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Ancient civilizations of the world
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May 3, 2013 @ 11:01am
May 3, 2013 @ 7:56pm
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This mod adds new names for locations, new enemies new races and new characters.

First off the cities Solitude has been turned into Beirut and the guards ar phoenicians and there is a race called the phoenicain, next Markarth has been turned into Sparta there are spartan guards and a spartan race and spata owns rorikstead which has been changed to Corinth. Next Falkreath has been turned into Athens with athenian guards and athenian race athens also has a city under it's control riverwood which has been changed to agros not argos but agros. Next Whiterun has been changed to Rome and balgruuf name is changed to julius caesar and vignar is changed to augustus there is roman guards and a roman race. Winterhold is changed to london and the college of winterhold is changed to oxford university thereare enlish guards and an english race. Next riften was changed to venice and there is an italian race and italian guards. Dragonbridge was changed to Dong minority region and the bridge is named chengyang bridge and there are chinese guards and a chinese race. Next Morthal was changed to Onandaga there are mohawk guards and a mohawk race. Dawnstar was changed to Copenhagen and there are berserker guards and a norse race. Windhelm was turned to Troy and ther are aegean guards an an aegean race.Karthwasten is an Assassin order and you can meet altair ezio connor kenway and edward kenway. There will be more updates so don't think this is all there is and please tell me in the comment a civilization and where to put it and it can't be a city i've done and please in the comments no racist comments about this mod and the races i added i mean really GOD CREATED US AS EQUALS NOT AS SOME RACES ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS.
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willriley123 Aug 20 @ 3:45pm 
@Jon Snow
Our language is actually the dominant one considering that the US dollar is the basis for most of the worlds money. Also, Steam is a predominately English speaking program, not to mention it is run from the United States. The people who made Skyrim, also the United States. Our language is hard to learn, not the hardest. Also, if you hope to be at all popular here, you need to be able to communicate what you are saying, and if you can't do that, you won't. Also, you say how about you learn a different language and yet it isn't in a foreign language, just badly written English. Think about what you are saying before you say it, or you will end up looking like an idiot.
Jon Snow Aug 14 @ 10:48am 
why should he have to speak english our language isnt the dominant one. how bout u fucking learn a different language cuz our is the hardest to learn u self-centered, inconsiderate douche lets see u make a mod and it be perfect.
Sătănică™ Aug 12 @ 3:14am 
Fuck this mod, it's total shit. And learn to speak english.
DovahDroppings Aug 9 @ 11:08pm 
This mod sucks and you need to learn to spell correctly.
Mandalorian Aug 8 @ 12:08am 
This mod has ruined my save. Dont download this mod, its shit.
Cap'nFuzz Aug 6 @ 11:14am 
oh and rome should have rectangular shields...

Cap'nFuzz Aug 6 @ 11:14am 
well i object to the god thing but yeah, we are all equals. And i hope this gets updated soon...
(Lolz) Lightning boy Aug 5 @ 7:02pm 
rome is the best!
Dr-LoveMachine Aug 4 @ 12:58pm 
I meant,keep Rome/Whiterun's gaurds the same as well as keeping the Spartan's the same except with a cape and no chestplate all the cities should look like the civillization they're based off of and...overall perfect this mod to top it all off...I'll just through out the idea to make the gaurds say more and sound more true to what they're based off of.
Dr-LoveMachine Aug 4 @ 12:55pm 
Replace Riverwood with Egypt. Also,can you shrink the gaurds down to adverege height and add custom armors? Thank you.