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How To Create A Personal Garry's Mod Server
By Prime Primate
This is a guide on how to create a free and easy personal Garry's Mod server for you and your friends using a free program called Hamachi.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO CLAIM HAMACHI IS A VIRUS: Hamachi is a professionally-developed, professionally-used networking software. It is not a virus, and has zero chance of harming you unless you let a random dude off the internet into your network. If you say it's a virus, you obviously have zero networking experience. It will, in reality, keep you about 3-4 times safer than if you port-forward and run a plain server.

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Hello, my name is NooYah, and I am here to guide you on how to create a quick and easy server for you and your friends to play Garry's Mod on. The methods used in this guide do not require any technical knowledge, and is 100% free. Read on, and I hope this helps you.
Section 1: Hamachi
The first step is to have you and all your friends you want on the server download a simple free program called LogMeIn Hamachi, or commonly shortened to Hamachi. This program basically creates a secure network that you and your friends will join. This is also the program that will allow you to connect to each other without worrying about strangers popping onto your server.

Step 1: Download LogMeIn Hamachi
The first step in this guide is to downlooad Hamachi. The program can be found at the developer's website[logmein.com]. After you download, simply follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Create your Network
The next step is to create the network in which you and your friends will be joining. Now, if you have the free version of Hamachi, (which I reccomend), then your networks can only have a max of 5 members, including you. But don't worry, you can just create as many networks as you need. Once you have Hamachi open, there should be a menu along the top called "Network". Click that, and hit "Create a New Network". Then, give your network a name and a password. Be sure to remember the password, because your friend(s) will need this in order to connect. Once you create the network, just give your friend(s) the name and password to the network, and wait for them to join.

We are now 90% done with Hamachi, congratulations!

Author's Note: Hamachi is a very great tool to use for those who are interested in networking and stuff like that. It's equall great for beginners and advanced users alike. I personally reccomend it for those learning networking.
Section 2: Starting the Server
Now it's time to learn how the host will start up the server. The host will need to be in-game for this.

Step 1: Getting the world and gamemode ready
The first step is to get the world you want to play on, and the gamemode. Have the host start a new single player game. Have him set the player count to however many players you want to join the server. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT select the box for a LAN game. If you do, this won't work. Also have the host select the gamemode you want to use. Then just have him launch the singleplayer world and get everything loaded.

Step 2: Now In-Game
Now that your host is in-game, there is one thing he needs to do to allow players to connect. (You can go without this, but I have found that doing this reduces lag significantly.) Have the host open the Developer's Console. If you do not have it enabled, hit ESC>Options>Keyboard then on the bottom, click Advanced, and check "Enable Developer's Console". Once he has that, have him open it. Default key to open it is the ` key, which is the key directly next to the 1 key on the number row. Once that is open, have him type "sv_lan 0" (without the quotes) into the console, and hit Enter. Now, your host is done for now.

Now we will move on to getting your friends into the game with you.
Section 3: Getting everybody online with you
Now, you have your Hamachi set up, and the host has started the server! Congratulations! Now it's time to learn how you'll be getting everybody online.

Step 1: Developer's Console.
Very easy step, all you have to do is get all of your friends to enable the Developer's Console too. They NEED this to connect. If you don't want to look up for it again, it's ESC>Options>Keyboard then on the bottom, click Advanced, and check "Enable Developer's Console".

Step 2: What each user must do.
This is how each friend will connect. Have each friend start a singleplayer world, the settings they put don't matter. Once they're in-game, have them open the Developer's Console. Now, they will type, again without the quotes, "Connect *HostIPaddressHere*" Here is how you find the host's IP address. Open up your Hamachi, and find the name of the host on the list of computers connected to the network. (eg. mine is NooYah) there will also be an IP address next to their name, always starting with 25. (eg. This is what you'll put onto the Developer's Console after you type Connect. So basically, you type (without quotes) "Connect" (or whatever your host's IP is.) Once your friends type that, the host will see "Player *name* has joined the game." Then, you'll see your friend in a couple seconds or a couple minutes, depending on how much he has to download.

Congratulations! You now have your own private server for which you and your friends play your Garry's Mod on! Have fun!!! :D

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Section 4: Common problems and common solutions
Here are some common problems people have, and some easy solutions to those problems.

1) "Connection Failed After 4 Retries": To fix this, you can use two methds:
A) Reset your internet modem, if possible,
B) Have everybody trying to join, and the host too, restart their machine.
Whenever I've had that issue, doing these steps always fixed it for me.
C) Third method! Credit to *name* for this solution. "Open your Command Console,(~) and type "sv_lan 0" then "changelevel_[Map you are currently using]". It will reload the game, then type "sv_lan 0" a second time. Then try having friends join it, ect. It should work."

2) "*so-and-so* has been kicked because of too many LUA Errors": In the console, before anyone joins, type (without quotes) "sv_kickerrornum 0"

I set a limit for certain entities/props, but when I joined, the limit was different! Type sbox_max[props, entities, NPCs...] # in the console to modify the limits! (Credit to Twilight Sparkle for finding this solution)
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OcarinaLink24 2 hours ago 
I can't start a game on my server because I don't have the right pwermission. How do I change that? Where do I enter prophuntprophunt?
Prime Primate  [author] Apr 14 @ 11:01am 
@Edge: Omnomnom yum
Edgeseve Apr 13 @ 1:34pm 
OMG BEST i liked,favourited and shared! here have a sandvich
Prime Primate  [author] Apr 13 @ 8:56am 
@Neck Beard: Correct.

@shahars71: They too need Hamachi.
Gustatrop Apr 7 @ 5:59pm 
so no portforwarding is involved?
shahars71 Apr 7 @ 8:06am 
How does my friend connect to my network? Does he need the program too?
RougeSigma Apr 6 @ 11:59pm 
As soon as I press "Create" on the Create a Network page it just freezes and sits there, any ideas?
The Encryption Apr 6 @ 6:27am 
Great guide!
TwipzGR Apr 3 @ 12:03pm 
Prime Primate  [author] Apr 1 @ 8:14am 
@DrQuantum: Yes. If you enable them in your "Addons" menu, they will be enabled in the server.