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Diamond Smithing: Heavy Armor
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May 4, 2013 @ 10:41am
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Diamond Smithing: Heavy Armor

In 1 collection by UberSmaug
Diamond Smithing Collection
10 items
Custom Heavy Armor set for when you want to be well protected but look stylish at tthe same time.

Also avaliable: ~full collection can be found above this description~
Diamond Smithing 1.5 (Swords, Daggers, and Shields)
Diamond Smithing 2.0 (Axes, Warhammers, Maces, Spears, and Halbeards)
Diamond Smithing: Archery
Diamond Smithing: Crossbows ~Dawnguard Required~
Diamond Smithing: Light Armor
All mods can be used independently but are intended as one giant mod, that's just too big for Steam. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Craftable at the forge. Each Gem type is unlocked as you progress at smithing. Stats for each are on par with similar vanilla counterparts in the same perk class and they apear in that perks category in the forge.

Q; What are the console commands for these?
A: First off, do yourself a favor and complete the “Stones of Barenziah” quest. It will take you to some cool places and afterwards you will never want for gemstones again. I want to make you play the game to get these, work for it a little bit. but if your time is short and just want to get to it I can definitely relate to that. Item codes are created randomly when you install a mod and thus unique to you. you have to search for them by typing [help diamond] in the console to search for all references to diamond in the game. pgup to see more entries. or type[help "heavy diamond gauntlets"] to search for a specific item. then type[player.additem XXXXXXXX n]x's are the item code, n = how many you want.

Q: Where do you find the weapons?
A: This is part of a multi mod series. There are two packs of melee weapons. I also have a Archery mod and a Crossbow mod(requires Dawnguard). Everything can be found in my collection above the description.

Q: Is there gender/beast support?
A: Yes, full female and beast support is included in this mod. There are two heavy helmets, visor up, and visor down. My helms do not hide the head like other full helms. I really wanted to be able to see the character eyes through the helm as you can see in the 5th screenshot with Serana. For beast races (Argonian/Khajiit/Orc) the visor is always up it was too far of a stretch to morph the helm to fit correctly.

Q: Will this work with the body mod I use?
A:The cuirass covers the entire body, so it makes no difference at all what body mod you use.

Q: Will you make silver/steel, or another gem color?
A: I intend to finish the missing items in the series but beyond that I have no intentions to add more texture variations. As it is, in terms of mesh files, this mod series is already the equivalent of six separate sets of weapons and armor. I actually could not fit another color in (on steam) even if I wanted to without making it a separate mod.

Q: Will this work with other mods like “Deadly Combat”, “SkyRE”, and “Frostfall”?
A: Assuming mods like this adjusts the armor rating based on the material keyword it should treat most of my stuff the same as if it were the vanilla armor. I haven't made any changes to gameplay I've simply added new models. One exception will be with the "Skyre: compatibility plugin", when used on my weapon mods, particularly with light sapphire and diamond weapons where I used armor material keywords to link the weapons to the advanced and dragon armor perks. The plugin will likely get confused and give them low stats. Other than that my mods play very well with others. As I mention before, no changes have been make to how the game functions, its just new content.
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MittensTheBritishKitten Aug 24 @ 9:41am 
Rider Aug 24 @ 9:40am 
Rider Aug 24 @ 9:40am 
ur mods are awesome though
UberSmaug  [author] Aug 24 @ 9:24am 
@MittensTheBritishKitten No I didn't do any scripting to do that. I'm a artist and modeler, not so much of a programmer. All of my mods are straight forward add-ons. No crazy stat or gameplay changes. The open helm is just meant to give you the extra option if you like to see your characters face but still want the added protection. However you can hotkey each of the helmets and swap them out that way if you really wanted to do that. There are also a few mods out that deal with hotkeys and try to expand what you can do with them, like equipping an entire armor set with just one hotkey. Even when playing with an xbox controller you can add them to your favorites list. Then open the list, scroll down to the helm and hold down on the left or right d-pad to hotkey them. Then you can swap back and forth without opening any menus. Granted its kind of a waste of a hotkey for something that is purely aesthetic.
MittensTheBritishKitten Aug 23 @ 10:29am 
Is it possible for the helmet to close/open with just the push of a button, something like that or do you have to go to your inventory and equip the closed/opened version of the helmet? Please respond.
Rider Jul 31 @ 12:00pm 
oh you have to be a race that doesnt have a sticking out face
Rider Jul 31 @ 11:04am 
how do you close the helmet
Rider Jul 31 @ 11:03am 
yea same here
[MLG] BLUE THE RAPTER Jul 9 @ 8:39pm 
and im a kajiit
[MLG] BLUE THE RAPTER Jul 9 @ 8:39pm 
the face wont close on all of the helmits how do i fix this?