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Touhou Concert
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May 5, 2013 @ 3:54pm
May 6, 2013 @ 2:29am
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This mod will replace the concert music and the tank themes at the Dark Carnival concert finale

Some of the stage props and fairground signs have been changed to fit the "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil" theme

Songs used:

Song 1: Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle (Hakurei's Theme)
Song 2: Flowering Night (Sakuya's Theme)

Tank theme 1: Septette for the Dead Princess (Remilia's Theme)
Tank theme 2: U.N. Owen Was Her? (Flandre's Theme)

Credits music is included with the mod on L4Dmaps

I set up this mod at the request of Lamer_Gamer1, other requests are still open!
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Darx Jul 28 @ 8:24pm 
Out of all the Mods I got on L4D2, this has to be my favorite.

Probably because it doesn't get rid of the feel of the game but still a significant change.
内心深处の崩壊 Jul 16 @ 6:50am 
Chica Apr 19 @ 7:54am 
love it
Qwazer45 Apr 8 @ 10:04am 
can you put on the remix of Sakuya's theme Night of nights as a Tank theme? i would like it seperate, thank you. e.e
Dude Mar 7 @ 11:58am 
i have a problem with this mod,when the tank comes the original concert tank musics listening
you know a solution or something?
PD: sorry for my english m talk spanish :)
I before A except after K Feb 22 @ 2:50pm 
Could you possibly make the credits music a seperate addon? I have another song for my credits that I'd prefer over Bad Apple, but I still want the Touhou concert.
Black Ops Feb 19 @ 11:29pm 
Sarsae_in_soda Jan 6 @ 12:35am 
M.Kirisame Dec 25, 2013 @ 4:44am 
왜 우리집 컴퓨터는 안될까
演習か?実戦か? Aug 13, 2013 @ 11:42pm 
GO GO weapon mods GO !!!!!!!