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The Dwemer Are Back!
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May 7, 2013 @ 1:42pm
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In this mod the Dwemer have some how reappeared in Skyrim. I have added Dwemer Villagers to the game and they are shorter than all the other races. I have also made a playable Dwemer race the stats are two-handed +10 bonus, smithing +10 bonus, block +5 bonus, one-handed +5 bonus and heavy armor +5 bonus. There are Dwemer that live in Markarth, Riften and Windhelm. When you go into Markarth go into the small market area and look for a man named Keldbar, he is a Dwemer follower. My favorite thing I added was in Blackreach I made a huge Dwemer living space so there are Dwemer everywhere and I got rid of most of the enemies. In Blackreach I also added grass and I added a Dwemer King named Koncor and a Queen named Sumptain. In the comments tell another Dwarven ruin that can be turned into a Dwemer City.
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rediniowa5 Dec 13 @ 9:19am 
meintzulidia near dawnstar?
Thank the Tank Nov 22 @ 6:46am 
The dwemer aren't shorter than anyo other race. Lore states that they were as tall as any other elves and that "Dwemer" translates to "deep-elf" or "deep one". Only the races of man call them dwarves; probably because of their relation with giants (making them seem small). Otherwise, this is a cool idea.
DovahkiinPrime Nov 18 @ 6:06pm 
what is the actual lore behind the disappearance of the dwemer anyway?
jacobfowler67 Nov 7 @ 2:00pm 
YetiiPepper Jul 31 @ 5:56am 
I know that the Dwemer are elves and all, but why is it so difficult for Bethesda to put real Dwarves, or a Dwarven like race in the game:(
jeremiah.brandvold Jul 21 @ 9:28pm 
ya ya
The Dwemer Expert Apr 29 @ 5:05am 
if to the satistaction to the rest of the community i would like to help you correct the issues to create a even better mod. How Does That Sound To The Rest Of The Community??
The Dwemer Expert Apr 29 @ 5:01am 
I am one of the dwemer experts. I helped bethesda create the dwemer and they in reality stand 7"6" and they have medium beards and they are very clever and sly people but we made up thestory that they went away to the oblivon for 1 of many reasons if we made everything to do with the dwemer there's no point in you doing mods like this. But main point of this comment is that no what people say they will never understand what a dwarven person is and thats ok because you created this mod for one many reasons but you are expressing yourself and that fine to. i would like to extend my gatidute by iviting you to join the dwemer experts is a steam based group thats small but i would like to see it grow and you are on of the most talented people i have seen for these type of mods, please accept me offer as not many people can join the dwemer experts as it is a invite only my name is THELITEGAURD (Jon) peace. And keep bring mods like this to life.
The Ungentleman Apr 17 @ 5:06pm 
this mod is complete shit
trentman272 Apr 15 @ 11:51am 
why they are so tiny!