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May 2, 2013 @ 11:40am
Jan 31, 2014 @ 3:18pm
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ManyMonsters in All Maps
- increases all monster count in the maps.
- fight champions in every map
- fight big bosses in every map level after Echo Pass
- fight human bandit groups composed of assorted class characters
- included MapReworks mod item Seller by Tiny
- limited health and mana potion drops only from champion kills. this is to reduce eyesour from too many health and mana drops. regular monsters or treasure boxes only drop equipment or gold.

(*This latest update increases all monsters with bosses for almost all SINGLE-PLAYER maps, and not just MapWork Maps. In this regard I would advice you to play the single campaign with this mod after completing the whole game so you can be properly equip yourself for the big fights ahead, or you have equipment already from shared stash..)

Works with MapWork Maps up to level 105
- monsters scattered equally
- more champions
- more regulars

What you get is
- more challenge
- more kills
- more skills
- more drops
- more gameplay enjoyment

works in single play, LAN or Multiplay
monster increase also proportionate to number of players
- you will always have to fight a boss for every single player map except the very first maps.

There is always more with ManyMonsters mod

Disclaimer : gamer solely liable for
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- sleepless nights
- game addiction
- antisocial behavior
- disrespect of parents, wife or gf


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Levyten Sep 15 @ 9:19am 
the item drop rate issue can be solved by putting a drop rate mod above this mod. E.g. Synergies HIGHLOOT. Sadly, this mods droprate for uniques is about 70 times higher than it should be. I hope this helps.
xSpekkien Jul 10 @ 6:57am 
Yeah personally I removed the high drop rates (and the MapReworks since i have Chewtoy's)
penguin :D Jul 8 @ 2:11am 
it was awesome
but increased drop items ruin this mod
Faliable May 8 @ 9:50am 
Lol. You people dont know how to play this game obviously if youre getting pissy about it being too hard to keep up with. Learn how to make a decent build kiddos.
Raden Mar 25 @ 9:00am 
Well you screwed up Clean Floor with a bunch of changes and then got pissy about it when someone pointed it out and told you how to change it, I shouldn't be surprised this is screwed up too with waves of boss monsters that regen so much even the overpowrered Patient X class I am playing can't keep up. I'm just unsubscribing from everything of yours, your terrible "I didn't do anything wrong" attitude is very off-putting. Just play Mob Swarm, it's much more fair and still challenging.
 [author] Mar 20 @ 1:48am 
sorry lads, didnt know people still playin from this mod 3 yrs back. i probably have lost all my mod files but i'l take a look in spare time.
Darwin Goldberg Mar 19 @ 9:56pm 
"- fight human bandit groups composed of assorted class characters", this small little addition has made the game close to impossible for me. These human bandits scale with my mods so if I use it with op modes, they are op too. In fact, sometimes, they are even more op than me. A large group of them + op mods = many times my dps. Please make another mod with everything except the human bandits.
Raden Mar 19 @ 7:14am 
The Corrupted Crypt (Scroll of Anom-Irek) features Chillhoof, General Grell, Manticore, and Manticore's Mate.

In short, there is no other way to put it. Get an inventory increasing mod to carry the boatload of Uniques and Legendaries you'll drop, and cheat with godmode or you will not get anywhere, at all.
Raden Mar 19 @ 6:48am 
The second area features half a dozen shocking skeletons with swords and shields, a champion with roughly 20x the health of the monsters in the area, and if you manage to get through all that, you'll get your shit kicked in by a ranger that regenerates faster than you can damage him at level 3.

Oh and because the drop tables are now all blue/gold/red (oh yeah, Legendaries drop like dirt too) you can't actually use ANYTHING because your junk stats aren't good enough for all the stuff you find. I have an inventory full of things I can't use. 40 items, all X'd out. So good luck powering up in order to progress anywhere and deal with the new crapload of monsters you've been given...

And just in case you think I am lying or exaggerating about any of this:
Raden Mar 19 @ 6:48am 
It also:

-adds a gambler to the Estherian Enclave, available directly after the first map.
-Totally eliminates white/green drops, making sure you only get the powerful stuff early
-Screws royally with drop tables. Rare items? What are those?

I've played the first map and already got a bunch of undocumented little things that apparently weren't important enough to be outlined. Just note you are getting a lot more than just "more monsters added". In just the first map of the game I got six Skull of Ando and five Chaos Ember Specks. Balance!

All that being said, I don't necessarily have an ISSUE with any of this.... but FFS, none of it is mentioned in the description and it fundamentally changes a lot more of the game than just "lol more bad guys to kill". I can only wonder what other "little" undocumented gamebreakers I'll find as I continue.