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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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How to Make the SP Campaign Not Suck so Much:
By Praxius
For those having difficulties in the SP Campaign because their bots don't do what they're ordered to do, or otherwise make things harder than they should be.
How to Make the SP Campaign Not Suck so Much:

Ok so in another discussion I mentioned that I would post a few tips on how to make the SP Campaign not as terrible as some think it is / experienced.

Granted it's certainly not perfect and the bots can seem pretty damn stupid at times

And sure, some people can find the missions almost next to impossible because either the enemy bots drop you faster than a drunken b*tch swinging a beer bottle, or your team bots just go off to do something else and you kind of feel like you're on your own, getting beer bottles smashed across your pretty little face. (oh, the memories of younger years.... she was a sweet lil thang)

But there are a few easy ways of making the Single Player a lot easier to manage, and believe it or not, there have been a number of people who have gotten through the entire Campaign, on all Difficulties, on both sides (of course) and had fun doing so.


Now that the introduction is over with, here we go:

(Feel free to just skip to the section that sounds interesting to you if this is a bit too much to read)


#1 - Bots Getting Stuck and/or Doing Other Dumb Things:
After the first 2-3 missions on the German SP Campaign, you're given the ability to order your brainless minions around. This makes the missions a hell of a lot easier from here on in.


Because if you couldn't order your bots around, you'd be pretty much on your own, most of them would get stuck in a trench or under a rail car or in a window and just run around in circles or climb up and down, up and down..... up and down.... until you got shot and take over one.

But Prax.... most of the time when I order my bots to Attack or Defend an Objective, they either remain stuck, or wander everywhere else besides the objective, or just outside of the objective.

Yes, that's very true. The Attack/Defend orders don't seem to help give the bots any better brains than before. So what do you do?

A) - Order the Bots to Follow You
This makes you pretty much the waypoint in which all of them use to move around. 99% of the bots that are stuck or outside of an objective will magically get unstuck and come to your aid every single time you give this order. This means that you need to lead the charge however, but with these bots all surrounding you with their love, it won't be so hard, since they will give those enemy bots something else to target than just you all by yourself.

Give it a try.... make a mad dash to a specific spot on the map you are playing and then order all teams to "Follow Me".... count to 5... maybe 10, and you'll soon see you have a full force of bots ready to help you out.

B) - Use the Command Widget
When you are pinned down or need the bots to go to a specific place and hold it, use the Command Widget. Point that shiny little arrow to the location you want them to go to and left click to order them to "Move Here." Much like the Follow Me Command, this fun little Arrow works in getting bots unstuck and doing what you actually want them to do.

Using these two tools during the SP Campaign will improve your experience 10 fold. Don't bother with the Attack/Defend orders except for getting the bots to move somewhere you're nowhere close to (a head start kind of thing while you try and make your way to the rest of the team) Using the Command Widget and the Follow Command will actually give you a much more immersive experience that almost.... ALMOST.... feels like a co-ordinated online match.

Honestly, how many times have you been stuck on a Defending Mission only to find that you and maybe one other bot is actually in the Objective, while the rest of your bots are sitting just outside the cap zone or running around in circles, meanwhile the enemy seems to always know what it's doing and steam rolls you???

Or how many times have you been going on the attack, surrounded by your robotic buddies, yet by the time you get right into the thick of it and have arty & bullets raining down on you, when you turn around, they all seemed to have vanished???

Sick and tired of looking at your bots just picking their bums and flicking lint?

Well wait no longer for a cure, cuz the above is it.

#2 - Don't just Rush In Like Arnold:
So yeah, in other games, you can just walk right through the smoke and shrapnel like Arnold does, hip shooting an M60 with one hand at all the bad guys, or chew up a bullet like Weird Al in UHF and blow some guy up with machine gun spit..... but in RO2, those bots.... while dumb sometimes, do know how to aim and will drop you if given a chance.

Stick with your team. Let the Bots surround you on your team as if they were meat shields. Let them draw some of the fire of the enemy bots and plink off one guy at a time. Drop one or two guys, then take cover. If you see one of your bots taking heavy fire, don't stand next to him and pop your head out, cuz you'll just die along with him. Flank around the other side and try and drop the guy. Your Team Bots are your Decoys, Use them wisely. As you drop more and more enemy players, inch your way closer towards the objective. You will most likely have one or two bad guys in the zone shooting, and one of them might drop you, but you will usually have a few extra guys to jump into and now you have the advantage of knowing where that bot was with the kill cam.

#3 - If You are Down to 1 or 2 Players Left on Your Team, Wait for the Reinforcements
One of the things most players just starting out find frustrating is getting down to one last guy to jump into and having to go at the objective alone.... and usually against several enemy bots. When you try and take them on, you usually end up dead, the mission fails and you start back at the last check point and do it all over again with a full enemy force to face yet again.

