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Prop Hunt
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May 4, 2013 @ 6:41am
May 28, 2013 @ 2:33am
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Prop Hunt

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==========PROP HUNT===========
Where did you find this? - Here.
Who made this? - I don't know
Who fixed this? - This guy
Who added icons and settings - Me

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I install this?
1.Buy GMod(necessary) and CS:S(optional).
2. Install both of them and launch at least once.
3. Press Subscribe button. Steam client will download it automatically.
4. Now run GMod. GMod will install it automatically.
5. Look at the bottom right corner. Click Sandbox and change it to Prop Hunt.
6. Start a new game[] with CS:S maps(or some maps with many props).
Lots of servers require CS:S. So I recommend you to buy one..

How do I disguise as prop?
Aim the prop and press E. It doesn't disguise when you're Hunter team(holding gun).

How do I host Prop hunt on Dedicated Server?
Add +gamemode prop_hunt in batch file.
Example batch file form :
Refer to this document :

- prophunt_gametime : Maximum time (in minutes) for this fretta gamemode (Default: 30)
- prophunt_hunter_blindtime : Number of seconds hunters are blinded/locked at the beginning of the map (Default: 30)
- prophunt_kill_hpgive : How much health to give back to the Hunter after killing a prop (Default: 20)
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LeEpicFail Oct 14 @ 4:47am 
give me a link of the map which everyone who played prop hunt started to play with (i mean the map which you spawn in babies room)
Henati Oct 9 @ 3:55am 

Bebe Sep 13 @ 3:28am 
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Annoying Cat Sep 10 @ 3:39pm 
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Max.exe Sep 2 @ 6:47am 
this came before hide and seek prop hunt
Scorched Penguin Aug 27 @ 7:48pm 
i'm rick harrison and this is my pawn shop. i work here with my old man and my son big hoss. everything in here has a story and a price. one thing i've learned after 21 years - you never know what is gonna come through that door
zombisearcher46 Aug 27 @ 6:49pm 
WolfDenGamer | Aug 27 @ 2:46pm 
Why is there an original prop hunt and then this prop hunt?
Max.exe Aug 19 @ 1:11pm 
back in those days when prop hunt was an actual thing for gmod and not a team fortress 2 fanbase thing