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Dwemer Autoblade
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Feb 29, 2012 @ 5:11pm
Mar 3, 2012 @ 10:34am
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This mod adds one new weapon, the Dwemer autoblade. To Download the mod, just press subscribe.
The Model and Texures are made from scratch.

The Mod is also available on Skyrim Nexus, under the account name acey195.

The Dwemer Auto blade is a weapon powered with Dwemer Steam technology, Sounds included.
The weapon can be found at three locations:

-The markarth dwemer museum (in or under the displaycase placed against the center statue of the main hall)
-Blackreach War Quarters (Placed against the wall in the dormitory)
-A dwemer tower ruin somewhere in the reach (Placed on or under a table)

The weapon is of course based upon the chainsword of spacemarines of the Warhammer 40K franchise, made by Game Workshop

Version 3, Update:

Weapon is now animated!

Version 2, Updates:

-Now with blood effects!
-Now Upgradable (Dwarven Ingot + Quicksilver Ingot)
-Now Craftable (2 Dwarven Ingots, Steel Ingot, Leather Strips, Centurion Dynamo Core, 2 Small dwemer levers) With dwarven smithing perk.

Known issues:
-The idle sound of the weapon sometimes doesn't play
-Sometimes after dying and reloading a auto blade will remain at the location where you died, this weapon cannot be picked up
-The teeth of the weapon do not display correctly when placed on a weapon plaque
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Aximand Aug 12 @ 8:11pm 
I'm guessing Chainsword is copywrited. Because let's be honest, we all thought the same thing when we saw this.
Bear Aug 11 @ 5:00pm 
Thank you for making this a craftable item. I remember uninstalling it a long time ago because I couldnt find it.
Cadian Colonel Aug 9 @ 5:00am 
allentp1002 Aug 6 @ 2:30pm 
You could make a Chaos alternate. A daedric axesaw (Chainaxe) maybe, or an elven crystal sword (powersword). maybe go as far as to give each material it's own weapon? Ebony bladed gauntlets (lightning claws), Iron choppa (the ork choppa obviously). You know, go nuts.

All will fall before the Chaotic strength of the ruinous powers.
JpgCompressionAhri Aug 5 @ 1:17pm 
Blood for the blood god.
Bobtusk Jul 21 @ 9:46am 
Emperor protect, and may none find us wanting
Hyperion Jul 20 @ 12:10pm 
I never understood where all the Warhammer mods came from but im not complaining, what with awesome mods that add things like these.
Arbeon the Cynical Jul 7 @ 7:41pm 
Nice design grab from the Warhammer 40k universe. you should probably give gamesworkshop credit for the model design before they get anal about it (good mod though)
[][Papaco Rachacuca][] Jul 7 @ 1:34pm 
Hey i have been thinking about this weapon. How about this:
Weapon ignores 35% of the enemy's armor when charged. Uses Dwemer Oil to function, can be used without the Oil but will not ignore armor(No Animation too). Kinda like Bioshock2 Drill
Macer Varren Jul 3 @ 3:33am 
Here is Ordo Hereticus - Heresy has been noticed.