11:40am 
I looped the music with a program called Wavosaur. It's tricky but not too hard.
I made a lot of music mods (not published) so i know my way to edit them.
Irradaven Jun 10 @ 8:06am 
Yea, really big thanks, I install and do all that you say, and this work! So big thanks ^_^
And last stupid question... Then I noticed that one of my tracks ceased to be closed and now ends after its closure. No repeat. While everything else, including yours, is going fine without any errors, what the trick?
Appelflap64  [author] Jun 10 @ 6:46am 
did you install GCFscape first?
Irradaven Jun 10 @ 6:43am 
Thanks, but sorry, again... HOW open this file? My computer just open this how file for addoninstaller, and end -_- I can`t open this WinRaR v_v
Appelflap64  [author] Jun 10 @ 4:51am 
This is just a copy paste from my old post:

first download GCFScape.
install it and then go to your l4d2 addons directory.
it would most look like this: Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\addons. if you downloaded this addon than the addon file will be in the workshop folder inside the addons folder. the addons in there will have a random number as name so you have to look for the right addon. the addon picture will be right next to it so that would make things easier to find. when you open this addon there are serveral folders inside.
click on the sound folder and drag it into your left4dead2 folder and than let it go. if they ask you for overwriting the files enter yes. if that's done. go in game and open the console. enter snd_rebuildaudiocache. this will take a while when its done enter exit in the console and start the game again. and your done good luck.

make backup from the original music. if you change your mind.
Irradaven Jun 9 @ 8:54pm 
I use the Google translator for this-_-
How to make longer the original music? For example, original music plays 2:34 tank, and the music in this fashion plays longer than this interval, and when the moment of 2:34 in the music it just breaks off and starts from the beginning, while the music in your video goes on. How to achieve this effect?
Appelflap64  [author] May 8 @ 10:28pm 
Chili Peppers May 8 @ 10:21pm 
Appelflap64  [author] Apr 28 @ 1:36pm 
The silent hill siren is included in this mod.
Ofcouse i added a much more cleaner version of it.
xNattefrostx Apr 28 @ 1:30pm 
use this with the siren mod and then pee urself with fear