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NPC Hearts & Mudcrab Merchant (expansions)
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May 12, 2013 @ 5:49pm
Aug 3, 2014 @ 5:53pm
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NPC Hearts & Mudcrab Merchant (expansions)

For those not satisfied with merely killing your enemies, you can now take their heart as a trophy and use it in a potion with which to realize your other sinister schemes; or you can merely act in self defense and take the potent alchemical reagent in the chest of your attacker and use it to aid those who only wish to live in peace (according to taste).

This mod adds *49 new alchemical reagents including 45 hearts added to the deathitem of actors. They are as follows:

arachnoid heart
argonian heart
atronach heart
bovine heart
bruin heart
chaurus heart
chicken heart
crab heart
deer heart
dog heart
dragon heart
elf heart
elk heart
equine heart
feline heart
fish heart
fox heart
giant heart
goat heart
hagraven heart
heart of a boy child
heart of a girl child
horker heart
khajiit heart
lich heart
mammoth heart
orc heart
rabbit heart
skeever heart
spriggan heart
troll heart
vampire heart
werewolf heart
wolf heart
wraith heart
*Chaurus Flyer
*Ash Spawn (DELETED)
mountainous jarrin
faery dust

Each heart has been added to the deathitem of the majority of NPC's (a lot of work BTW) minus certain ones who already had a deathitem or who I thought would cause a bug. This mod has already recieved a lot of Beta testing in the guise of its original form

By nature, many of these hearts are hard or impossible to get in the normal way. Each race has been given a percentage of failure according to size and availability. Complete hearts are more difficult to extract from smaller creatures due to weapon damage as well as the main method of killing someone would be damage to their heart. Also, the more prominent races have less chance of extraction in order to keep their hearts down to a managable level, otherwise you could build up over 2K human/elf hearts faster than you would think.

In order to offset the impossibility of some, such as the hearts of children, I have put them in the bellies of dragons and werewolves as it makes sence that these creatures would eat children; there is only a small chance of obtaining them due to digestion being a rather quick process. In addition, meat vendors and hunters have had hearts added to their sales list. City vendors will have domesticated animal hearts as well as fish and crab. Hunters will have wild animal hearts.

Faery Dust, Hell Powder, and Star Silt are premium items that are not easy to find or purchace. You might see them at alchemy shops for outrageous prices, or find them in the belly of a dragon, who have the ability to travel places we cannot and eat things we can't fathom.

Mountainous Jarrin is the northern version of Jarrin root. It is not as powerful, but is still useful. I have modified the FloraCreepClusterRock WorldObject for this purpose. An example of this is located in the Archmage's garden. There are only 38 of these in-game and seemed rather superfluous when there are over 200 soil-based Creep Cluster plants otherwise.

There are also some new Alchemy effects added:
Intangibility-makes the player incorperal for a time or until you touch something
Double Time- doubles your movement speed
Fortify Alchemy-increases alchemy potency
Fortify Shouts-lowers shout lag for a time
Windwalker (increases speed to triple)
Time Streach (slows time to .01%)

I understand Fortify Alchemy is a bit contraversial. Let me only say it is really hard to get. Good luck finding both reagents needed.

There are meshes and textures for each item. Arachnoid hearts are on my list of things to change as spiders do not have a normal looking heart, but I am satisfied for the moment.

Please vote this up if you like it, or if you think someone else might.

Any mod that alters deathitems, vendor items or the Creep Cluster plant.

UPDATE 5.18.2013
*New ability- Windwalker (increases speed to triple)
*Fixed some price bugs due to a failure on my part to double check prices (thanks to all you who mentioned it)
*Added an Easter Egg of sorts at the Beginning of Game. It always bugged me that The Torturer never explained why the man screamed at him for weeks, This answers it
*Added a few hearts in the Torturers satchel because he seems the type.
*Fixed a bug with some hearts being over powered
*Fixed various misspelling that kept bugging me
*Fixed pricing bug where intangibility was worth nothing

UPDATE 5.20.2013
Revamping of the alchemy base prices. This will allow for better determination of the name of a created potion for what, I think, it was created for while keeping the prices agreeable.
You should no longer have a potion with, for example, Invisibility and fortify stamina show up as a Fortify Stamina potion thereby making it easier to organize important potions from sellable potions.

UPDATE 6.2.2013
Fixed price on Dragon heart to more realistic price. changed a bug with 'damage health' effect and 'paralyze' effect not being high enough price.

UPDATE 6.6.2013
*Added new effect 'Time Streach'
*Fixed a bug where Fortify Enchanting was not lasting long enough
*Fixed a text bug where Fortify Shouts was not listing the duration time
*Fixed a bug where windwalker was too powerful

UPDATE 1.27.2014
*Updated this mod to include all the expansions
*added hearts for all the expansion races
*Added a new NPC, the Mudcrab Merchant. Those of us who played Morrowind might remember this guy. I changed him a bit. Basically he's a scavanger who picks up odd bits of flesh from all the various races and is willing to sell them (if you can find him). I've uploaded a screenshot to give you a hint. Have fun finding him :)

UPDATE 7.20.2014
* Fixed a script problem that wasn't allowing the mudcrab to sell items
* Fixed a bug that was dropping spider hearts for lurkers

UPDATE 8.4.2014
* Fixed the new DLC drop items to be more realistic (i.e. not dropping 100%)
* Deleted ash spawn hearts for the same reason I didn't put Draugr hearts in

APOLOGY: I originally intended this to be seperate from my original vanilla mod, but for some reason, even though I changed the name, STEAM wouldn't allow me to upload it under a new name. i refused to spend the time copying and editing each line of code in the creation kit just so I could have a new .esp file. For those of you without the expansions, DON'T UPDATE! Again...I am sorry if you don't like this update.
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schwarzerschalk May 13 @ 2:13pm 
no dragon dung? T-T
palorius  [author] Feb 13 @ 5:03am 
I don't have this game installed anymore. It would be pretty difficult for me to do that right now. If you feel the need, I dont mind you changing it yourself.
nogare321 Feb 11 @ 9:14pm 
I really like the mod. Thanks for the hard work.
One bug though, you changed the Archmage's Robes to say: "All spells cost 50% less to cast, magicka is fortified by 100 and regenerates 100% faster."

However the enchantment actually does: "15% magic school fortify and 75% magicka regeneration." If you are still keeping this mod up-to-date, would you mind fixing that bug? Thanks!
The Witch-king of Angmar Mar 4, 2016 @ 4:05pm 
Seinfeld Jun 7, 2015 @ 4:54pm 
*insert indiana jones theme here*
Seinfeld Jun 7, 2015 @ 4:54pm 
i just wanted to subscribe because you can eat the hearts. (i'm wierd)

UraniumThorium Feb 8, 2015 @ 11:16am 
Used to love the heart alchemy mod, this one crashes everything. As you said do not update without expansions.
llsht mstr G s hr Jan 5, 2015 @ 11:50am 
llsht mstr G s hr Jan 5, 2015 @ 11:45am 
its crashing
palorius  [author] Dec 25, 2014 @ 8:42pm 
Alas, such is the way of this crap game engine. Why they would choose to use the FarCry engine is beyond me. Apologies my friend.