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TESV: Journeys: Black Marsh
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Feb 29, 2012 @ 10:50am
Mar 30, 2012 @ 9:58am
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Black Marsh
Head to the Solitude Docks and enter the trapdoor on the long boat across from the large boat. You will find yourself in Thorn the "Gem of the East" in Black Marsh. Content will be accessible as its completed.

CURRENT STATE: Getting warmed up.

hereiamhereibe2- Author, Head of TESVJPG, landscaping, cityscaping, and questscaping.
theycallmeQ- Second in command of TESVJPG, actorscaping, and questscaping.
dudeitzchronic- Officer in TESVJPG, cityscaping.
argonianlord- Officer in TESVJPG, cityscaping and landscaping.
Content will be accessible as its completed.
Available Places:
[City] Thorn (Done)
[City] Stormhold (Done)
[City] Promethia (WIP)
[Misc] Tenmar Wall (WIP)
[Farm] Promethia Farm (WIP)
[Dung] Alten Corimont (Done)
[Vill] Riverwalk (Done)
[Vill] Chasecreek (WIP)
[Wild] Northern Argonia (Done)
Open Seas Fix (Done)
Shadowscale Race Fix (Done)
Past Updates:
Expansion 1- (Done) Northern Argonia
Expansion 1.5- (Next) Northern Argonia Clean-up and Buff.
Expansion 2- (WIP) Mid-East Argonia
Expansion 3- (WIP) Southern Argonia
Expansion 4- (WIP) Mid-West Argonia
Expansion 5- (WIP) Welcome To Black Marsh.
Next Expansion:
Quests for northern Argonia.
Northern Argonia clean-up.
New Voice-Overs.
New Weapons and armour.
Key to house is in Trunk Keeshashka's room.
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Shadowscale race by theycallmeq - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=14509
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hereiamhereibrett  [author] Jul 14 @ 2:13pm 
Download my mod and republish it if you'd like, i don't claim anything i created or my team created with this mod, I just want people to get the most out of Elder Scrolls, and if someone does come along and make a better Black Marsh mod ill even take this one down. Private Message me if you want any specific details about the mod. Ill most likely not be editing this mod anymore until I hear more about Bethesdas next engine.
Elfendrago Jul 13 @ 2:41pm 
hey was wondering if i could help you out.

i have permssions to use multiple different argonian meshes and textures and was thinking about making the argonians more diiverse like fins hair style and others different scale patterns eye colors feet and so on
i have permissions to use some of the nexus mehses and textures i can even add several quests and questlines
i can make dungeons but im horrible at adding the small dungeon clutter however i know how to navmesh and make this land have a unique map and more
Bamsefar Jul 1 @ 5:17am 
This... is... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[BB] Mask The Infamous Jun 2 @ 12:23pm 
what other plans do you have? perhaps a player home? mariable fallower's? special armors? quest?
timberrr1 May 31 @ 7:12pm 
Argonians are awsome you should make some aronian armor.
timberrr1 May 31 @ 7:10pm 
make all of tamril
vice11191 May 25 @ 1:01pm 
for the armor tsun
LgLapointe6 May 23 @ 6:15pm 
whenever i try to enter my game it gets stuck on the title screen. anyone else having the problem?
sjw198 May 18 @ 3:53pm 
tested and it seemed empty
hereiamhereibrett  [author] May 10 @ 5:41pm 
Is it important to you that you be able to kill them?