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Wild Horses
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May 3, 2013 @ 1:55pm
May 5, 2013 @ 8:24am
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Somewhere in the discussion threads someone was complaining about the minimal amount of horses in the game. And indeed there are just a few, Shadowmere if you're into the Dark Brotherhood, some at the stables where you can only buy one specific horse out of two or three, the horse of some noble guy crossing Skyrim for no reason (as it seems), and of course the horses of the carriage drivers.

Rev. 1 contains the following herds:
- a herd east of Fort Greymoor
- a herd north of Whiterun
- a herd in the Eastmarch Hold (south-east of Broken Limb Camp)
- a herd west of Rorikstead

Most of the horses will stay in a small area grazing, but occassionaly you may find a horse wandering around on his/her own. Each herd consists of one leading mare, one stallion and four to six other mares.

Rev. 2: All the horses are now "wild" and will flee if you come near while not sneaking, although not quite like a real herd of horses. They most of the time tend to flee in different directions. Most herds now consist of 10 to 12 horses. Also added a few new herds:
- east of Whiterun near Battle-Born Farm
- northwest of Gjukar's Monument
- north of Meeko's Shack in Hjaalmarch swamp area
- east of Loreus Farm (northwest of Shimmermist Cave)
One little fall back: the horses don't defend themselves against predators anymore (hopefully restored in a next rev.). However, they all respawn. The total amount of wild horses is now 90.

- when fleeing, all horses in a herd should follow the leading mare
- horses should be able to defend themselves against predators
- herds migrating from one place to another
- various activities: grazing, running, etc.
- taming a wild horse and then be able to ride the tamed horse
- variable running speeds (?)
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Altbert  [author] Jul 14 @ 4:03pm 
You can't tame a horse yet! I am working on an update, but it will take some time.
debeq Jul 14 @ 2:05pm 
How does one tame a horse?
faithk9 Jul 4 @ 9:30am 
this is cool but when i came near a herd my dog started attacking them.
shontovia Jun 30 @ 11:35pm 
I love the idea of wild horses in Skyrim. I have another mod downloaded but the horses keep glitching as agressive to followers. Hope to have better luck with this.

Good luck with progress!

Anyone wanting better textures, there are a handful of mods that alter all vanilla-textuered horses and they're very nice. I quite like Enhanced Horse Skins by Shogun.
Altbert  [author] May 31 @ 1:15am 
All horses have vanilla textures.
Clever Crow May 30 @ 6:55pm 
Do these have the vanilla textures, or new ones?
mrktucson Mar 16 @ 1:00pm 
if you need leather and meat this mod is for you, the herd of horses is located close to the dog food factory
RanDoM CuTTeR Feb 23 @ 3:38am 
When I get on a Stallion or run after some other horses two become enemys and/or the entire herd but the one I'm riding. And please tell me where to find a Shadow horse
Rider Feb 14 @ 4:06am 
When I get close to the horses, my followers attack and kill them. Anyway you can change them not to show as enemies?
quinn.flinders Feb 2 @ 12:43am 
Also check your script, default is Wild state, when activated (player close enough to click or use keyboard) it changes to Tame. You can check Papyrus wiki or msg Slu11Monkey, he is a great scripter and takes the time to help others.