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Pyro's Komodaru
Class: Pyro
Item Slot: Misc
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May 11, 2013 @ 4:04pm
Aug 9, 2013 @ 4:19pm
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Pyro Samurai
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Pyro's Komodaru is a Sake Cask worn on Pyro's back replacing his air tank.

Included are 3 base Models: (see Pic's)
- Sake_Cask_A (clean label area)
- Sake_Cask_B (bits stuck in the label area)
- Sake_Cask_C (Sign on back, meant for use with the Decal Tool, having a separate Texture)

Sake_Cask_A is about 75% the size of the Pyrotechnic Tote
Sake_Cask_A_LOD1 is about 58% of Sake_Cask_A
Sake_Cask_A_LOD2 is about 32% of Sake_Cask_A

Sake_Cask_B is about 81% the size of the Pyrotechnic Tote
Sake_Cask_B_LOD1 is about 58% of Sake_Cask_B
Sake_Cask_B_LOD2 is about 32% of Sake_Cask_B

Sake_Cask_C is about 86% the size of the Pyrotechnic Tote
Sake_Cask_C_LOD1 is about 58% of Sake_Cask_C
Sake_Cask_C_LOD2 is about 30% of Sake_Cask_C

LOD distance : LOD @ 11 & LOD2 @ 22... sim. to Pyro

There are 4 (+2) Basic non-paintable textures. (see Pic's)
- Sake_Cask_A :: Clean Label (for A model)
- Sake_Cask_A2 :: Label top & bottom torn (for A model)
- Sake_Cask_B :: Label damaged (for B model)
- Sake_Cask_C :: Cask Texture not including sign area (for C model)
- - Sake_Label :: Default, Secondary "Pyro At Work" (for C model)
- - Sake_Label_2 :: Alternate, Secondary "Keep Calm and Fight!!!" texture (for C model)
** Each Texture (except Sake_Label texture) has it's own corresponding bumpmap.

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