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Cry of Fear - Walkthrough/Guide
By Joe and 1 collaborators
This guide will help you progress through Cry of Fear by giving you knowledge about the weapons, bosses, and other parts of the game.

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You play as Simon Henriksson, a 19 year old male, who suffers from depression and anxiety.
Before the game starts, Simon is crippled when he is a subject of a hit and run, in his attempts to help an old man up that he finds on the street, crippled. This injury leaves Simon unable to walk, and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The accident furthermore traumatizes Simon, making him fall deeper into his reclusive emotions.

Little about Simon's personal life is apparent, except that he is deeply in love with a girl named Sophie, who doesn't necessarily return those feelings.

Simon's doctor, known in the story as "Doctor Purnell," has told Simon to try a new form of therapy. He has asked that he writes down all of his feelings in a notebook in hopes that this will help to vent some of the emotions Simon is experiencing.

The events that take place in Cry of Fear are projections of feelings that Simon is expressing in his notebook.
When the game begins, you awake in a bedroom of some sort. You can see out the door into a pitch black room, that has some white 'x's in it. Step outside.

When you take a picture of an x, (Left Click) it disappears and it is replaced with either a door, window, or some other form of opening for you to go through. There are some other harmless monsters behind a few of the x's. There is only one path to the end, so just shoot all of the x's until you get out of the black rooms.

Chapter 1: Lost in a City: When Simon regains consciousness, he finds himself in the middle of a dark alleyway, which is dimly lit by some lights on the wall. You now have a knife, which can be held in two different ways by pressing Mouse2. (See the Weapons section of this walkthrough for more inforamtion about the knife.) Make your way down the alley. You'll eventually come to a small jumpscare, a door with a padlock, and then to a staircase.

These are the weapons that you encounter during Cry of Fear.
NOTE: Some weapons are easy to miss, and most are optional to get.

Switchblade: The Switchblade is a weaker weapon, with two options on how to hold it. One way provides a faster swing rate, with less strength, (swiping motion) and one provides a slower swing rate, with more strength. (stabbing motion) Right click to alternate to your preferred wielding option.

Location: Found after intro level.

Glock 19 9mm: The Glock is the very first gun Simon finds in Cry of Fear. It has a moderately high magazine size, and a decent fire rate. Though it is the weakest firearm in the game, a surplus of ammo is found, making it very useful. Later on, a tactictal light can be equipped to the Glock, making it so you no longer have to have your phone equipped to light the way.

Location: Found in the beginning of the apartments in the first chapter. An arm extruding from the ceiling holds it. Go up to it and push 'E' to equip it in your inventory.

Simon's Cell Phone: Not really a weapon, but a very useful tool during the first chapters, primarily used as a light source to help navigate dark areas. Though there are moments when you need to call a number, or recieve a call. Press 'Z' to bring up the dialpad, and right-click to turn the flashlight on and off.

Location: Found after intro level.

Hunting Rifle: The 3rd or 4th Simon comes across during the game. (Depending on whether or not you pick up the m16 beforehand.) An extremely high strength but low rate of fire makes this gun only useful at long range.

Location: Found in Gustav Dahl Park after correctly placing the statues.

Remington 870 (Shotgun): The second firearm Simon finds. The Remington 870 displays a very high strength, with a low rate of fire. This gun holds a total of 6 bullets in one clip.

Location: Found early in the game after the apartments, at the construction sites.

M16 Assault Rifle: The M16 can be found either right after the 1st chainsaw chase with the Sawrunner, or later on in the bus when you are looking for 2 fuses. It is also either the 3rd or 5th gun Simon finds. The M16 is a moderately strong firearm featuring a 3-round burst or a Single-fire option. I prefer single-fire just because It makes it much easier to conserve ammo, as some monsters dont take 3 shots to kill.

Fists/Pistol Whip: The fists/pistol whip are almost always available. This weapon is moderately fast, but slow compared to other weapons. Although this is the weakest weapon in the game, it comes in handy when low on inventory space. Another upside is that it doesn't affect accuracy when dual weilding with another weapon unlike other melee weapons.

Location: Ability acquired sometime later in the story.

VP70: The VP70 is the fourth firearm that Simon comes across. The VP70 has a 18-round magazine. It also has a very fast fire rate, a moderate to low recoil, and fires in 3 round bursts. Because the recoil can make it difficult to land all 3 shots, it is a good idea to start your shots low. The VP70 cannot be switched to single shot fire. Ammunition is plentiful in the area that you find the weapon, but not so much later on. The Glock 17 is a much better option, because the Glock gets a tactical light eliminating the need for dual wielding with the Cell Phone. The VP70 has the highest magazine capacity out of all pistols, and is the second strongest gun before the revolver.

Location: In an alley at the end of Chapter 4, after the Chainsaw Chase and Before the College.

Tactical Light (Taclight): The Tactical light is an attachment for the Glock 19. It is very useful in dark and lengthy hallways, because it illuminates a very long, narrow distance. It is clearly a better option than the phone light, knowing it does not use a battery, (lasts forever) and it makes it so you no longer have to dual weild to have a light source and a handgun.

