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Thunder Cannon
By Hawk Rawk
Zeus is a nuker no matter where you look at. A good zeus can easily win games or buy some time for the carrier of the team to farm. Zeus is all about position. Always nuke from afar and dont be afraid to use your skills. First skill to farm, Second skill to nuke, Third skill for late game and ult to finish the fleeing heroes (or more nukes!).


At early game just farm (or help the carry farm if you are not in middle lane) till lv 5 and start nuking, kick out the enemy of the lane.

After that get a Bottle and maybe some wands for rune control (Haste rune can really save - and kill - ) then try to farm travel boots, to give you more mobiliy and position. If the game is bad or you feel insecure staying in a lane get a tranquil boots, it's cheap and give you some good movement speed. Remember, zeus's nuke is damn strong at early and mid game, so abuse it!

After Travel boots rush for Aghamin's Scepter and then Refresher Orb. Double ult simply destroy low hp heroes.

If there's some hard hitter in the enemy team and he is focusing you, get a Ghost Scepter and stay a bit more afar.

Most of the guy get mana boots, while may appear good (more nukes!) it doesn't give what he needs more, better Position and Movemente Speed. The mana problems can easly be solved when you get a Point Booster and a Magic stick.

About the urn... well, it's not rare for the guys get away with like 100 hp, so an urn charge can finish them off and maybe you can save your ult for later. The urn will help later healing the team, you will always have charges with zeus.

A good note about the ult, always try to ult in the middle of the team fight, Static Field can give some nice dmg.


About mana usage:

- Don't waste mana with Lighting Bolt lv 1 and lv 2, better just get LH with Chain Lighting till Lighting Bolt lv 3.
- Zeus lv 1 ult is just bad, too much mana for little dmg, most fleeing heros get away with 200 hp, your ult won't finish the job (with the urn, maybe), so have absolutely sure you will get a kill when you use it.
- Sometimes is just smart to get a ward for rune control, more runes and mana for you.

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