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Handy Dice
Category: Utilities
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
May 9, 2013 @ 5:00pm
Aug 31, 2013 @ 2:59pm

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Huge update!
PC Beta Demo and chat update!
Handy Dice is, as its name suggests, a dice rolling application. It tries to include any feature (suggestions most welcome!) that may be useful for playing board games, role-playing games, or any activity which requires dice.

It is currently available on the Android Play Store and iOS (iPad and iPhone) I am also working right now on Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. It will not matter on what platform you host your table, everyone will be able to join it!

PC version offers controller support.

Its main features are:
  • Most popular dice types are included (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20), and a coin too.
  • Every time a die is rolled, its initial position and orientation are different, as also are the strength and spin applied to it.
  • Any of the dice already on the table can be re-rolled.
  • The program can add up all the dice on table, or sort them according to their value.
  • It is possible to roll the dice in two different ways:
    • One die at the time, by pressing their corresponding buttons.
    • All at the same time, after selecting the desired amount of each kind of die: 3D6, 1D10+1D4...
  • Dice combinations can be stored, and later loaded by just pressing a button.
  • Multiplayer mode: several devices may share a common table, over a local network or through Internet. Different options make the process of creating and searching for tables easy.

Here you can find a demo of Handy Dice for Android:
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Yarusidze Mar 27 @ 12:40pm 
M3taphin Mar 27 @ 10:58am 
Thank you very much and good luck! Maybe i will buy it... But i think so, it depend on what i like then too ;D
Belkar - Fun is mandatory  [author] Mar 27 @ 8:47am 
Thanks for your comment M3taphin, it actually costs 1.99$ on AppStore and 1.4$ on Android PlayStore. Pc version would be similar :)
M3taphin Mar 27 @ 7:59am 
It sounds interesting, and the pictures are good. But it depend on how much it coasts. :)
HADES2001 Feb 26 @ 12:50pm 
why would i put my laptop next to a table/book D&D game if i wanted it id download something for my mobile but most of all the best stuff about D&D is NOT being digital old school sitting around a table having fun its a no here
Yarusidze Feb 17 @ 10:08am 
Chimera Jan 28 @ 10:53am 
This is interested game.If this be released on steam i am buy this :)
Sheepfucker Jan 27 @ 7:20pm 
Take a D&D fighter. He's got a BAB of 4, a Strength of 16 (and thus a STR bonus of 3) and is wielding a +2 Longsword. Now, I have created a function called "Roll to Hit". This function asks me "What is the target AC?" I punch that in and hit "roll". I've programmed this function to be 1d20 + STR BONUS + BAB + SWORD BONUS. If the roll is equal to or more than the AC I've just entered, the function automatically rolls the applicable damage dice and says "Success! 5 points of damage." or whatever.

That's a product I can see a niche for, one that I'm yet to encounter. A programmable repository of dice functions with a pretty roll frontend and the ability to save common stats and roll types that's system-independent (so I could use it for World of Darkness or D&D or something weird like Cortex Smallville)

In short - Thumbs down for what I see here, but there's potential if you keep doing cool stuff for this to take off and be huge.
Sheepfucker Jan 27 @ 7:19pm 
There's plenty of mobile dice-rolling apps already, and if I have my laptop handy I'll use one of the already-available free dice programs or real dice. I see no real need for this on steam.

For instance, the website "anydice" allows you to perform rolls (without a simualted table) involving all sorts of interesting logic, such as automatically processed "exploding" dice a la White Wolf, automatically adding and subtracting dice algorithmically (eg, roll 6d8, add highest 3 + take the lowest from the total)

It's nice that you want to make cool things for RPGs - I know that feeling, it's why I run tabletop games. But in this current state, there are free things that do the same.

Now, if this were to have certain other features, that'd be something else entirely. What I'm thinking is being able to create a "profile" or "character" with a large number of stored variables and functions, that can also have other things plugged into them.
fperal Dec 31, 2013 @ 9:48am 
I'm agree. There's little novelty in this group.