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The Dwemer Are Back!
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May 7, 2013 @ 1:42pm
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The Dwemer Are Back!

In this mod the Dwemer have some how reappeared in Skyrim. I have added Dwemer Villagers to the game and they are shorter than all the other races. I have also made a playable Dwemer race the stats are two-handed +10 bonus, smithing +10 bonus, block +5 bonus, one-handed +5 bonus and heavy armor +5 bonus. There are Dwemer that live in Markarth, Riften and Windhelm. When you go into Markarth go into the small market area and look for a man named Keldbar, he is a Dwemer follower. My favorite thing I added was in Blackreach I made a huge Dwemer living space so there are Dwemer everywhere and I got rid of most of the enemies. In Blackreach I also added grass and I added a Dwemer King named Koncor and a Queen named Sumptain. In the comments tell another Dwarven ruin that can be turned into a Dwemer City.
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Curl_Kitty45 Jul 1 @ 6:18pm 
cool mod
abyss42309 Jun 27 @ 9:07pm 
that one dwemer ruin where u go to get the elder scroll do that one
Karliah the Nightingale Jun 2 @ 10:41am 
Dwemer are not shorter than existing men or mer, The Dwemer may have even been a tad taller than men or mer. This entire concept of Dwemer being shorter than men and mer has traveled out from films like Snow White where they were shorter. If you were a TRUE TES fan you'd know this because you will have played morrowind and met the last remaining Dwemer, go to this link and educate yourself fool. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Dwemer
DerpinaHoggwatts May 24 @ 8:32pm 
This guy needs to understand that the Dwemer are not short, they are just as tall as any of the other races.
rens_nijland May 22 @ 11:57am 
except for the beards it's definitely what I hoped to see in skyrim great idea :D
rens_nijland May 22 @ 11:52am 
shouldn't dwemer males always have beards
Adolf_Hipster Mar 10 @ 10:04pm 
the dwemer arnt short they are called dwarves because befor the nords came to skyrim they did traiding with giants who called them dwarvs and the name stuck
The_BigPanda Mar 2 @ 12:25pm 
Dwemer are Elves
Count Brad [HonorBound] Feb 27 @ 10:24am 
"what is the actual lore behind the disappearance of the dwemer anyway?" good question, one of the dwemer was mad for immortality he used horkan (or whatever his name was but he was a god) heart and created 3 tools to harness its power giving the race of dwemer immortality, but it backfired (or maybe not) and all of em dissapeared, the theory to this is the tribunal there were 3 of them using the artifact at the same time, my theory is it backfired by
1: the power was too weak to reach EVERY dwemer and simply destroyed their existance
2: the power was too great and made EVERY dwemer dissapear and destroyed them
3: 1 or 2 but they got to another plane of existance.
jmacdowall Feb 11 @ 5:00am