Location: Can be found on the lower level of the building, shortly after jumping through the bus window in Chapter four.

P345 Pistol: The P345 is an extremely strong revolver. Though, the recoil can make it difficult to land consecutive shots. This gun also has a 5-round magazine.

Location: The location of where you acquire this gun differs based on your gameplay. For example, you first pick up the gun in the mental asylum, towards the end of the bowling alley. At this part, however, the P345 has no ammo, making it useless. Not too far along, you meet the doctor behind a gate that you wish to pass. The Doctor states that if you give him the gun he will open it for you. You can say No or Yes. If you say No, you keep the gun past that moment. If you say Yes, He takes the gun and runs. If you do this, you will get the gun on the Mental Hospital 3rd floor after killing him.

Below are the bosses you face during Cry of Fear. I will say how to beat them and where you encounter them.

Sawer: This is the first boss you encounter during Cry of Fear. It is found in the lower levels of the apartment, towards the end of chapter one. To defeat it, you must strike it with your switchblade or Glock until it kneels to the ground. Once it is kneeling, run behind it and use your switchblade or glock to shoot the discolored bump on it's back. Repeat this process multiple times until the Sawer is defeated.

Mace: The second boss you encounter during Cry of Fear. It is found in the sewers at the end of Chapter 2. This boss fight is moderately difficult, as you are confined to a small room when with it. The Mace is considerably slow, both in movement speed and swinging speed, which can be utilized to kill him. Beware that every single one of your weapons is inneffective towards the Mace. You should also remember that the Mace only moves towards you when he hears you moving, thus, the inconveinence of the water on the floor of the room. There is one place, however, that is not in the water. This is a small platform on the far side of the room that has a headless man standing on it, who is strapped to a wall. (dead, of course.) Step onto this platform before you go to turn the valves.
Once on the platform, you must attract the Mace's attention by stepping in the water and then getting back onto the platform. Once it is close enough to you, wait for it to swing. Right before it hits you, spring towards the farthest valve. Hold 'E' until it stops spinning. This should send an electric charge through the water, severly damaging the Mace. There is a 3 or so second delay before the electricity surges through the water. During this time, hop onto the platform that you were on before to avoid taking damage. Repeat this process until the Mace is dead.
Note: The number of valves you must turn depends on the difficulty you are playing on. On easy, you need to turn 2. Normal, 3. and so on.

Sawrunner: The Sawrunners are encountered multiple times throughout Cry of Fear. These act more as enemies to run from rather than to fight. It is advisable not to try and kill one, as it has an extremely high amount of health. (2000, I believe.)
Tip: NEVER turn around when attempting to run away from one. You move considerably slower when going backwards.
Another Tip: The Sawrunner will let out a terrifying (in my opinion) shriek once every 6 or 7 seconds. Once you hear this, start sprinting. Never sprint when you don't hear him make that noise, because he is just standing still. It is important to keep as much stamina as possible when getting away from a Sawrunner.

Carcass: The Carcass plays a pivotal role in Cry of Fear. The Carcass represents Sophie after she jumps off the roof next to Simon. After Sophie jumps, the Carcass rises up, confined to a chair with chains, also representing Simon's disablility. You do not have to fight the Carcass at all. If you wish to just run away, right when the battle starts, run towards the window and you are prompted with the option to escape. Though, depending on whether you kill the Carcass or not, decides Sophie's fate in the end of the game.

The Head: This figment of Simon's imagination is seen in the intro level, as well as in the later chapters. It cannot harm you in any way. Just scares the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of you.

Book Simon: Book Simon is one of the two final bosses in Cry of Fear. You fight Book Simon if you kill Sophie, and give the gun to Dr. Purnell. Book Simon attacks you with a Pistol, then Shotgun, then Machine gun, and finally a Sledgehammer. This is a pretty straight-forward battle. Just deal enough damage until he dies. Book Simon does flee every once in a while after a certain amount of damage is dealt.

Doctor Mode
(Coming soon!)
Saving and Health
The Saving system in Cry of Fear seems a little odd compared to newer games. Keep a look out for black tape recorders on the ground throughout the game. To save, go up to one and press 'E.' Then, double click a save spot to overwrite your data, or start a new save.
NOTE: It is advisable to make many different saves, just in case you miss a weapon or item that you wanted.
Save Menu

Health: In order to regain health in Cry of Fear, you must inject yourself with morphine, (a painkiller) which you find scattered in various places in the game. It can often be hard to spot because of how small they are. The morphine comes in little syringes. If you see one, go up to it and click 'E.'
NOTE: You can hold more than 1 syringe at a time!
Thanks to The Cry of Fear Wikia for supplying me with some of the information and pictures used to create the "Weapons" and "Bosses" sections of this guide.

Thanks to Team Psykskallar for creating this mod.

Thanks to my friend Unitato for helping me create this guide.

I would also like to thank A Proper Noun for helping me modify the Sawrunner boss section and pointing out some grammatical errors.
(Coming Soon!)
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