Instead of doing all of this, find a nice quiet place to sit your butt down for a minute or two. Let your character read some book or something while he waits for the reinforcements to pop onto the map. As soon as they do, try for the objective again. Chances are, the enemy didn't get reinforcements or if they did, they have to stroll towards the objective as well, which means you still have an advantage of getting into the objective before you're chewed up like last time. Even if a couple of you get in there and find a safe spot to hide out.... you're still progressing towards finishing the level.

If your reinforcements don't seem to be coming, or it seems to be taking forever, you may have to take a risk and peak out to drop a couple of bots. I believe sometimes when it seems the counter for reinforcements is locked, you need to show you're progressing and killing a few more guys before it continues to wind down. But if it's working normally, then don't take the risk and wait for more extra bodies.

Remember, there is no limit on reinforcements..... or at least I have yet to hit such a limit myself.

Follow these three steps while playing the Single Player Campaign, and you will see it shine and might actually start to enjoy it a little..... it's replayability will be a lot better and you can soon start to think of new tactics to try on each mission and have a decent expectation of those tactics unfolding as planned..... because:

#1 - Your bots will start to actually help you out a bit better
#2 - You won't die as often because you're playing a bit more carefully (realistically)
#3 - You won't have to restart at the last check point as often as before

Good luck.

^ They were following me.... Then I died.
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fuzzymanboob12321 Nov 9, 2013 @ 4:58am 
wow thanks man, usefull guide! I lauged a few times because its true thos bots are headless like hell xD. I gues its time to hire some chinese guys and let them play like bots.
still thanks for the information and tips. here take an iron cross (+)
SamPD Jul 22, 2013 @ 1:27pm 
Meh, I managed to dominate a Guadal map by using the follow orders.
I think I "might" have pissed off a couple players farming the bots thought.
Can't say I blame them, what with the weapon upgrades.

You'd think they maybe would make a Horde Mode or something of the like.
Praxius  [author] Jul 5, 2013 @ 8:49am 
Yeah since RS was released, they did something to the bots and made them dumber than before.... the Follow Me and the Move Here commands don't seem to register to them as well as they used to. Before the RS launch the above guide made the SP and Bot matches actually fun, now it's pretty annoying, even for me.

I hope they fix them soon.
RODENT =PL= Jul 5, 2013 @ 7:54am 
Thanks, it was worth to read that! =] <---*Call of Duty player detected!*
Brainless minions... So true. While "Follow me" is my best friend, that "shiny little arrow" is tricky. I ordered them to go somewhere by this, they turned back and went in random direction =I And got stuck a few seconds later, of course. Oh well...
Praxius  [author] May 14, 2013 @ 5:19am 

This is a Guide relating to the SP Campaign and a place for those interested to discuss tips and other related information about the SP Campaign / Bots.

All unrealted posts have and will be deleted to clean up the clutter.

This is a guide for those interested, not a debate. If you want to talk about how bad the devs or the game is, go into the Discussion section, the Steam Forums or TW's forums. Unless further comments actually relate to the guide or the SP Campaign, they will be deleted.


Because I can.
Anderson May 13, 2013 @ 8:46am 
Sometimes for the nicely made cutscenes. Those stories are interesting to listen to.
But would be great to make it even better. More story.
Anarcho-Stalinist May 13, 2013 @ 7:55am 
whats the point of playing singleplayer - at all?
Praxius  [author] May 13, 2013 @ 4:35am 
The devs have mentioned that they have hired a guy dedicated to AI development and when RS is released, there will be a pile of improvements to RO2, like bug fixes, map adjustments, tank crew member fixes..... But especially in regards to this topic, a lot of bot improvements to make them a hell of a lot better, including making the bots on your team more aggressive.
Elcu<Nya~> May 13, 2013 @ 3:36am 
in general, the friendly bots are almost useless, as I have rarely seen my friendly bots hit anything useful. however, if you are going against bots, I find that they tend to have crazy haxor aimbots of doom. Against each other, they cant hit the broad side of a barn even if they were 5 feet away, but for some odd reason, as a human player, you have a body that pulls bot fired bullets towards you like a black hole. on many occasions, what happens is that the bullets they shoot do not obey the laws of nature, where they will be facing away from you, pull the trigger without aiming, and somehow hit you in the head with 80% accuracy. so literally, the bullet flies out of the barrel of the gun, turns at least 120 degrees the moment it leaves the barrel, and then proceeds to bury itself in my skull. The AI in general in the game is a steaming pile of junk.
Anderson May 13, 2013 @ 2:30am 
Would be great to improve Bot AI.