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The Cyrodilic Solitude
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May 3, 2013 @ 7:19pm
Mar 27 @ 10:39pm
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- better Solitude with more buildings and elements of Imperial culture.

You need dragonborn DLC to play this mood.

This adds new elements in Solitude that makes it more Imperial looking. Statues, fountains, flowers, banners, bridges and alot of new buildings is what you will find in this mood. I have always loved the imperial/roman culture, and I always loved to really be roleplaying in the elder scrolls game. The buildings that has been added contains following: A Bakery, library, public batthouse, magic shop, museum of culture and a bar who sells more exclusive wines.You will also find a bigger dock and a ship from the east empire company that brings alot of wares for sale. I have also placed a wide variety of flora in the city. It gives the capital of Skyrim more of a summerly and warm feeling. There will also be a new organization named The Ordo Verum. These Imperial soldiers will be able to follow the player. But only as long he/she is not criminals or against the imperial faction. For the moment they are free to be used aswell. What is really special about them is that they will follow you as an joined army. However their loyalty towards you will only remain as long as you are using them against enemies against the empire. Bandits, forsworns, dragons ect. But as soon you make yourself a bounty in their presence in Haafingar, or kill citizens directed under the imperial rule. Then they might not be so loving towards you as they where before. So use them for good, not evil. But as always, that is your choice.The soldiers will also respawn after a few days in the Ordo Verum headquarters if they die.

One thing to keep in mind with the Ordo Verum is that they are very trained in disiplin. They will follow the Captain wherever he might go. and the captain will follow you wherever you go. This can become a problem sense their are quite many of them, and because the headquarters Tullius has given them at the castle is not that huge it can become rather crowded. But then it is the positive side of them being that many, they are certantly a force to be reconed with. So ask the captain to wait before you enter shops or small spaces. But don't be afraid, you won't get stuck if you neglected to do so. So have fun with your personal army, and hope you like the imperial/cyrodilic version of Solitude. Long live the Empire.

If you have problems starting your version of Skyrim after this mod, then look for the problem somewhere else. Because this mod is not the reason for that issue.
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erlendnico  [author] Jun 16 @ 11:04am 
Thanks for reporting Smallmammal2. I will look into it right now.
Smallmammal2 Jun 10 @ 10:35am 
glitches with this mod: 1 it crashes whenever i enter solitude 2 it makes imperial heavy armor invisible please fix because this mod looked really good and yes i did enable dragonborn
iwithor Apr 28 @ 6:07am 
They revere Tiber Septim (note, not "Talos") as their greatest emperor, there is no problem with a statue of him being there.
erlendnico  [author] Mar 16 @ 9:17am 
The statue is also Tiber Septim. U can find the same one in Markarth and Whiterun. You people is making to big deal of this. The statue is not illegal.. worshiping it is!
austinis3mpulse Mar 15 @ 8:30pm 
since solitude is imperial territory, isnt the talos statue kinda innacurate
ThePoliceSWE Mar 15 @ 12:28am 
Long live the stormcloaks traitor!
nener3000 Mar 12 @ 11:54am 
eh the impirials are againts the talos believe thing
PatrickHardy & Cicero! Mar 12 @ 9:31am 
Long live the empire!
ImmaBird Feb 7 @ 5:39pm 
after the war if you sidwe the imperials there about to attack the dominion
TootsieTittyPops Jan 2 @ 11:12am 
They do in fact let Talos "slide"