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The Reserve II
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May 3, 2013 @ 11:28pm
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Located a short horseride east of Whiterun, The Reserve II is a player home meticulously designed for convenience and extravagant living. Featuring three main wings all branching from the center, it eliminates the burdon of confusing corridors, and provides the Dragonborn with all the essentials and more.

*This player home does NOT require any DLC* Enjoy!

Also available on Skyrim Nexus (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35598/?)


The Main Hall is the entrance, and also acts as the hub to get to each wing of the home. The high ceilings and windows to the outside sky were designed to feel open and refreshing. Depending on the time of day, the room is lit with warm sunshine, or soft blue moonlight. The Den is a furnished and warmly-lit bedroom with ample storage. It also has a closet, washroom, and two extra beds in the loft. The Forge is complete with all the tools an Adventurer needs, as well as a kitchen, bar, and dining area. Everything in The Forge is close at hand for quick and efficient crafting. The Atrium is a grand circular library with a small garden, study, and Alchemy/Enchanting tables.

The companion dog, Mocha, is uniquely textured and available as a companion. I tried to remove the barking idle, but was unable to figure it out, so I do apologize if it gets annoying but she will not be removed from the mod. <3 See FAQ for more info. The dog is "killable" if you do not wish to have her in your home.


. Spacious open floor plan
. Custom containers for your items instead of boring chests
. Working bard, bartender/vendor, and 2 optional followers (a custom textured canine or your housecarl)
. All tools needed for crafting
. All shrines available for blessing of your choice
. Enchanting and Alchemy tables with satchels
. 'Follower' room with multiple beds (follower chests are not player owned)
. Ample storage throughout (all containers are player-owned with NO respawns so you won't lose your loot)
. Fully navmeshed inside and outside; followers will follow you into and around the house
. Display cases, weapon racks, plaques, mannequins
. A bed to gain Rested bonus
. Small garden with access to some herbs, carefully tended by your own Spriggan. (His sound file is removed to keep him quiet.)
. Baby dragon in the alchemy wing
. Scenic location with quick ride to Whiterun
. And much more...


! This mod was cleaned with TES5Edit.

Q: Why are there no support pillars to the base of the house?
A: Because they looked horrible and tacky. SO MANY PEOPLE have asked this, it's rediculous. Yes it would look more realistic, but it would also look really bad. I seriously spent hours trying to get pillars to look half way decent. So now it is magically supported. Pillars will not be added.

Q: Can my spouse live here?
A: Please use this mod with The Reserve to have your spouse live with you. I have no idea how to enable spouses, I did try! (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=11370)

Q: Mannequins are moving or unequipted armor!
A: This is very common with ANY house mod, and is a game bug, not a mod bug. I believe there are separate mod fixes for this.

Q: Can my children live here?
A: Not currently, as that would require my mod to be dependent on Hearthfire. I am looking into either an addon or a "Hearthfire version", but I need to find some documentation on how to add in the child and spouse functionality.

Q: Loralyn always walks away when I tell her to sing!
A: She is on her way to go sing. She has to be standing on her "marker" to perform.

Q: The dog is annoying the *#$% out of me.
A: She is just set to "protected" not "essential" so you may ask her to follow you and take her out back 'Old Yeller' style. :'(

Q: I hate your mod! :<
A: Then don't subscribe. :3 I cannot please everyone, it is an impossibility. I respect your opinion but there's not much I can do about it!

It is good practice to make a real save game (not a quick save), at least every few days and back these up in case something goes wrong.


. If using Steam Workshop, simply press Subscribe
. OR Extract the files from the download and copy them into the corresponding directories in your Skyrim folder. If the directories do not exist, simply create them. "thereserve.esp" goes in your Data folder and make sure it is checked in the Data popup of your Skyrim launcher.


. Make SURE you REMOVE everything from The Reserve before you uninstall, as the house will be removed from the game. You will lose your items unless you remove them. If using Steam Workshop, simply press Unsubscribe
. OR Delete the files from your Data folder


I recommend the use of HD flora and furniture mods such as "Skyrim Flora Overhaul", "HD Furniture and Barrels" with The Reserve, as they enhance the graphics of objects within the home.

If you find any bugs or graphical issues, Please bring them to my attention so they can be fixed. :)

Questions or comments about this mod or any of my projects can be sent to: lithxemods@gmail.com




Current Release 1.2
. Added a small room and beds for followers
. Fixed possible crash bug from texture path
. Made bard Protected instead of Essential so she is killable only by player

. Fixed two backwards chests
. Ficked flickering on wall next to keg
. Fixed custom container bug that sometimes caused items to dishevel

. Release The Reserve II

I try to delete them right away but cannot sit here watching for them.
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Enmar Jan 20 @ 8:55am 
Its smaller on the outside ( its larger on the inside) does the doctor know ya remolded his
_ _ _ _ _ _ .
why no banner / mannequin for stormcloaks /windhelm ?
nice job on the Stupid dog it looks good, the whole place looks great.
Spidertine Jan 19 @ 8:53pm 
This is my favourite player home, by far. I had a minor issue with it resetting a couple of the containers once, but other than that it's great. I love that everything is so easy to get to, it saves time navigating a lot of hallways, so you get to spend more time actually crafting or whatnot. Fantastic job.
Mukkie Jan 17 @ 3:12am 
This mod is amazing! It's just the players home I've always wanted. I just wish there where more (normal sized) mannequins.
Lavender Mists Jan 14 @ 3:11pm 
This is beautiful. if you ever feel like it, a hearthfire additon would be wonderful. :)
Logan10041 Jan 1 @ 12:03pm 
I'm having this problem where the npcs that are in the house just disappear. It's not like they were killed or anything, they just disappear.
ely779 Dec 27, 2014 @ 4:57pm 
I very much appreciate the thought and effort that went into this mod. It, and the first one, capture a lot of what I really want in a perfect player home. There are some things I really love about this second one. The clever and attractive work stations and named storage items are great, and the addition of a bard (though yes, a different voice would be a big improvement!) and bartender are great.
Unfortunately, to me it feels more dim/cramped than Reserve 1, and I really liked the airy feel of the first one. I find myself missing the mannequins for display of all my armor sets. I also wish the library bookcases were open and would display my book collection instead of fake books. Also, this house changes the waterfall and obscures part of Gleaming Falls playerhouse that I'm fond of, which is directly below. Thus, I may not keep this one, and return to Reserve 1, though I will miss those named chests and cool workstations.
Thank you for a lovely download!
avalongabriel Dec 18, 2014 @ 5:48pm 
So beautiful! The bridge was a nice touch since the last one. :)
Dropzonicus Dec 5, 2014 @ 9:58pm 
do u have to do a quest or buy it on game?
mdoggy2555 Nov 16, 2014 @ 9:06pm 
This is the BEST mod I use. :) Seriously, I use this and ignore all other homes.
The4Heros:) Nov 4, 2014 @ 12:51pm 
This is awesome :)