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DragonBreak - Race and Vampire Overhaul
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May 5, 2013 @ 3:37pm
May 11, 2013 @ 3:16pm
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A small mod that changes the way your Race affects your character. Skills, heights, powers, carry weights, race weights and resistances have been overhauled to be more immersive and mostly more lore friendly. Also overhauls aspects of being a vampire and vampire lord.

Requires Dawnguard and patch
USKP, UDGP highly recommended and required for bug reporting!!!!!!!
Contains no scripts, FYI , for those of you who were wondering.

This mod removes the straight boost to skill levels, and added it instead as a fortifying bonus on top of your base skill level. The racial skills modified will be highlighted in the skills menu the same way all fortified skill are. Some Races will have new powers and old powers have been tweaked. Resistances have been improved on most races to match the races from the 3rd era better. Each races has it own base carry weight. Improved Night Eye.
See Discussion - Notes on Dragonbreak's Races for full description.

Vampires have been redone with a rank system, better sunlight system, improved hunger system, more useful powers and spells. Vampires no longer drown and are immune to frost. Only Vampires who have recently fed are immune to burting into flames in sunlight. Vampires get all the new features brought to the races by dragonbreak. Vampires are far stronger than non vampires.
See Discussion - Concerning Vampires for full description.

Vampire Lords have been beefed up and tweaked, powers are better where it was needed also added some general fixes to make play easier (collision fix). Playing as A vampire lord on master/ legendary difficulty is now viable.
See Discussion - A primer on Vampire Lords for full description.

Wondering about what mods i had in mind to use with this?
See Discussion - Recommended mods for use with Dragonbreak for info on mods that compliment Dragonbreak very nicely and make playing a bit more fun

Let me know in the bug tracker discussion thread
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